ETs & UFOs

Good Morning Caltous,

Good Morning Mark. You have asked me to comment on the way we of Andromeda view what you call extraterrestrials and UFOs.

Yes, please.

The universe in which we reside is filled with beings of many different types. These beings range in different states of consciousness from those of very dense consciousness of 3rd Dimension to the higher consciousness of the 15th Dimension such as is present in Andromeda. Those of higher consciousness possess more of Creator’s light and are in perfect unity with all, while those of the low consciousness of the 3rd Dimension possess very little of Creator’s light and are generally self-centered.

Generally those who people refer to as extraterrestrials are of the lower consciousness. They have a physical form, operate from a place of fear, and seek what they believe is in their best interests rather than taking into consideration what is for the greater good of all. Mark, you have called these detrimentals, because you see them opposed to what is for the greater good. That is not totally correct, they are not necessarily opposed to the greater good, it is that they simply do not see the greater good. Because of their fear they cannot see beyond what is in their best interests, and by doing so they ignore what anyone else sees or needs.

On the other hand, the vast majority of beings in this physical universe function from a place of light, love, and unity. They see themselves as part of the larger whole and live accordingly. They do not see themselves as separate from one another, so they do not think in terms of what is good for themselves as individuals at the expense of what is for the best for all. This perfect unity extends to all galaxies. Ninety-nine percent plus of the beings of form in this universe do not even know there is such as thing as 3rd Dimension.

It is only within this sector of the universe that one finds the density of 3rd Dimension. It is only within this sectors that those who are completely self-centered exist. They have lived this way for eons, since their creation by creator gods who were experimenting with lower frequencies. They have developed and used advanced technology to carve out an existence based on dominating the natural order, dominating other races, and domination over other individuals. They live in fear. They express anger and violence. They see themselves as warriors imposing their way of life on others. They do not see themselves in unity with the vast numbers of others in the universe.

Do not judge them harshly for they are merely living out what they know to be true for them. We who are of a higher consciousness are always shining light upon them and slowly this light is changing them to see things in a loving and unified way. This is long process; it has been on going for billions of years. One of the principal reasons that we of Andromeda are so supportive of the return of Earth to a 12th Dimension Christed planet is so that Earth may serve as an example of a population climbing from a lower vibration to higher.

From your vantage point as a human of Earth, you have learned of fear-based extraterrestrials meddling in the affairs of your planet. They have done this ever since 3rd Dimension humans were created on Earth. They desire to conquer Earth for her natural resources. They desire to conquer Earth humans to assist them in doing so.

Most of the UFOs which appear in your skies are either the ships of these lower consciousness ETs, or they are the ships that humans have constructed based on reengineering the designs of crashed ships from those of lower energy. This is particularly true of those that appear to be quite physical.

What you do not see are the ships of those who are of a higher consciousness because they vibrate at such a level that they are not visible to the human eye or to your scientific instruments. The collective intention of many individuals of Andromeda was used to create the starship Athabantian. She is a living, conscious entity who volunteered to come into Earth orbit to assist your upward climb.

Yes, we of a higher consciousness do project the images of ships using holograms. That is why it is difficult to photograph these. And yes, in certain circumstances we will create ships of rigid materials for a specific purpose, such as was the case with Billy Meier. However, what was said to Meier was much more important that the ships he photographed.

Lower density extraterrestrials have physical bodies, not necessarily like your human form. Using their highly developed technology, these beings of lower density can create in physicality, can create starships, and can project very human-like forms for dealing with the humans of Earth.

Those of us at higher consciousness interact with humans regularly, as you and I are now doing, and also unconsciously. In addition, we can be near you such as I am doing now. However you will not see us or sense us because of my higher vibration. We appear in form infrequently, preferring to contribute our energy to individuals.

Caltous, can you manifest a physical expression?

Yes, Mark, I can, if it would serve a higher purpose. I prefer to concentrate on communicating with you as we are doing now, rather than getting sidetracked with physical descriptions and your emotions.

Thank you Caltous. I am quite content with what we have done this day. This information will be quite valuable for many. It is my privilege to interact with you.

We will communicate again, soon, Mark.

Gratitude. Blessings, Caltous

Blessings, Mark


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