Light and dark

Good Morning, Adrial

Good Morning, Mark, I would like to work with you to construct a message about the current situation for humanity. We offer our perspective as Celestials from Andromeda who have observed Earth since the first physical humans were introduced some 500,000 years ago.

Thank you Adrial, I believe it is a good idea to present these things from your larger perspective. I look forward to working with you on this. (I have not communicated with Adrial for several months. You may view her earlier messages at this site. She is a Celestial of the Andromeda Galaxy who is currently aboard the starship Athabantian.)

The great cataclysm, or fall of consciousness, that occurred in this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy more than a billion years ago affected many star systems, and particularly affected Earth who had been a brilliant sphere of Light and Love. Your planet was placed in a state of suspended animation for a very long time as nonphysical creators determined its future. During this time its current orbit and rotation were stabilized.

Over a billion years ago, in order to have a suitable place for your ancient ancestors, nonphysical creator Gods fashioned a recreated Earth as a veritable paradise of beauty and harmony within a rigid 3rd Dimension structure. As discovered by your scientists, the planet has proceeded through various stages, as animal life evolved from single cell through dinosaurs to an acceptable environment. The instability of an earlier earth with its shifting tectonic plates, volcanic activity, and fierce earthquakes has given way to a relatively stable situation.

Your primitive ancestors were introduced about 500 thousand years ago. The goal set out for them was to assist with the resurrection of the planet, as well as evolving themselves, from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimension. This was to be accomplished by a gradual process of allowing humans to discover who they really are: beautiful souls housed in physical bodies.

The human body was constructed to be compatible with the ancient environment of Earth and to survive as a species. The soul was not integrated within the physical body. The chakras were not fully functional. The brain was minimal. There were only two strands of DNA. The rational mind (ego) was charged with survival. Given these conditions, the energy of fear soon manifested within the original humans.

It is against this background that beings from other star systems began to explore Earth. Their civilizations had existed since long before the great cataclysm and were quite technologically advanced. At first it was just exploratory expeditions involving minimal interactions with the primitive humans. Many of the off-planet beings were hydrogen breathers, so their activities on Earth were somewhat limited.

The discovery of Earth’s natural resources, especially gold, enticed those extraterrestrial races of lower consciousness to colonize the planet, engage in extraction, and seek to dominate Earth’s indigenous inhabitants. They used force, biotechnology, mating, and mind control techniques. Some were seen as gods and they used this to dominate the primitive races of Earth. I label these extraterrestrials as acting in service to self. Others call them dark, for Creator’s Light is very dim within them.

Beings from higher consciousness star systems, the Sirians, the Pleiadians, and the Arcturians, opposed this domination of Earth’s primitive inhabitants and sought ways to counteract those seeking to dominate. I label these extraterrestrials as beings in service to others, in that they sought the highest good for all involved. They were assisted by nonphysical beings who supported the rising consciousness of humanity.

At the present moment, we see the continued impact of entities who are in service to self. They have engaged humans of lower consciousness in order to dominate most of the institutions of this planet, including governments, media, and corporations. They are constantly doing all they can, in conjunction with humans of lower consciousness, to instill fear in Earth’s population. Many extraterrestrials who foster domination have been removed, however those humans who had followed their lead remain in positions of power.

Those ETs who are in service to self seek to maintain the status quo for it serves their agenda. They consistently deny that there is a goal for humanity and do not recognize a wondrous future for Earth and humanity. They “abduct” humans, installing implants and conducting genetic engineering experiments, and spread fear. In conjunction with certain humans, they successfully reverse engineered crashed ET craft and now seek to export Earth’s 3rd Dimension paradigm to other planets. They would have us believe that they exercise a significant influence over humanity as they battle with the forces of the Light.

We who seek the resurrection of Earth as a 12th Dimension Christed planet of Light, Love, and Unity are beaming the energy of Light, Love, and Unity to all of Earth’s inhabitants. We honor all those in Earth human bodies as great souls who have come here to uplift Earth and her inhabitants. We interact with lightworkers, wayshowers, and icebreakers so that they may demonstrate the way to higher consciousness, and act as anchors to the Light we beam to the planet. Our starships and we are of a higher vibration so that we are not visible to you unless we use holographic techniques to make us appear.

We do not see ourselves in a contest for domination of Earth by the Light, for we do not relate to the energy of domination. We are of the Light as is the other 99.9% of the universe, and transmit that Light to all. We foresee Creator’s Light, Love, and Unity being embraced by humanity, and thus overwhelming the dark, and that this as the only way for a total transformation. We are quite sure that 3rd Dimension solutions such as technology, politics, or religion, even if coupled with dark ET power, will not provide a lasting positive solution. An analogy for those with diminished Creator’s Light compared to the remainder of the universe would be a minor infection in your physical body. We seek perfect Unity with all. We offer empathy, Light, and Love to those with diminished Light.

We work in close cooperation with Archangels and Ascended Masters, some of whom have incarnated on your planet to provide role models and leadership. We see that 80% of Earth’s population now resides in 4th Dimension where fear no longer rules their lives all the time. We see a significant number of lightworkers who are able to hold 5th Dimension energy much of the time. Those of 3rd Dimension energy are a tiny percentage of humanity. We foresee a time, within the next 100 years, when all living on this planet will reside in the 5th Dimension.

We ask the following of those who read this message: Assist us to reach the many living in the 4th Dimension who are satisfied with their current circumstances, and are not searching for greater meaning to their lives. Help them to see the larger picture. Help them understand that they came here for a reason – to help resurrect Earth to a Christed planet of Light, Love, and Unity.

This is a fine message, Adrial. Thank you for your larger vision.

Thank you, Mark. Blessings.



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