Chapter 12



Chapter 12





After breakfast the next Saturday, Heather and I once again headed downstairs to view another video. We were hopeful that it would provide the final insights about the hidden structures within our government, the Illuminati and the cabal, and also reveal the larger picture. We reminded each other to come from a 5th Dimension observer point-of-view.

It was a very long video entitled NESARA with a subtitle of TRUTH IS REVEALED IN OBSCURITY. It was written and narrated by James Rink.

It started out presenting details of the Renaissance. Then Rink highlighted several physical lifetimes of Francis Bacon, going back as far as Christopher Columbus. In succeeding minutes of the video, he laid out Bacon’s accomplishments and his philosophy, including his influence on The King James version of the Bible.

The Rosicrucian secret society was founded in 1757 to protect Queen Elizabeth when she was excommunicated by the pope. They believed they could best accomplish their ends by being secret. Francis Bacon was a founding member thereof.

The Freemasons were another secret society. Their goal was to recreate the world as God made it, not as man had constructed it. Their principles were brotherly love, relief for the poor, and seeking truth.

Bacon persuaded the king to sign the Virginia Charter. It began the colonization of America. His principles of divine potential, freedom, and enlightenment led to the creation of the Thirteen States, under the Masonic founding fathers. Bacon envisioned a new Atlantis where freedom and peace would reign, under the principles of science and logic.

Bacon believed that the highest form of alchemy was to achieve oneness with the Creator. After he achieved that, he chose to join the Great White Brotherhood of Light, and materialized in the body as Saint Germain.

James Rink goes on to present many events in the life of Saint Germain, including his influence in the steam engine and first railroad, and his interactions with many important people in the seventeen hundreds. He encouraged the founding fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence. He persuaded the French to send troops to support the American Revolution.

Rink then says that trouble was brewing in Europe and spoke about the Illuminati coming from Bavaria and being connected to the Freemasons. He saw the Illuminati as infiltrated by a satanic force while under the leadership of Rothchild agent Adam Weishaupt. This included the worship of Lucifer. Rink insisted that it was the intent of the Rothchild family to take over the world.

He then turned to Saint Germain and his failed attempt to thwart the takeover of the Freemasons by the Illuminati. The Freemasons subsequently erased all references to their interactions with Saint Germain except retaining the letter G.

Saint Germain surfaced again as he tried to save the French monarchy from the revolution, but he failed as they ignored his advice. This led to the rise of Napoleon. It also led to the full infiltration of Freemason Lodges by the Illuminati.

In 1875, Saint Germain reappeared and convinced many royal families to merge their assets into the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. These assets included gold, silver, precious gems, and interests in petroleum. This World Trust, created at that time, has since mushroomed into a value of one quattuordecillion dollars(a 1 followed by 45 zeros). Saint Germain’s World Trust is under the control of the Bank for International Settlements. Its future role is to buy out all Illuminati controlled governments, banks, oil corporations, conglomerates, and pharmaceutical cartels.


I paused the video at this point and turned to Heather. “All of a sudden the Illuminati is characterized as connected to Lucifer and to the Rothschilds.”

“I noticed,” she said. “Different from the other videos we’ve seen where the Illuminati were just working to take down the existing government structure.”

“It seems that’s how it started. It’s evolved into something else.”

Heather stood and, with muscle testing, verified that the Rink information was mostly true. After sitting down, she said, “Be interesting to see where Rink takes us.”

With this in mind, we went back to watching the video.


Rink pointed out three great trusts: Warburg Trust, Rothschild Trust, and Rockefeller Trust. In addition, there were corporate trusts and other trusts such as Bush and Clinton family trusts. These latter had been blocking public access to the World Trust for their own interests.

A number of treaties began with the Jekyll Island Treaty in 1910 and continued to the Trilateral Tripartite Commission in 2003. The result of these was to designate the dollar as the international reserve currency.

Over $200 trillion in stolen money had been used by the New World Order to fund secret projects such as building anti-gravity vehicles. These programs were run in secret within governments and banks.

