Greetings: In the past few weeks, I have received information from several sources about the extraordinary energies that will be hitting Earth in the coming weeks and days. I believe these sources to be more or less accurate in what they are foreseeing.

Several of these sources predict that these energies will cause widespread destruction and chaos. They forecast earthquakes and tsunamis, volcanic activity and extreme weather, all resulting in loss of lives. I believe that is a fear-based, 3rd Dimension interpretation of what these people are seeing. I also believe that many people who cling to life in the 3rd Dimension will experience these very conditions.

Could it not be that amidst all the energies impacting Earth and transforming it into a pristine planet that there are energies of transformation for us as individuals? If we can accept them in this beneficial light, the light of love, then we should welcome their impact, for they will usher in a new age of enlightenment and Oneness. I believe that if our frequency is of a higher Dimension, we will indeed see beneficial effects in these energies.

So it remains to be seen how these energies will impact each of us individually. I for one intend to accept them as beneficial and go with their transformative value. This is my opinion; take it for what it is worth.

In Truth, Love, and Joy

Mark Kimmel


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