Comfort Zones

Good afternoon, Caltous

Good afternoon, Mark, you have been wondering about my name.

Yes, that is right. Is the name that I attached to you, Caltous, worthy of who you are?

Names given to us of a higher vibration generally have little meaning to us, for we recognize others and ourselves by energy signatures. Words are for the convenience of you who must rely upon them to express yourselves. Having said that, yes, the name is most sufficient for now. As I have said, I am an Archangel attached to the Andromeda Galaxy. Since the beginning of these communications, you have called me, and others from that Galaxy, such as Adrial, by the name celestial, because initially you did not relate to the term Archangel. So, let us continue with that way of talking about who I am: I am an Archangel of the highest order who has been attached to the Andromeda Galaxy since its very beginning. In the early moments of Andromeda I was one of those who directed its creation, a creation implemented by many Creator Gods.

I am most honored to be speaking with you, Caltous. I still find it hard to believe that I can communicate with one who is so powerful, so highly conscious, and so wise. I find it impossible to put into words what I am feeling at this moment. Gratitude.

Mark, I am honored to be communicating with you this day, for all that you are and all that you do.

Today I wish to communicate with you about an important matter concerning the vast majority of the humans of Earth. It is our observation that most Earth humans have settled into a place of comfort, even if their daily lives are a struggle. By that I mean they have accommodated themselves to their environment and to those with whom they interact. I will refer to that as their “comfort zone.” Within his or her comfort zone, most will find familiar food, a place to sleep, a place of safety, plus family and friends. An individual’s comfort zone is dictated by his or her upbringing, environment, and self-concept.

This comfort zone for an individual is irrespective of their status, wealth, or power. Those who possess these things in abundance define their comfort zone differently than do those who have very little in the way of status, wealth, or power. Yet, each finds a place of familiarity in which to reside. This is equally true of people who have almost no possessions or comforts; most find a place to which they resign themselves, “This is just the way it is.” It may not be what a middle class person would see as his or her comfort zone, but it works for them for they see no other way to live. Those people who complain about their circumstances, yet remain in them are giving credence to my words.

And no we do not wish to dismiss those who live desperate lives due to illness, addictions, or impairments. For those we have great compassion, and we send them the energy of Love, knowing that they endure their condition for only a moment in universe time and knowing that their physical body is only a small aspect of who they really are. For the moment, we set them to one side and focus on the sleeping majority who lead lives within their comfort zone, for it is this majority that determine the paradigm of your world.

Your task, Mark, is to move people out of their comfort zone, to awaken them. You have done this in many instances by showing people a larger picture. In the beginning it was the reality of extraterrestrials and the fact that they were present on this planet, and were interacting with humans. Let us call this stage one.

You have now come to know the reality of the nonphysical, based on many experiences and teachings, and you are beginning to understand the transforming power of Christed energy. This has occurred over the past seven years and continues to expand. Stage two is to help humans who are awakened come to see the vastness of the nonphysical, realize who they really are, and accept their power of transformation.

We believe you are uniquely positioned to do this. You experienced life in the comfort zone of the conventional paradigm of your planet for fifty-six years. During that time you learned much of what your fellow humans experience, from the wealthy and powerful to the poor and powerless. This now enables you to relate to most humans as one who has lived among them, has loved and been loved, has had successes, has had disappointments and wonderful experiences, and has connected to Earth and to other people in intimate ways.

Since awakening, you have known your mission of this lifetime, a mission you chose prior to descending into your physical body (from the 15th Dimension of Andromeda to the 3rd Dimension of Earth). It is becoming clearer each day as you discover new things about yourself and as energies and templates are provided to change both your body and your nonphysical self.

So look to those who are in their comfort zones and discover what will help them to look outside, to explore the larger picture.

Caltous, this is what I struggle with – those that seem so comfortable. I have yet to find a way to reach them.

Yes, Mark, we know. Offer them your view of the larger picture, some will inquire further, most will not. So be it. Relate to those who are open enough to go forward. Keep open to those who appear not to be open, for they may be very shy about exploring what you know to be true. Do not overwhelm them, stand by to assist them if needed, and nudge them to open a crack to allow the Light to enter.

At the same time, continue to communicate with those who are open to your writing and to words, such as we are creating this day. Do not ignore them, for they wish to know more and you are the one they are choosing to assist them.

Now, we have a request of those who read these words, those who are awake and awakening. You can significantly assist the ascension of Earth and humanity by opening yourselves to those who you know that are in their comfort zones. Tell them what you know. Show them how knowing the larger picture has affected your life. Join your energies and intentions with all who desire to assist humanity,

So in summary I say to you, Mark, feed those who are hungry for the larger truth. Allow those who do not appear to be hungry to remain in their comfort zones, for there will occur some day or in some way an opening from which you can reach them. Encourage those who are awake to share with others.

You have assisted many to open to the larger picture. Please continue to do so. My blessing to you, Mark

I will do as you request. Blessings to you Caltous, and all who assist humanity


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