Good Morning, Caltous,

Good morning, Mark

Greetings to all who will read this message. Today I would like to provide you with our perspective about events that you and your world have undergone since the beginning of your year 2017. I provide these from our perspective as celestials who observe humanity and your planet from both a higher consciousness and from a great distance above you aboard the starship Athabantian in orbit about your planet.

Keep in mind, Mark, we see everything in terms of energies, for that is the realm in which we live. The energies we discuss below are in addition to what we and the other starships of your star brothers and sisters beam to Earth.

Let me comment on the many events that Earth herself has initiated. Please keep in mind that these are the planet’s way of releasing negative energies that have built up over a long time. The natural “disasters” you are experiencing are much less severe that what were predicted some years ago. Gigantic earth shifts and overwhelming tsunamis will not occur because humanity has raised its consciousness enough that it is exhibiting less energy of fear. We now see the majority of people on Earth functioning at the 4th Dimension.

First there were the many hurricanes that sprung from the tropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean and caused widespread destruction on both the islands of the Caribbean and the mainland of North America. They were particularly destructive around the city of Houston, across the State of Florida, and across Puerto Rico. There was less destructive hurricanes damage to other areas, but many experienced extensive flooding. The number and intensity of these hurricanes is without precedent. Once again, Earth is releasing pent-up negative energy.

Not mentioned by most media in the West were the number and intensity of typhoons on the other side of your sphere. These too were unprecedented.

Earthquakes in Mexico were another demonstration of Earth releasing energy. Once again there was widespread property damage and loss of life. Major population areas avoided much of the damage. Here is another example of Earth releasing pent-up negative energy.

The numerous wildfires, particularly in Northern California, are more examples of Earth cleaning herself, releasing unwanted energy.

So where does this energy come from? The fear produced by Earth’s human population affects the planet. Global warming is due more to solar radiation than to human activities. The fear produced by Earth’s human population is much more damaging to the planet. So, Earth will continue to release energy with earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires for she is transitioning to a higher consciousness along with her human population.

The solar and lunar eclipses opened a path for new energies to come to the planet. Galactic energies are constantly coming to Earth by way of the sun. The energies that came during the eclipses were of a different type, a very healing form. Many humans felt these energies in their bodies.

Now let us turn to the actions of Earth’s population. 2017 has seen a rising tide of human emotions coming to the surface and being expressed. There were demonstrations in conjunction with the presidential election, against shootings of innocent people, and about injustices with immigration. A few years ago, Mark, you asked where are the demonstrations? Well, now we have seen demonstrations. People are speaking out.

Then there the demonstrations of those who are functioning from fear of change, who deny change is beneficial, and who want to revise racial and ethnic tensions. As long as they function from fear and deny the oneness of all, people of this orientation will oppose beneficial change.

The many charges of sexual harassment are more examples of humanity’s awakening. Your Internet has publicized these, along with what I am citing elsewhere, to raise awareness so that individuals may come to understand their unity with all.

The many shooting, principally by lone gunmen, are another indication of energies affecting people. Individuals who are not centered in love and unity will sense these energies at a subconscious level and may lash out from a place of fear and hatred, thus the shootings against their fellow humans.

Yes, 2017 has been an extraordinary year, a year of rising energies both for the planet and its human population. This is the period of great change that many have awaited. It is now happening all around you. It will continue in the future, until all are awakened to the changes and have an opportunity to choose between a path of higher consciousness, or clinging to a path of 3rd dimension status quo.

Earth and humanity are resurrecting themselves to a 5th Dimension Christed planet. All are requested to join in.

For those of you who are awakened, we say well done. Find your center. Walk tall as a way to show others how to cope with the many changes underway. You are the “wayshowers.” Stand for what you know to be true. You do not need to openly express yourselves; your energy of higher consciousness will affect all about you.

Thank you, Caltous. This message is very timely, for 2017 has indeed been a most unusual year when seen in its entirety. I trust that this period of change will continue and that we will emerge as a planet of love and unity.

Mark, we see changes, and the reactions to the changes, continuing, as all on the planet determine who they are and how they wish to live. Are they content to ignore the changes? Do they embrace the changes? Do they wish to actively resist change?

My blessings to all who read these words

Again, Caltous, many thanks for this message


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