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For several years I have been speaking out about the impending transformation of Earth and her human population. Judging by the increased number of communications I have been receiving from our sisters and brothers from other star systems, and my most recent posting to this site, things are coming to a head. Both Bren-Ton and Moraine speak as if the transition is underway, and they are coaching us through it. My observations of this day are as follows.

The material I have previously posted on this site contains almost all that we need to know about Earth’s transition. I suggest you go to the archives and review those communications.

Almost everyone I talk with has a sense that time is speeding up. “I’m not able to accomplish as much during the day, where has the time gone?” Equally prevalent is the sense that things are changing, that things will not return to “the good old days.” People are experiencing unusual headaches, sleepiness, loss of memory – short term and long term – and a general disorientation. In addition you may want to look at the following:

1. The so-called, “oil spill,” in the Gulf of Mexico. Even if a relief well is successful, which is by no means a sure thing, the damage to the ecology of the Gulf is extreme, and has been covered-up by those involved, the government of the U.S., and the media. We know the amount of spilled oil and gas far exceeds what is being officially admitted, plus the underlying geological structures in the area of the BP well may have been damaged by the drilling and the subsequent explosion. The extent of damage to sea life in the Gulf has only begun to be estimated. This is much more than oil washing up on beaches. There remains the potential for far reaching consequences of this already disastrous event. (

2. For some months, Native Americans and other indigenous peoples, have begun speaking out about pending change. Heretofore much of their knowledge had been kept within the tribes. Now they are saying that the knowledge they have of pending events is to be shared with all, and now is the time of change as has been foretold. ( This coincides with predictions based on the Mayan calendar.

3. The Grand Cross, a rare alignment of the planets of our solar system, on June 25th and the T Cross on August 5th have historically caused turmoil in financial systems; Jim Self expects nothing less this time around. ( He also sees both planetary and personal changes due to the massive influx of radiation from the sun and galaxy. It is this radiation that is changing us and warming Earth from within – as shown by the melting of glaciers from below. (Written in 2002, the second book of the Paradigm Trilogy, “Decimal,” predicted the movement of Earth’s tectonic plates as a result of this melting and the disastrous effects thereof for humans.)

4. When I saw the pictures of the surface of the moon, as presented in “Moon Rising,” I understood the depth and breadth of the lies that had been constructed to enslave us. Go to YouTube and look up the video – be sure to stay with it until the very end.

5. I have found “Messages from Matthew” to be a consistently reliable source of information about the larger picture and our place in the universe ( In addition I suggest you read the four Matthew books by Suzie Ward (

6. I have said that the book with the long title, “And Then God Said… Then I Said… Then He Said,” was the best book I had ever read. Now there is a new book from Celest and David, “BEYOND THE VEIL EPIPHANIES FROM GOD.” I recommend you obtain both books and read them. You may obtain them at

In summary my message for you this day is that things are changing. No longer is it a case of looking into the future to predict when events will happen; they are happening as we observe (lovingly, I trust). The next weeks will see some remarkable changes. I can only trust that you have prepared yourself for this moment physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually (as suggested in my most recent posting at Mark’s Corner).

The most important thing to remember is that you signed up to be here at this moment. Whatever the transition brings it will present marvelous growth opportunities for your soul. Sit back, don’t go to fear, and enjoy the experience.

In Truth, Love and Joy,

Rev. Mark Kimmel

P.S. I am continuing my phone consultations for those interested in exploring specifics of their personal transition and questions about the current situation:
• Interpreting the world around us in light of Earth’s transition.
• Preparing yourself and your family.
• Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of transforming yourself.
• The bigger picture and where you fit into it.
• Personal problems relating to the changes we are all experiencing, and how to overcome the stresses thereof.
• My family does not relate to who I now am…

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