Energy Part 1

Good morning Adrial

Good morning Mark

It has been some time since we have communicated. I was worried that I had lost our connection.

Our connection extends back to when you were in Andromeda, so there is little chance that we would not remain connected. You and I were regular communicators during your lifetimes in that Galaxy. In those times were both teachers.

As you are communicating these words I can have a feeling that indeed this was our situation. Thank you for stirring that memory.

Today, I would like to speak with you about the impact that certain energies have on human beings. I believe that the readers of these words can learn much about what is influencing them as they go about their lives on Earth, if they will look at all in terms of energy impacts on everything.

When Earth began its journey of resurrection, many millions of years ago, there were energies that had carried over from its previous existence as a 12th Dimension planet. There were also the energies of Light, Love, and Unity that Atlantis and Lemuria had demonstrated during Earth’s golden years. The energies of fear, separateness, and domination tagged along from the final days of Atlantis.

Early human beings were created and placed on this beautiful world in what you call a “Garden of Eden,” wherein they had everything they required to survive. These early humans were mainly concerned with finding food and shelter. The world was pleasant enough and their lives were quite satisfactory. However, they knew only that they were to survive and procreate.

These early humans that were bathed in the energies to which I referred. The energy of fear entered when things did not work out exactly as they had hoped. The energy of domination affected them when they not accept their differences. This led to the energy of anger. Early humans had only two strands of DNA, a minimal brain, and dysfunctional chakras. They were ill equipped to deal with the energies that impacted them.

The energies of Love, Light, and Unity were also residual on Earth. These energies impacted early humans to the extent that they did not become war-like nor did they kill each other. They recognized that they had a commonality and that it was better to cooperate than to disassociate. These conditions continued for about a hundred thousand years. Humanity did not flourish, but neither did it regress.

About four hundred thousand years ago, beings of higher consciousness from other star systems brought energies to influence the humans of that time by upgrading their bodies, particularly their brains. The energies that came from different star systems affected groups of humans differently. This resulted in the different races of Earth. After many years and many experiments, an upgraded physical body that was common to all early humans was decided upon. Thus today humanity has the remnants of those older races.

And, all of this took place before any of the detrimental extraterrestrials came to Earth?

Yes, the establishment of the races in various parts of the planet and the common physical body was fixed before there were any detrimental outside influences. Detrimental extraterrestrials interacted with Earth humans both energetically and biologically. We have spoken of these things before.

What I want to emphasize here is the very positive and uplifting aspects of the energies from other star systems. There is much circulating about the detrimental influences, little about the positive influences.

Thank you, Adrial. I believe this will help readers to seek out a more balanced way to see the outside influences on early humans, our very distant ancestors.

Thank you, Mark. I appreciate you receiving me this day. We will speak again.


For those that have not previously read communications from Adrial, she resides aboard the starship Athabantian that is in orbit about Earth. It is a higher dimension ship with many aboard that has been directing energies to the humans of Earth since the 1940’s. I have referred to Adrial as a celestial because she comes from the 15th Dimension energy of Andromeda.


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