Personal Transformation

Greetings. This message is the result of a request by my off-planet friends to share a little more of my personal transformation as a way of helping others to see possibilities for their own personal transformation, and to show one way in which transformation out of the 3rd dimension led to life in the higher dimensions.

Let me first give you my understanding of the 3rd dimension: It is the condition of personal energy, characterized by duality, by fear, and by my conscious mind whose job is to keep us safe in this situation. There is material form that surrounds us — my chair, my computer, my home, and all other aspects of Earth — but these are not what define the density we have labeled as “3rd dimension.” That which surrounds us is the backdrop to the drama in which we are engaged.

When I am functioning from a place of love, when the pressures of competition, opinions, beliefs, achievement, security, and money are not in the forefront of my existence, then I am functioning in the 4th dimension. In my everyday life I move back and forth between 3rd and 4th dimensions.

Now to my history, particularly as it pertains to my personal transformation: I was raised in a conservative middle-class home, filled with beliefs about achievement, success in the material world, and a fervent belief in the teachings of Catholicism. I learned about hierarchy and the outside world from my parents, from school, and from my early working environment. I recall my father pointing out a newspaper article about the crash of a saucer in Roswell, New Mexico, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it. I studied engineering at my father’s urging and in light of the Russian space program. I went into the corporate world because it was the right thing to do.

I bought into the belief that my goal was to achieve material success — but not completely. There was always the nagging feelings that there was something more to life than climbing the corporate ladder, amassing substantial funds, creating an estate, marrying and having children. But for all purposes my life was the traditional American dream — and I was quite successful in pursuing it. In 1964, I was treated to a glimpse of Project Blue Book, but dismissed it as merely interesting, and went back to my conventional life.

During those years I did engage in several out-of-the-box workshops, but they were all directed towards being more successful on the traditional path. Although I enjoyed movies such as Star Wars, took in an episode or two of Star Trek, and read one or two science fiction books, I looked upon these as fiction. I never seriously questioned life beyond the conventional confines of Earth, and, more importantly, beyond traditional American thinking. Even the Viet Nam war passed me by as I received a technical deferment. During my business career, while I was enjoying the fruits of my successes, I was blind to the larger reality.

My awakening began in 1985 when my divorce from my wife of nineteen years was finalized — something within had stirred me to move from the conventional life she desired. I then went through two years of turmoil in my personal and business lives. I tried to create a more idyllic life for my self, my two boys, and to integrate this into my blossoming career as a venture capitalist. Nothing worked out as planned.

In 1986, while married to my second wife, I was startled by what felt like high-powered energies entering my body and felt as if I was being lifted from my bed. It was all over in a matter of seconds, but the event was chiseled into my consciousness. My wife gave me a copy of the Urantia Book, after I had expressed interest in it after a dinner conversation with friends. For the next few months, I devoured it — even cutting out sections so I could read it on airplanes. For the first time I saw the reality of life beyond planet Earth, and the reality of a larger, though vaguely defined spiritual picture.

After my second wife and I divorced in 1987, and I was once again focusing on my business career, I was visited on several successive nights by powerful beings. They came to the foot of my bed just as I was getting ready to sleep. My reaction was fearful and I rejected them. However, as I was to subsequently to learn, they awakened me to my real purpose for incarnating at this time and place.

It was my business partners who first spotted the changes — I was no longer the “eagle with the blood on its beak.” At the end of 1991, I was ushered out of the venture capital firm I had founded. At the time I was devastated; looking back on it, I had received a great gift.

Until the middle of 1996, I struggled with various business opportunities, but nothing gelled. I then decided to go back to school to get a degree in psychology — to put myself on a new track and to figure things out. I terminated all involvement in business. At about that same time I met my current wife, who has been a source of stability and encouragement along my new path of writing several books, of speaking out about the larger reality, and of communicating with off-planet beings. In 1997, my first book, “Trillion,” spilled out of my computer, as I was writing an academic paper.

It was not until the summer of 2001, while on a CSETI outing that I saw my first “UFO,” and gained an understanding of the larger universe — what an impression that made! I went home to edit “Trillion,” and made only one substantial change: I now knew that spacecraft could fly faster than the speed of light, as I had now seen a craft dematerialize. I did not change the basic concept behind the book: Off-planet beings are walking among us.

In my three “faction” books, you can see how my understanding of the larger picture has evolved. The first book shows traces of the Urantia Book, by the third book this has been replaced by my larger understanding of the cosmos, as well as our situation on this planet. My latest book, “Transformation,” is a compilation of messages received from our brothers and sisters from other star systems, celestials, and other significant beings — a far cry from the businessman who did not even read science fiction.

Looking back on my path I see transformation. I have moved from a very conventional life, committed to things defined within the 3rd dimension, to a very fulfilling life within the 4th dimension. I see things like the Urantia Book and CSETI as steps to my awakening, and see that my embracing of them and other guideposts have dissolved as daily I become more aware of my true nature. Nowadays I visit several select web sites to glean the latest information coming from off-planet, I listen to my own messages from our brothers and sisters from the stars, and I pay close attention to the “knowing” I hear from my heart.

I hope this exposé will serve to assist those of you who are struggling with moving into the 4th dimension, and higher. I am not advocating a life of writing or of speaking out, rather I am encouraging you to find out who you truly are and to live your life based on that reality, not a reality defined by others. Live so that your love-based energy will spread for the benefit of all. As I am fond of saying, “Hey, if a conservative old business guy can do this, anybody can.”

In Truth, Love & Joy,

Mark Kimmel