Chapter 11


Chapter 11



After breakfast we packed things into my Jeep and headed to Crestone. Not far from my house we picked up US 285 and followed it southwest over Kenosha Pass toward the town of Fairplay.

Keeping the fourteeners of Mount Princeton, Mount Antero, and Mount Shavano to our right we headed straight south. I recalled many happy days hiking on these peaks and fishing in the waters of the nearby Arkansas River.

We stopped at Poncha Springs and ate Pad Thai. Continuing south we turned onto CO 17 to the town of Moffat. There we turned east to Crestone, passing by the White Eagle Lodge.

The Silver Star bed and breakfast was a short way out of town to the south. We arrived in mid-afternoon.

Our hosts Juelle and Donovan greeted us warmly.

I immediately spotted a book displayed in the lobby, THE WALK-IN. There were several copies on the table. It called to me, so I walked over and picked one up. “Tell me about this,” I said.

Juelle said, “It’s my story. Like you I had a soul exchange.”

“What are you talking about, soul exchange?” I asked.

“When did you begin to know you were different than you were before? Tell me about it.”

“I’m not sure what you are talking about.”

“I saw you drawn to my book. I went inside and got confirmation. You too are a walk-in. Tell me your experience. How did it happen for you?”

“Tell her about your thirty-six-hour sleep,” Heather said.

“Oh that.” I paused for I had shared this with only a few. I was surprised Heather remembered.

“Several months ago, I slept for thirty-six-hours straight. When I awoke, I felt different, but not in any way bad. It was kind of uplifting, as I think back on it. However, my business partners picked up on it and bought me out of the company I had founded, saying I had lost my aggressive edge. Since then I’ve been searching, not quite sure about what.”

Juelle came over and laid her hand on my arm. She guided me to a chair and said, “Sit.” She motioned for Heather to also find a chair and sit. Juelle dragged a foot stool in front of me.

“What do you understand about your soul?” Juelle asked.

“I’m just learning, thanks to Heather, that I have a great soul. Bigger than my body. Don’t know too much else, so far.”

Juelle closed her eyes for a long time, then said, “Your soul has journeyed for many, many lifetimes, both here and on other planets of the universe. It has acquired great wisdom.

“It decided it wanted to be on this planet at this time. It searched for the best way to do this and found your body. Your oversoul spoke with the oversoul of the soul that resided in your body. During the time you slept for thirty-six-hours, the soul that had occupied your body left it and your current soul moved in. That is what we call a walk-in experience.”

“Wow.” I caught my breath and glanced at Heather. She was smiling as I had never seen her smile before. And she was slowly nodding her head.

“You gave me goose bumps,” Heather said to Juelle.

“I’ve been known to do that,” Juelle said. “This is so amazing, Michael. Usually it occurs when there is an accident or other trauma to the body. Your soul must have been pretty persuasive to do it like this. Congratulations.

“Tell me what you’ve been doing since you came into this new body. I’m most curious. Let me get you a refreshment.       Coffee?”

“Tea,” I said. “Heather also.”          

I looked at Heather and she nodded to Juelle.

When Juelle had left to get the tea, Heather came to me, kissed me, and said, “You never stop amazing me, Michael Garrison. I love you even more, now that I know you have a fresh soul.”

“Please, an old one,” I laughed.

When Juelle returned, we talked for an hour. She showed us to our accommodations on the lower level. We arranged to go into town and have dinner with Donovan and her.    


Over dessert, I said, “When we were here a couple of months ago with Steve Greer, he talked about the cabal. We’ve been researching that ever since.”


“Something within me says it’s important, and I’m to do something about it. Also, I’m writing a book. It seems to fit in with doing something to assist people to better understand the larger picture.”

“What about you, Heather,” Donovan asked. “You’ve been kind of quiet.”

“As have you,” she replied. “I feel that what Michael’s doing fits in with the spiritual quest I’m on. Don’t know exactly how, right now, but it definitely does fit. Plus, we enjoy hanging out together.”

That night, Heather and I sat on Silver Star’s deck overlooking the San Luis valley. We had hoped to see some ET craft, but the energy of the night felt too quiet.

“Hey, you got what you came for,” she said.

“True,” I responded.


