An-Ra-Ta Message

Good Morning, Mark, I am An-Ra-Ta. It is my pleasure to communicate with you this day.

Good morning to you, An-Ra-Ta. It is a great pleasure to meet you and welcome you to this communication.

I wish to speak with you today about water. Your planet is known as a water planet because this wonderful fluid covers so much of its surface. Your oceans give an environment to many creatures and plants. Your oceans supply food to many humans. However, your trash is contaminating your oceans. Do you know what I am talking about?

Yes, I do and I have read about the problem. We are polluting the oceans with plastics and other waste that are damaging its ecosystem.

This situation is causing problems for the whales and dolphins who are holding high consciousness energy for your planet. These creatures come from my star system, Sirius. Many from Sirius have embodied as whales and dolphins. We have held the light for eons, awaiting your awakening.

I am soliciting your assistance today in cleaning your oceans, to raise awareness of the problem. This needs to be a joint effort between humans, nonphysicals, and those of us from distant star systems. You and those who read these words can make a difference by focusing your energies on this situation. Please post my words for all to read.

I will be happy to do this Lord An-Ra-Ta. May I tell people a little about who you are?

Yes, please do that – in your own words.

Mark, you are one who is not accustomed to swimming in the water. Is that correct?

Yes, I have never felt totally comfortable in deep waters, since I was a child.

I am hereby assisting you to overcome this situation. From this moment forward you will have no fear of waters deep. You will practice so that you will be comfortable swimming in deep waters.

That will be most wonderful, thank you.

Mark, we are able to communicate because of the imprinting you received from your many years in the Andromeda Galaxy. We appreciate that you are on Earth at this time to assist us in transforming your planet. We thank you for all that you do. My blessings this day to you.

Thank you An-Ra-Ta for this message I will post it for all to read. Blessings.


(For those of you who do not know An-Ra-Ta, he is an Archangel from the Sirius star system. He is also a Lord of Light, meaning he is charged with directing Creator Gods in their creative activities. And he is the spokesperson for the Christed beings of Sirius. Sirius recently formed an alliance of unity with other Christed star systems and the Andromeda galaxy, as well as Christed beings here on Earth.)


To readers of this message: Please join with me to focus your energies to highlighting the problem with the pollution of our oceans. It has become a serious problem that we can impact in how we live, how our government agencies deal with waste, and how we focus our energies to call attention to the problem. You are powerful. Contribute your energies to this effort.

In Light, Love and Unity


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