President Kennedy signed Executive order 11110 that restricted the ability of the Federal Reserve to loan money with interest and required a gold-backed currency issued by the Treasury. Kennedy was assassinated due to this. After his death the order was not recognized.              

Arbitrage and other forms of international trading were used to generate enormous amounts of wealth. Without a gold backed currency, banks created money by using fractional reserves to loan ten times as much money as on deposit. This results in what was known as fiat currency. More and more money was required to service the interest payments on money thus created. The plan was to run out of this money, allowing those who controlled the debt to eventually foreclose on the entire world’s assets.


Looking back at the situation within the original Colonies, they issued paper money only in sufficient amounts to facilitate trade, thus controlling the purchasing power of the script and they paid no interest.

The King of England demanded payment of taxes in gold. The colonists had little or nothing behind their paper money. According to Benjamin Franklin, this was what led to the revolutionary war.

Mayer Rothchild offered to loan the colonists money, thus leading them into the hands of British bankers. To facilitate this, the states were reorganized as federal districts, as corporations, and a portion of the debt was placed in each. Desperate for funds to pay their debt, the colonists allowed for the creation of a private central bank controlled by the Bank of England and the Rothchild family. They pledged the assets of the United States as collateral. Alexander Hamilton, a Rothchild agent, helped to create the Bank of the United States. It was given a twenty-year charter and capitalized with $10 million, mostly owned by foreign bankers. The bank was authorized to loan twice what it had in reserves.


In 1812, the Titles of Nobility amendment was passed. It prohibited any citizen of the United States from claiming, receiving, or retaining any title of nobility. Furthermore, citizens shall be prohibited from holding any office or profit therefrom. Congress also failed to renew the charter of the central bank. Mayer Rothchild threatened war. European investors withdrew $7 million from U.S economy. The war of 1812 was triggered by England’s loss of control over the U.S. economy. All copies of the Titles of Nobility amendment were destroyed.

The Rothschilds knew if they could control the money supply, they could control the United States. President James Madison gave a charter to the Second National Bank. Responding to corruption at the bank, President Andrew Jackson stated, “You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out.” He vetoed a renewal of the bank’s charter and payed off the nation’s debt. An assassination attempt resulted.


A civil war was envisioned by the Illuminati. They predicted that an expensive civil war would cause the U.S. to fall into the hands of the Rothschilds. They could see no other way to gain control over the money supply of the U.S. They stirred up racial tensions and enlisted the help of groups that included Jefferson Davis, John Wilks Booth, and Jesse James. These groups eventually spun off the Ku Klux Klan.

Lincoln approached Rothchild controlled banks for financing for the war. Rebuffed by the onerous interest rates, the U.S. Treasury printed Greenbacks that were backed by precious metals. By the end of the war, $449 million of these had been issued.

When the Confederate States declared their separation, a series of actions made Congress unable to act. This gave Lincoln executive powers that foreshadowed a secret government. On April 15, 1861, Lincoln signed Executive Proclamation 1, which declared a national emergency and placed federal territories under Martial Law to be ruled by executive power. Congress was no longer a lawful body. Thus, the constitution of the US ceased to exist. This created a constitutional crisis. In 1863, all states were placed under the jurisdiction of the federal government and made subject to military occupation.

Lincoln’s actions enabled him to navigate around the Rothchilds. He fought a war on two fronts, the army of the South and the financial institutions at his rear. He feared the financial institutions more than the army.

England stationed troops in Canada and France stationed troops in Mexico. In support of Lincoln, and because he feared a Rothchild bank in his own country, Tsar Alexander II of Russia stationed his fleet in New York to block any invasion from England.

Lincoln intended to return to constitutional law, but his assassination cut that short. Federal jurisdiction and Martial Law under a shadow government continue to exist to this day.


All citizens were turned into franchises, subject to the Corporation of the US of America. Therefore, they have no constitutional rights to protect themselves. The use of ALL CAPS in our names signifies that we are corporate entities.