We went to bed and cuddled because the night was cool and because we enjoyed each other.

I fell asleep quite easily. After a while, Heather got up and quietly closed the bedroom door.

She was still up in the adjacent room when I was roused at 2:30 AM and went to see her. “Having trouble?” I asked.

She held up a pad of paper. “I’ve been getting amazing insights,” she said. “Go back to sleep. I’ll share them in the morning.”


“That room I gave you usually produces some interesting insights,” Juelle said. “I picked it just for you special people.”

We were seated in the breakfast room. There were no other guests, so we got special meals of bacon, eggs, and hot cakes. Juelle came and sat down with us.

“I had some amazing perceptions while I was in my semi-conscious state,” Heather said. “Seems Michael and I have been together in several past lives, and you won’t believe how many children and grandchildren we have. And you’ll have a hard time recognizing us in some of our non-human bodies.”

“Was this with my old soul or my new one?” I asked.

“Definitely the new one. The old one didn’t like to travel.”

“I need to say something to you both,” Juelle interrupted. “This is not to scare you, but you need to be discerning about who you talk to about your journey, what you are finding about the cabal, and the secret stuff you will uncover. I’m not saying it to frighten you. Just be discerning. There are dark forces and dark beings. There are government agencies dedicated to keeping things secret. They will not like what you might disclose about their activities. Maintain a high consciousness. Focus on those who are honestly seeking and assist them.”

“You’re serious about this?” I asked.

“Yeah, as you will find out, there are trillions of dollars in play. People have been killed protecting these secrets.

“Remember Zoraster,” Heather said. “He was pretty powerful, as I remember.”

I proceeded to tell Juelle about my adventure with Zoraster, seeing for the first time that he had wanted to influence me.

“You should be very glad you did not go into their blue chamber,” Juelle said. “As I envision it now, it would have altered your mind. They knew you were a walk-in and wanted to control you. He was a non-human who operates from service-to-self.”

“I’m just happy to have you back in one piece,” Heather rested her hand on my arm.

I took a deep breath, taking in all that had been said. My new soul had obviously asserted itself, giving me the power to resist Zoraster and then flee.

Now I understood my desire to write a book and to pursue understanding of the cabal. It came from my new soul.

Turning to Juelle, I said, “Change of subjects. Is there anyone else we should be talking to?”

“Let me give that some thought. In the meantime, get into high consciousness as soon as possible.”

“Mary and Dolores can help with that,” Heather said. “We’ll head to Loveland after we get back to Denver.”

“Well, we didn’t get to see any more ET craft,” I said, “but the trip was certainly worthwhile. Thank you, Juelle. Thank you so much.” I stood and gave her a big hug. Heather joined in.


By the time we arrived at my home, Heather and I had pretty much discussed how we would proceed. Before more exploration about the cabal, I would spend time raising my consciousness to a higher level.

Keeping in mind that the next day was a school day, Heather had called both Mary and Dolores and had given them a sketch of what was needed. They agreed to help transform “The Old Guy” into someone of higher consciousness.

At my home, I grabbed a small suitcase with enough civilized clothes for a couple of days. Then Heather and I set out to meet with Mary and Dolores.

Arriving in Loveland, we went to the Best Western Hotel where I had a rented a suite with enough space to comfortably accommodate the four of us.

We four sat around the table there. Mary and Dolores had each brought a drink from home. Heather and I had acquired a tea in the lobby.

After pleasantries, Heather started, “We’ll look at the basics first. Help me out, you two. There are 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions.

“3rd dimension has two meanings. It’s the chair and the table, and all else that is physical. As a completely separate use of the term, it is how we relate to each other.

“When I say someone is acting out of 3rd Dimension, I mean they are behaving based on fear, anger, and/or judgment.”

“Don’t forget greed,” Mary offered.

“Or separation,” Dolores said.

“So, it’s any one of those, or maybe more than one,” Heather said. “The important thing here are the actions, emotions, thoughts, and words. They define whether someone is in 3rd Dimension or not.”

“What if they’re mixed with some good things?” I asked.

“We’ll get to that in a moment,” Heather said. “Before that, let’s look at 5th Dimension. In 5th Dimension, people act from unconditional love, acceptance, perfect unity, peace, and similar characteristics.”

