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The messages on this site build on each other, for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008 (archived below). They detail the situation on this planet and our place in the universe as communicated to me. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to create a new civilization. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth.

This is my 40th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. Today I am most pleased to welcome a very senior being with an important and timely message.

My name is Zirtof. I am the supreme commander of the armada that encircles your planet and the other spheres within the Earth star system. This is the largest assembly of craft ever in this galaxy. Some of the craft here are quite large, housing up to one million beings. My job is to coordinate, simply coordinate. With an assemblage of such highly evolved beings, all functioning from the light, one does not “command” such as these.

We are assembled here to put a final end to the domination of your planet by the dark energy, and to cleanse your planet of the residuals of that inhabitation. Few who are of the light would miss the opportunity to witness it, and transmit events back to their home planet. As some are saying this is the greatest show in the galaxy.

There are craft here of almost every conceivable design, both from celestials and from physical beings. You on Earth are unable to see them as we are at a higher frequency, but your military is well aware of our existence, as they possess technology that detects our energy. At the present time they do not have weapons to harm us, but those are under development.

As I said, this is a gigantic effort; the civilizations that are assembled here each have their own command structures. Those who resemble the humans of your planet tend to group together; those of us who are far removed from your physical appearance tend to cluster in another group. Celestials too are here in great numbers with their brilliant ships of light.

As a force, we are an effective shield against further penetration by the dark energy or any of its minions. Over the last years of Earth time, they have made several forays in an attempt to supply their comrades on the surface. This has been effectively blocked. Nor have any of those who work with the dark energy left your planet; they are effectively held captive there.

You are asking about me personally. All right, I do not resemble you or any of the characters that your science fiction writers depict. Nonetheless, I am of the Creator’s light and have nothing but unconditional love for my brothers and sisters on Earth.

We are all awaiting an event that will transpire in the near future. It is not of Earthly creation, so we can judge its timing quite accurately. I will not disclose it except to say that your long wait is about to end. Events will now cascade over the coming months. All of your preparations should be in place within the next two weeks.

There are currently 1,038 ships in the fleet of the armada. This number varies as ships come and go. These are the primary or mother ships, not including the smaller transport and scout ships. The numbers of individual beings is too large to keep track of. As I said, they come from all corners of the galaxy, as this is the spot to witness and assist the transformation of Earth into Terra, or I should say the return of Earth to its Terra raiment.

The process of aligning Earth’s inhabitants will take place over a period of several weeks. This is not imminent, but soon. Other events will precede it. When it does happen, everyone will be recognized by his or her energy signature. Only those of the highest energy signatures will accompany Earth in her transition. Those of the lowest energy signature will be removed, by force if necessary, and taken to a place of lower vibration where they may begin again the long climb into the light. This is not a pleasant task and will be undertaken by a select group of those under my command who have volunteered for this duty. You might think of them as loving garbage collectors.

Then there are the vast numbers of sleeping individuals who inhabit Earth. Their energy is not sufficient to accompany Earth, nor is it dark to the extent that they must be forcibly removed. These too are recognized by their energy signatures. They will be gently lifted from the planet and taken to other planets where they will resume their universe careers. They will awaken on their new home believing they have always lived there, and that their ancestors were from this new planet as well. This type operation has occurred before. We just did a similar operation on Supsten in the Altair system, and not too long before that another in the Euphrates star system.

In addition to assisting the transformation of the people of Earth, we continue to beam energy to the planet herself. This is an ongoing operation and explains why some of the ships are rotated from duty. It is very hard work to maintain the required energy intensity; even the great ships tire after a few years and ask to be relieved. Since they too have volunteered for this duty, we, of course, grant their wish for a respite, knowing they will return if they are able.

The third part of my operation is keeping the dark energy at bay, for it would gladly return if it detected a weakness in the light energy we are transmitting. From time to time its agents attempt to penetrate our curtain of light, but they are rebuffed by a renewed intensity of light energy in that particular sector. Our ships now completely surround your planet in every direction.

The fourth task I am charged with is to right the planet in her polar rotation. We are gently returning her to a vertical rotation This process has begun as well as the gradual warming, despite what your scientists my be reporting. Light from our craft has been warning the planet, while others of my fleet have been gently tugging at the planet herself. This process is proceeding to my satisfaction and will be completed in a matter of months.

The next task I am charged with is the cleansing of the planet. This I am deferring until all residuals of the darkness are removed along with their nefarious legacy, such as fossil fuel burning.

One very pleasant task is to work with those who inhabit the planet other than humans. These are the mythical creatures on the surface and the large number of those beneath the surface. Some are remnants of the Lemurian and Atlantian civilizations. They have successfully established colonies beneath the surface and will be emerging to reconnect with their relatives on the surface. Some 50,000 in number, they will remain as caretakers of this planet for the remainder of their lifetimes.

Then there are those who inhabit the core of the planet. They have been tending to the planet’s stability for hundreds of thousands of years. They will now be free to travel to and from the planet. This has not been the case since the Arctic and Antarctic military stations were set up to interfere with their freedom.

My final task is to coordinate the many ships of the armada, their placement and their duty cycles. We have many volunteers coming and we do not always have parking spaces to accommodate everyone. There is a waiting line as some ships tarry far out in space awaiting a place in the more immediate area within the planet’s blanket.

So now all is prepared for events to unfold. There are some events that are under my control, because they do not involve the free choice of individuals on the planet. These I am able to predict with some certainty, as all in the surrounding blanket have agreed to coordinate their energies. This includes the energy controllers of this star system, those charged with keeping the sun and planets in their orbits, as well as maintaining the planet’s rotat
ion plus managing solar and galactic energies.

So this is a peek at my operation. It is multi-faceted and quite fluid. We must await certain events on the planets surface, to proceed with the follow-on steps. In turn, events on the surface will be in reaction to events of a galactic or solar nature.

My advice for those of you who wish to be caretakers of the new Earth is to maintain your energy levels at as high a frequency as possible. This will enable you to weather the forthcoming storms of change. Do not neglect any aspect of your welfare, physical or otherwise.

In parting I will say emphasize that we are here on a mission of goodwill. We wish only the very best for our cousins on the planet and will do all in our power to assure a transition that is a smooth as possible. We love you and wish only the best for each according to their free choice.

I am Commander Zirtof bidding you a good Earth day.

Thank you Commander, it was a rare privilege for one such as you to take time from your many duties to share with us. We are grateful for your insights.

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