Good Morning, Mark, it is I, Adrial

Greetings, Adrial. It is always nice to connect with you.

(For those of you who are not familiar with these posting, Adrial is a celestial from Andromeda who has been aboard the starship Athabantian for many years, observing humanity, sending Light energy to humanity. There are many earlier posts from her at this site.)

As you know, Mark, I am in a unique position to observe events on your world from both an historic and a celestial perspective. I would like to work together today to produce this posting. Please feel free to edit my words for clarity.

Thank you. That would be great, as my communication skills are still evolving. We have had a long history together. I wonder if my old way of being is influencing things today.

Mark, there are many things that can influence a communication such as we are undertaking. Let us proceed and see what we can create together.

Before we begin, Mark, let me ask, did you observe the energies surrounding the eclipse?

Yes, I began feeling them the day prior to the event, continuing to this day. I am unable to put it into words, other than to say that for me they were strong, uplifting, peaceful, and energizing. I wanted only to be very quiet and immerse myself in them. As I type these words, I can see that I am coming from a different place.

Very perceptive, now, let me give you what is perhaps a new way of seeing things. What would happen if one day the various participants in the political and economic conflicts in the United States all awakened to the realization that they were truly brothers and sisters with all, regardless of race, religion, wealth, power, or points-of-view, that they were in unity with all of humanity, and that they desired to treat each other in that way? How do you suppose they would react?

I would like to think that they would set aside their fears and anger, and their current way of behaving, and embrace all in higher consciousness. Is such an event even possible?

Yes, we foresee a day when this will take place; in fact this is the only way in which lasting change will take place. There is no other way to overcome the issues that keep humanity from evolving in a positive way. All current solutions that use 3rd Dimension means are merely applying band-aids.

It may not happen all at once, but it will happen. It is not that far in the future. It will take place when a sufficient number of those who are not engaged in fighting for their particular self-centered views, come to the realization that what I have said is possible.

What is required for this to take place?

First, those who are benefitting from the current struggle must withdraw their energies. By this I mean those who benefit by reason of status, wealth, and/or power, and those who stir the anger and fear of the participants. There are many of these, be they religious leaders, wealthy and powerful individuals, or those who hold a philosophy contrary to the oneness of all. They must withdraw their support of the conflict.

Second, those in close proximity to the conflict must stand against continuing assaults on each other as a way of solving anything. There are many who are sitting back and allowing the conflict to continue without speaking up. They must raise their voices, not in anger, but in voices of peace.

What can we who are of a higher consciousness do?

As we have discussed repeatedly, all is energy. You and all others who are of a high consciousness can send your energies to those in the conflict, both those actively engaged and those who stand by and allow it to continue. You are very powerful, both spiritually and physically – much more than you understand. Your intentions and attention are felt around this world as well as beyond. When you do not focus your attention, your energies are dispersed in all directions, and are of lesser value. When you focus, your concentrated energy makes a difference.

So, believe that this is possible. Then set your intention in this direction. Then persist, for it will not happen immediately, but with persistence it will happen eventually. See that all of humanity is a collection of brothers and sisters, and as such they are individually loveable. Once this permeates the consciousness of the majority, all will come to see it as true.

Begin this process by focusing on those around you, those with whom you interact on a daily basis. Whether you agree with them or not, see them as a brother or a sister. Love them for who they are. If sufficient numbers take this approach, you will be successful at creating a loving network of people. Your energy will influence others to raise their consciousness. Believe it will happen and then undertake to make it so.

When the resurrection of Earth was planned by the Lords of Light and the Creator Gods, it was determined that Earth’s ascension back to a 12th Dimension Christed planet would be carried out by the humans of Earth. While we celestials have the power to single-handedly create another Earth, it was determined to try something that never been done before: To set 3rd Dimension humans on a path to resurrect their planet through their own efforts. That is the process that is now being carried out. Each conscious human is moving it along, bit by bit, during his or her lifetime.

Are there going to be any sudden changes to accomplish this higher consciousness?

While the events do affect all on this planet, they reach beyond to the solar system, the galaxy, and the entire universe. Progress of this magnitude does not happen swiftly or suddenly. Today’s lightworkers are adding their energies to something that will take many years to complete.

I appreciate this message, Adrial. I see the potential to awaken a few to the promise of a new world, and how they may contribute to it. It was my pleasure to work with you to create it. Blessings

Mark, it is my pleasure to interact with you. Blessings to you and to all who read these words.


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