Belief Boxes

Good Afternoon, Mark, my name is Caltous. Like Adrial, I am a celestial connected to the Andromeda Galaxy, and also like Adrial I am currently stationed aboard the starship Athabantian.

Good afternoon, Caltous. I am very pleased to communicate with you.

Mark, I have been observing humanity for but a short time, since my arrival aboard Athabantian some ten years ago. One thing stands out for me that I wish to communicate to you and your readers so that they might benefit from my observations. Through this, I wish to help raise the consciousness of all Earth humans.

In this process, I invite you to work along with me to present my words about this information for it is a broad subject with many facets, and you and I are new to these communications.

Thank you, Caltous. I would be most pleased to work with you to present this information. Like you, I hope it will help some break free from the containers of beliefs that constrict their advancement to higher consciousness.

I observe that most “individual expressions of the Divine in physical form,” the humans of your planet, are trapped within “belief boxes.” I see them as expressions of the Divine for that is what they are. I say trapped because most do not know they exist within a belief box, and so they do not see the need to venture forth. Belief boxes are energy containers that they have constructed during a lifetime. These energy containments are not based on actual experiences, rather they are the result of individuals providing their view of reality; in most cases they are based on beliefs, lies, misrepresentations, and secrets received from others. While boxes of beliefs served primitive men and women, humanity has outgrown its need for beliefs; now it is time to function based on larger truths and experiences, not hearsay.

A small child develops a box of beliefs based on what he or she absorbs through example or by being told by his or her parents and family members. These beliefs determine behaviors. Parents in one culture behave differently from parents in another culture. Those in Japan generally hold a different set of beliefs from those in America. These beliefs are handed down from one generation to the next. Thus a child learns early on which behaviors are acceptable in his or her family and which are not.

When a child goes to school they receive additional beliefs from those around them as well as their teachers. These new beliefs in turn determine their behaviors. Yes, there are some facets of the box based on personal experience, both positive and negative, but much of it comes from the beliefs of others.

Earth humans are constantly presented with beliefs from institutions, traditions, and the words of other adults. Educational institutions present beliefs based on the appearance of authority of teachers and printed texts. Although there are some differences taught, depending on an individual school’s philosophy, in general, the educational system in the United States teaches that which supports the dominant paradigm, be it history, science, philosophy, or other subjects. Other countries function in a similar manner. There may be small variations, but nothing as radical as life on other planets, or influences from extraterrestrial or nonphysical life forms.

Doctors are looked upon as authorities on disease, disabilities, and health practices. The beliefs surrounding the medical profession constitute firm limits within which most people live their lives. Yes, medical practices vary from one culture to the next, but the authority accredited to the medical profession is accorded a special stature.

Priests, Rabbis, Imams, Pastors, and other religious leaders supply beliefs about the spiritual based on their study of sacred texts or other sources of revelation. These beliefs, passed from generation to generation eventually turn into religious dogma. These beliefs, many of which are contrary to what we from other realms know to be true, constitute another constraint to add to the beliefs box.

History is taught, formally or informally, at an early age so that everyone in a given culture understands who they are based on their ancestry. Sometimes it comes from a formal text, other times it is an oral tradition. In almost every case this is widely different from what those who have observed Earth and humanity know to be true. Humanity has been on this planet, slowly evolving, for hundreds of thousands of years. History as conventionally taught is designed to support the current paradigm, to reinforce the confines of the box of beliefs.

Science has many adherents who believe that if it can’t be scientifically proven; then it can’t be true. This is a good example of the workings of the rational mind as it seeks to provide a safe place for the individual. This is unfortunate for most adherents to science remain stuck in the rigidity of the 3rd Dimension, seeking to solve problems with the tools of the 3rd Dimension. While it is acceptable to push the frontiers of science a step at a time, something so extreme as extraterrestrials or free energy cause scientists to fall back on their traditional theories and reject anyone who strays too far afield. Mark, from your work with entrepreneurs, you know that the most successful ones are those that incorporate only incremental changes to create new products.

Television, newspapers, magazines, movies, and other forms of news and entertainment serve to reinforce the box in which individuals live. For the most part, these are fear-based sources of information. The Internet supplies alternatives to the media, but, for the most part, it too tends to support the dominant paradigm with much that is fear-based. It seems to those of us who observe you that no one wants to stray too far from what is contained in his or her box of beliefs. Also the Internet is filled with misinformation to complicate the search for things beyond beliefs.

The rational mind was incorporated into the earliest ancestors of humanity with an objective of keeping the individual safe, thus perpetuating the species. In the interests of keeping one safe, the rational mind readily accepts the box of beliefs, as it is being constructed and later embellished, for it sees only from a place of fear. This facility did serve humanity well, as the species has thrived.

However, now is the time to move beyond the dominance of the rational mind, move beyond fear to a love-based existence. Now is the time to discover who you really are: A physical body, but so much more. Now is the time to break free from the bonds of the box of beliefs. Now is the time to accept your vast nonphysical self. (I will have more to say about this at another time.)

Mark, I have watched you try to introduce the subject of UFO and ETs to those who hold strong religious beliefs. They look upon you as weird. Similarly, I have noted that those who hold to knowing about ETs & UFOs fail to grasp the significance of the nonphysical. Both are caught in their little boxes, as your wife, Heidi, says.

The whole subject of channeling, such as we are undertaking, presents challenges to those who would remain in their comfortable boxes. They find it hard to believe that a mere human could communicate with anyone other than another human. Yet, here we are having a conversation while I reside on a starship that exists in a higher dimension, exists in plain sight if one’s consciousness is high enough.

When humans are ready to set aside their boxes of beliefs, they can do so by focusing on one particular area outside the box. They will soon find that other areas are then called into question and that they become open to exploring well beyond their box of beliefs. When they see the beliefs box for what it is, then they can begin to explore who they really are. Do not be overly concerned if your rational mind wishes to cling to one foothold; in time all will open to thinking from the heart rather the head. We wish you well on your journey to discovering your true nature.

Caltous, I can only trust that my writing conveys what you wished and that my words do not appear to be too judgmental. I offer only love to those who are trapped in their beliefs boxes, and hope that your words may stir some of them to reach beyond.

Mark, we of Andromeda have labored long to assist the transformation of Earth to a Christed planet. May our communication assist that effort. Blessings.

Blessings, Caltous. I look forward to further communications with you.


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