Good Morning Caltous, thank you for responding to my request to discuss extraterrestrials.

Good Morning Mark, I will be happy to undertake such a discussion with you. As you know I am currently resident on the starship Athabantian, on which there are many, so called extraterrestrials.

Let us begin by referencing energies of consciousness. The higher energies are based in love and unity. The lower energies do not have these characteristics. So it is relatively easy to discern two very different types of what you call extraterrestrials by examining their energy. From this we can determine whether they function based in love and unity or are based in fear.

You have designated them as beneficial and detrimental, Mark. That is a good representation because those of the higher energies function from the basis of service to others. Those of the lower energies function from the basis of service to self, or self-centered.

Detrimental ETs express a dense body, or if you will, a physical body, somewhat like the physical body that you have. Beneficial ETs do not have physical bodies.

From an energetic viewpoint, benevolent ETs radiate the energy of Light, Love, and Unity to all. Detrimental ETs, have only a very minimal Creator’s light within them, just enough to maintain life, are unable to express love or unity.

Caltous, are star systems either dark or light?

Good questions, Mark. As you have seen on your planet, those who function from the Light and those who have little of the light exist together intermingling. The planets of a given star system are much the same, within the array of planets, some will be predominately of the Light, some will not. On a given planet it is almost always either one way or the other. Earth is an exception to this.

Please keep in mind, that the vast majority of star systems and galaxies in this physical universe all function based on the Light and Love of Creator, and are in Unity with the All That Is. It is only in this segment of the Milky Way Galaxy that we find star systems and planets that do not.

You asked a question about detrimental ETs manifesting energy of darkness. There are two aspects to this. First, those in whom the energy of Creator’s Light burns dimly will appear to have darkness about them. They are wholly determined to seek only their own interests without considering the greater good. So to this extent they appear to be dark, without Light.

Second, those without Creator’s Light can actively manifest a dark energy. It is not just the absence of Light; it is an energy that they can transmit. I believe you encountered it one time and found it to be very powerful. Dark energy is most commonly active at a subconscious level where humans will not feel it. It can be attached to seemingly neutral messages.

Just talking about this lowers my energy, Caltous.

Yes, it can be a very powerful force. So we will move on. Dwelling on it is the same as living in a state of fear, for most it is very uncomfortable.

ETs whose starships are of the Light, will function beyond the detection by humans or human instruments because they are of a much higher frequency. The starship Athabantian is such a starship. It is present close to Earth, but it is not detected. There are other starships of high frequency also about Earth. The ETs aboard Athabantian are in unity to the extent they function as a collective consciousness.

Individual ETs from Athabantian are able to walk on this planet, but are not seen by human eyes. You may “feel” their presence and you may communicate with them. It is possible for these to create a human body in which to function.

ETs also walk this planet who are without the Light of Creator. They have physical bodies of several types, such as you have seen representations thereof. They also have the technology to manifest very human-like bodies, particularly if their original physical manifestation would be shocking to humans.

One point I would add is the following. Those of different consciousness levels will perceive the whole subject of extraterrestrials or interact with an ET in a way consistent with their consciousness. Individuals with different levels of consciousness will see or perceive the same individual ET differently.

All of this is most interesting. Thank you.

Have we exhausted this topic for now, Mark?

Yes, Caltous, I believe we have. Thank you for this. I believe it will help many to understand better who and what ETs are all about.

Then I will leave you now. My blessings.

Blessing, Caltous


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