“Seems like a real challenge,” I said. “What’s perfect unity?”

“Perfect unity,” Dolores said, “is when you are one with others, one with nature, recognizing that everything is conscious, and you love yourself all the time. Yes, it is a tall order. Not many people can maintain 5th Dimension all the time. That’s true higher consciousness.”

“And when they don’t?” I asked.

“Then we get to 4th Dimension,” Heather said. “When you slip out of 5th Dimension, you slide back into 4th.”

“4th has many levels, as does 5th,” Mary said. “Lower 4th is when some of the characteristics of 3rd Dimension are still hanging around. For example, a much lesser manifestation of fear, maybe in the background, is 4th. And then maybe it is mixed with a little peace and love. Many people live this way.

“There’s many levels of 4th Dimension, some just below 5th. People slip in and out of 5th Dimension, until they truly embrace it.”

“I need more tea,” I said. “Anyone else?” I went to the hot water and tea service in the room. This stuff is so strange, I needed to think about it.                                    

After I sat back down, I asked, “What about loving myself? Some days I like myself, some not. I’ve never even thought about loving myself.”

“This takes us to a new level of understanding,” Dolores said. “What do you know about your soul?”

“I just found out that I have a new soul,” I said.

“At the Silver Star, Michael discovered that he’s a walk-in,” Heather said.

Almost in sync, the heads of Mary and Dolores turned and tilted. “Tell us more,” Mary said.

Heather explained what she had heard from Juelle about me being a walk-in and how that explained my thirty-six-hour sleep and my new behavior.

“I wouldn’t be sitting here with the three of you before I had that experience,” I said. “The old me would have dismissed all of this.”

“Do you feel much different?” Mary asked.

“Not really. My old business associates tell me I’m no longer aggressive. They wonder why I allowed my partners to buy me out. Doesn’t make sense to them.”

“I believe they are coming from a 3rd or 4th Dimension perspective,” Dolores said.

“I can see that,” I said. “They’re not bad people, just focused on making money. Which leads me to see that the whole money orientation of our society is 3rd Dimension. Correct?”

“You’re getting it,” Mary toasted me with her coffee cup.

We talked for a few minutes as I told my story about waking up after my long sleep. Heather told the other two a little more about our conversation with Juelle.

“Okay, now about this loving myself business,” I said.

“You understand that you, as a new soul, came into your physical body,” Mary addressed me.


“Do you understand that yours is not a new soul, but that you have a new body for your existing soul?” she asked.

“I’m getting my head around that.”

“Does it make sense that your soul has had other experiences? Maybe lots? And that it’s a huge being of Light?” Mary asked.

I paused before answering. “I’m trying to accept this. Never thought like this before.” Shaking my head, I went on, “Just how big am I, I mean my soul?”

“Really big. And very beautiful too,” she said. “It’s been around a long time, picked up all kinds of experiences. And it influences who you are, supplies a quiet voice to direct you.

“So, now you might just see how you can love yourself, because the real you is a great being of Light. You, Michael Garrison, are a great being of Light with a physical vehicle.”

Heather placed her hand on my arm. She smiled at my new understanding.

I looked at the others around the table, as they smiled back at me. I saw them in a new light. Just like me, they were souls have bodily experiences.

“I would never have suspected this was possible from the guy who gave me a ride to see UFOs,” Dolores said. “Something amazing is going on.”

“I agree,” Mary said. “So, what’s next?”

“I think we let this percolate for a while,” Heather said. “Michael will head back to Denver. There he’ll continue exploring about the Illuminati and cabal, until we’re satisfied.”

“We are obviously dealing with something that is quite huge,” I said. “We need to define what that is. It’s a lot more than the money system or politics. So, I’m feeling that I want to get on with it – from a 5th Dimension point-of-view.

“Thank you, Mary and Dolores. This could not be happening without you. I’m quite sure we will be meeting again, and soon.”

With that, Heather went to her car to head to her apartment to get ready for teaching school the next day.

I planned to stay a few days at the hotel with Heather visiting after school. Then I would head back to my home in Denver. It wasn’t an ideal arrangement, but it would work for the time being.