Adrial returns

Good morning Mark, I come to you today to begin a series of communications that will touch on many of the things people are experiencing plus what they might be hearing about.

Good morning Adrial, this sounds exciting and most welcome. (For those of you who do not know Adrial, she is a celestial from the Andromeda Galaxy. She currently resides aboard the starship Athabantian that is in close proximity to Earth. This starship and all aboard are at a high frequency so that we, and/or our scientific instruments, do not detect them. You may find prior communications from Adrial at this site.)

Let us begin in this way, Mark. Your planet, Earth, exists in a sector of the Milky Way where consciousness is quite different from other sectors of the Galaxy, and all other areas of the vast physical universe. It is much different than the galaxy of Andromeda that resides at the 14th Dimension. The energies of consciousness are much lower here due to the errant actions of certain Creator Gods who experimented outside Creator’s Grand Plan. These experiments led to the overall lowering of energies in a sector representing a small percentage of the star systems of the Milky Galaxy.

Earth originally existed as a beautiful planet of light, a jewel of the universe, one of the most beautiful planets anywhere, a 12th dimension Christed planet. She became entangled in lower consciousness first, due to visitors from other planets whose consciousness was very low, and second by the actions of the Atlantians who carried out experiments that almost led to Earth’s total destruction.

This event is known as the Great Catastrophe, or the Fall of Consciousness. It affected all in the universe, for we are all one, but affected most severely those planets and their populations in this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.

We give you this background so that you might see that many visible UFOs and extraterrestrials who are involved with Earth are from these darker star systems of the Galaxy and are functioning at 3rd and lower 4th Dimension consciousness. They have been exploring space for millions of years, have advanced technologies, and have conquered other planets, all for self-centered reasons.

These lower dimension ETs have been interacting with Earth ever since it was reconstituted by the great nonphysicals as a 3rd Dimension planet, after the Fall of Consciousness. These lower dimension ETs have wished to dominate this planet for its rich natural resources. Thus we designate them as those who function in service to self, or self-centered.

They have been coming to Earth for many hundreds of thousands of years, first as exploratory probes, later to enslave the primitive population, then later to genetically and energetically alter the population of Earth to better suit their requirements, and finally to create joint operations with certain people to continue their plans for complete domination.

At the same time that the dark ETs have been influencing humanity from their self-centered perspective, many other efforts have been underway, and are still being carried out, to uplift humanity from its primitive beginnings to modern humankind. Those efforts also included both energy and genetic modifications to humans. One focus of those efforts has been to upgrade the human brain and neurological system. These efforts were undertaken by ETs who had NOT been affected by the Great Catastrophe, for example the Arcturians, the Sirians, and the Pleiadians. A large number of nonphysical beings such as myself were also involved in this effort. I was not personally involved, as I remained attached to Andromeda. I was an observer of efforts carried out on behalf of Andromedans by the Sirians, Arcturians, and Pleiadians.

Which leads me to a brief discussion about levels of consciousness and communications such as this. Mark, you have now reached a level of vibration where you and I can discuss things at a very similar level of consciousness, much as we are doing now. You can now receive exactly the same communication that I might have sent years ago, when you were in a lower vibration; however today you will understand it differently and type different words than in that lower vibration. In other words, one’s level of consciousness determines one’s ability to receive communications from non-human beings with minimal coloring of the communications with their background, beliefs, and rational mind.

There are a large number of communications being presented on your Internet and social media. Some of these are from humans whose consciousness is high; some of it is from humans who are still functioning from lower energies of fear, anger, hatred, greed, misinterpretations, and domination. Some of these are conscious efforts; some are unconscious. Be selective about which messages you allow into your consciousness. Messages based on lower vibrations serve only to depress one’s consciousness. This equally true for messages from your television news media as well as print media, Internet news, and news from your social media. Use feelings from your heart to determine what is beneficial to you.

Beyond this sector of the galaxy, all star systems are of a high consciousness. Many in the universe do not even know about your 3rd Dimension planet or about dense physicality. Your planet, along with the other planets of your solar system, and all other planets of this sector of the galaxy, is ascending to join with this larger realm of planets of love and unity. Lightworkers, icebreakers, and wayshowers are leading the way for humanity and Earth to, once again, be a beacon of light, love, and unity. It will take many years for all on your planet to achieve higher consciousness; your contribution today will speed this process.

Blessings, Mark

Blessings, Adrial


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