The District of Columbia was chartered as a foreign corporation in the city of London, to be known as the United States of America, Inc. Congress was enabled to continue business under THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


The Illuminati was thus in full control of the US. Albert Pike had become the head of the Illuminati. He became fascinated with the idea of a one world government. He planned for three world wars in the 20th century that would be financed by the Illuminati. The first war was to bring about an atheist communist state in Russia. The second, was to bring about a Jewish holocaust under a fascist government in Germany. The third war was to bring about the annihilation of both Christians and Muslims. Enormous funding was required. The Illuminati looked to the U.S. with its economic powerhouse. They utilized J.P.Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Lehman Brothers to accomplish this. WWI and WWII are seen as diversions for what was really going on.


I turned to Heather and said, “I’m beginning to appreciate the scope of what we are listening to. It is so much more than just politics of one country or the money system. We are looking at the transformation of humanity into a whole new way of living.”

She grasped my arm and said, “You’re right. It’s so much larger than I ever imagined.”


Nelson Aldrich, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff representing the Rothchild family, and a representative of J.P.Morgan came to Jekyll Island to create the Federal Reserve System, a private bank to lend money to other banks. Faced with bankruptcy for the country, on December 23, 1913, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act. As a private entity, the Federal Reserve was set up to loan money to the U.S.

At that time, Wilson made a famous statement, “There exists this power in the world so subtle, so organized, so watchful, that we dare not speak above a whisper when we speak in condemnation of it.”


Faced with larger and larger costs to service the country’s debt to the Federal Reserve, congress passed the Federal Income Tax law, despite the prohibition in the original constitution. It was able to do this because, in 1871, the original constitution of the United States had been replaced with a corporate constitution.

In 1933, the United States once again declared bankruptcy. The Internal Revenue Service changed its domicile to Puerto Rico, naming itself Department of the Treasury of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Trust Fund #62.  


Rink then went into a very convoluted dialogue about the connection between the Internal Revenue Service, the Bank of England, and the Federal Reserve. He contends that since 1913 none of the revenue collected by the IRS finds its way to the federal government. The original charter specifies 67% to go to the Crown of England with 23% going to the shareholders of the Federal Reserve. The US federal government is funded by corporate and other taxes.

This is detailed in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The Government Accounting Standards Board publishes an annual report detailing all of this. There are 148,000 individual government financial statements showing investments of $110 trillion. All of this is masked within complex legal framework beyond the ability of the public to understand. 66% of the government’s total revenue is non-disclosed.

Rink’s charts show that the government possesses enough surplus investment revenue that it no longer needs to tax individuals. In 1998, total disclosed government revenues, federal and state, were $3.5 trillion. Non-disclosed CAFR revenues were $5.1 trillion.

In 1998, the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the US was $17.12 trillion, with 49% of that due to government economic activity. By the year 2009, total GDP was at $47.3 trillion. dollars, with the government activity at $32.6 trillion. The government now controls 60 to 70% of all of American corporations, plus investments in domestic and international specialty funds. In 2000, the federal government owned 82% of Microsoft, 58% of Time Warner, and 72% of ExxonMobil.

With these large ownerships, the government has no interest in reforming profitable companies like pharmaceuticals. Corporations have been allowed to set up off-shore businesses to hide revenue from taxation. The average American corporate tax rate is between 0.02% and 1.5% versus the average personal income tax rate of 27%. Rink sees a hidden agenda of draining individual wealth to bring us one step closer to a one world order.

The policy of lending fiat money to individuals serves to control physical assets and can enable foreclosures on a massive scale. The government is most interested in creating more loans, thereby injecting more money into the economy.


The government is active in the derivatives market with an ownership of $180 trillion. The source of this information is the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Article 1 of the original constitution required money to be gold or silver backed. Federal Reserve Notes are exempt from this. By controlling the money supply and interest rates, the FED is able to control inflation and deflation.

Wealthy individuals behind the FED and fiat currency have purchased controlling interests in newspapers to convince people everything is okay.

The Council on Foreign Relations was created in 1921 as a gathering place for those interested in pursuing these economic policies. It was succeeded by the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission.


Faced with bankruptcy in 1933, banks were closed for four days to reorganize the insolvent monetary system. President Roosevelt issued the Gold Confiscation act by signing Presidential Executive Order 6102. This allowed the federal government to confiscate all gold replacing it with Federal Reserve Notes. However, money could still be redeemed for silver. The price of gold was set at $42.22 per ounce. At that time, Federal Reserve notes issued in exchange for gold were redeemable in silver, giving the dollar some backing.



“I’m getting tired,” Heather said. She stretched her arms and put one around my shoulder. Pulling me close, she planted a gentle kiss on my cheek. “I can only take in so much at one time.”

“I thought I knew about the history of the U.S.,” I said, “but this is stuff I’ve never heard about before. And you know, I bought some one-ounce gold coins recently. Paid about $1,800 each. Now I have to figure out what happened to make gold worth so much more, and why I wasn’t smart enough to buy it at a lower price, years ago.

“Anyway, I agree, let’s take a break.”


A while later we continued the video. Rink stated that over the years the dollar has risen to prominence as a global standard, primarily because it was the exchange medium for oil. The oil crisis in 1973 upped the value of the dollar.


“It also explains why the government continues to back petroleum companies. It has a huge investment it wants to protect,” I commented.


The Trading with the Enemy Act has been used to justify support of oil producing countries and to threaten war against anyone interrupting the U.S.’s supply of oil.

In 1947, a national emergency was declared, and has continued to this day. At that time, the CIA and NSA were created to assist in guarding the U.S.’s oil interests.

Common Law representing the interests of the people was replaced by Contract Law that operated according to agreements. The legislative democracy changed the U.S. Public Law replaced public policy. It was later replaced by Merchant Law with Admiralty Law functioning based on military tribunals within the legal system.


Under Merchant Law, our birth certificates are not owned by us. The originals are kept by the government. Parents are issued a copy. We are considered to be employees of the corporation of the U.S. The Treasury uses the future labor represented by these birth certificates as collateral for loans from the Federal Reserve, allowing the government to continue borrowing money. Each birth certificate is judged to be worth $1 Million. Then with fractional banking the value is raised to $10 million.

Social Security was created to give some protection to the population. As an employee of the US government, one is entitled to receive social security thus becoming a 14th amendment citizen. On the back of one’s social security card is an eight-digit number indicating that your bond has been recorded, making it function like a stock certificate.

The Bretton Woods agreement allows the gold of the US, along with National Parks, non-profit corporations, property of 14th Amendment citizens, and birth certificate bonds to be used as collateral for loans by the US. These are used by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.

U.S. constitutional law has been replaced by the Uniform Commercial Code that can only be enforced in Admiralty Law courts. This means that the people have lost all constitutional protections.


In 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated for attempting to print gold-backed dollar certificates.

Understanding this complex situation, President Reagan said, “None of the Federal Income Tax paid by the American people is ever been deposited into the United States Treasury, but instead is deposited into the Federal Reserve Bank for its use and benefit.”

Reagan appointed a team of businessmen. Generally known as the Grace Commission, its task was to research the various areas of the federal government. They found that 100% of what is collected in income taxes is absorbed by interest on the federal debt. Reagan attempted to put the U.S. on a gold backed money system. Before he could accomplish this, on March 30, 1981, he was shot and wounded by John Hinkley Jr.

The U.S. has been transformed from a constitutional country to a debtors’ nation to a legislative democracy controlled by a fascist government. In the process, it has transferred all of its assets to the control of international bankers.


Heather and I stopped the video at this point, and I said, “I better understand what people mean by the words ‘Illuminati’ and ‘cabal.’ It’s a few bankers who’re in control of the money of the U.S. and in turn control us. It’s quite different from what I had previously imagined.”

Heather said, “I’m glad you do, because I’m not too sure what I get out of it, except that it is all 3rd Dimension, maybe 4th. There is no 5th Dimension in any of this. Even his references to Saint Germain don’t go along with my understanding of 5th Dimension.”

“I like your observations,” I said. “I believe you are correct, but I need more insights into how to function at higher consciousness with reference to what we just watched. I just need several approaches to things to get them into my consciousness, some verification.”

“Dear Michael, as long as you insist on processing things in your head, 5th Dimension will not happen for you. You must learn to think from your heart. Ask yourself, ‘How does it feel?’ When you can trust the answers you get in this way, then you can say that you are functioning from higher consciousness, 5th Dimension higher consciousness.

“Along with that comes the requirement to control every thought, every emotion, every word, and every action. That may seem like a lot, but it will happen naturally when you reside in 5th Dimension.”

“If I’m functioning at 5th Dimension, what can I do to assist others?” I asked. “How does this ability relate to our discoveries about the cabal and Illuminati?”

“I don’t have that answer,” Heather said, “but I’m sure it will appear.”

“Where do we go from here?”

We walked upstairs to find something to drink and to take a break. Listening to this video had been exhausting.


“So, what do we know for sure?” Heather asked.

“Let’s make a list,” I said.

After a couple of hours, the following list emerged:

I have a wonderful woman in my life

And I have a wonderful man in my life

We know that we love each other

I’ve met an ET of some sort

I know that I slept 36 hours and that my life has changed

I’m no longer a business man

I was bought out of my company

I have enough money to live on without working

Michael has a house, an office with computers, and a Jeep

Heather has a car and personal things

We have friends: Peter, Al, Mary and Dolores

Michael has two children, Kevin and Victoria

We both have been divorced, both have had spouses die

We both experienced unusual events at the Baca

We both saw an ET Craft come out the side of a mountain

We both enjoy hiking

Heather is a teacher of Physical Education

Heather plays softball

Michael enjoys fishing

We have seen messages from Pleiadians

We have seen pictures of Pleiadian craft

Michael is writing a book

We both are exploring web sites and books

We both understand 3rd Dimension

Heather understands higher consciousness

Michael receives communications from non-physical beings

There are trillions of dollars of fiat money

The media is covering up UFOs, ETs, and many other things

The signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons

There is a tracking number on the back of my Social Security card

The Federal Reserve is not a government agency. It is privately owned

The dollar is currently the international reserve currency

Petroleum is traded in dollars


“Wow,” Heather said. “I would never have imagined that we knew so much for sure.”

“Now let’s make a list of what others have told us, things that feel like the truth and check out with muscle testing,” I said.


The following list emerged:

Some technology derived from crashed ET craft

Many government secrets about UFOs and ETs

The U.S. has working space craft

There is a base on the other side of the moon

Testimony from 22 witnesses

The government has recovered ET bodies

There is a secret government, cabal

There is an Illuminati

The Federal Reserve was created at Jekyll Island

There is a group of wealthy men who own and control the Federal Reserve

Pointing to Rothschilds, J.P.Morgan, Rockefeller, Bush, Clinton as part of Illuminati

Freemasons and the Illuminati are linked

The Illuminati was corrupted by dark energy

The Illuminati financed both sides of WWI and WWII

There are great hidden Trusts with vast amounts of money, gold, and other valuables

Kennedy was killed because he wanted a gold-backed dollar

Reagan was shot because he wanted a gold-backed dollar

The U.S. is a corporation and functions as such

The U.S. has been bankrupted several times

The U.S. was bailed out of bankruptcy by the Rothchilds

The government has $180 trillion invested in derivatives – it doesn’t need our tax dollars

The government is invested in all major corporations

All our income tax dollars are used to pay interest on the debt to the Federal Reserve

Our birth certificates are used as collateral for the U.S.’s debt with the Federal Reserve

I am a walk-in

Reincarnation is real


“Again, wow,” Heather said. “So, what is it that we don’t know? What questions do we have?”

“We know our searches of the Internet, our phone calls, and our conversations are being monitored,” I said. “My big question is, when we proceed from a higher consciousness, will that keep us from being hurt?”

“Do you remember what Juelle and Al said about it?” Heather asked.

“Yeah, I remember. I’m still going to get Jeff to check out our computers, our phones, my house, and our cars. See if we can block some of this surveillance.”

“I say we go forward. The stakes are too high to stop,” Heather said.