Chapter 13

Chapter 13



Heather and I were seated on the sofa in my basement office. We turned on a TV newscast to gauge what most people used as their source of information. I turned to other channels. The perspectives were different. However, the information about politics, the stock market, the latest killing, or a medical breakthrough were much the same words, just different points-of-view. All of it was very 3rd Dimension. None of it touched on what we were discovering in books and videos.

“You and I really are coming from a different perspective than the media,” I said, after I had shut off the TV. “It wasn’t long ago that I bought into what was being said on the TV. Now I can see the misinformation and lack of information being peddled.”

“I talk to the other teachers at school,” Heather said. “Not one of them questions what is being presented on the TV. Even those who use the Internet don’t see any aspect of what you and I are finding. They have no interest in what I saw in the Baca. They could care less about the monetary system, as long as it doesn’t impact their paycheck. They’ll talk about their latest physical problems, but are really happy with the drugs they are taking.”


“Let’s finish with James Rink,” I said. “I believe he is going to bring us up to the present time.”

Part III of the video began with the HISTORY OF NASARA. With all their power and money, bankers believed themselves to be above the law. A class action lawsuit was initiated under the name of Farmers Claim Program. First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins, Colorado was caught using fraudulent methods to foreclose on a property. The suit was not successful. A second suit was filed by Farmers Union against the Federal Land Bank Association.

Eventually the claims of the Farm Credit were ruled just by the United States Supreme court. It declared that the federal government had defrauded the citizens out of money and property. The court also ruled that the IRS was a Puerto Rican Trust, and that the Income tax was unlawful because it had not been ratified by all states.

According to the 1913 act that created the Federal Reserve, all debts against the U.S. Treasury are to be assumed by the Federal Reserve. The 14th amendment to the constitution specifies that citizens can recover damages done by a foreign government. The U.S. government based in Washington D.C is such a foreign government, having been created as such after the States.


A Task Force of 300 retired and active duty officers headed by Admiral Jeremy M. Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, William E. Colby, Director CIA, and General David J. McCloud, U.S. Air Force, was assembled to support the return to constitutional law. These are known as the “White Hats.” They pointed out the Corporation of the U.S government’s role in establishing a fascist new world order. They uncovered common practices of extortion and bribery in all areas of the government. This group of military generals and others continues to function as White Hats.

An audit of the Federal Reserve disclosed $800 trillion that should have been applied to the national debt. It also disclosed that most nations owed money to the U.S, rather than the other way around. Despite these disclosures the Illuminati & George H. W. Bush continued on with their plans for global enslavement.


The case of the farmers pursuing NASARA was stifled by the Clinton administration in a secret trial in Michigan. Many who were supporting this effort were arrested and jailed, some died. The general who had headed this effort was imprisoned, killed, and replaced with a double who then acted to defeat the lawsuit.

Attorney General Janet Reno promised to bring about the necessary changes to return to constitutional law. She ordered Navy Seals to Switzerland and Israel to recapture trillions of dollars in gold that had been stolen by the Federal Reserve System. It is now safely stored at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) complex in Colorado Springs, CO. Janet Reno was killed and replaced with a double who covered up the Clintons’ scandals.                 


When enacted, NASARA will accomplish the following:

  • Does away with the Federal Reserve and the IRS.
  • Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities.
  • Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential ‘new items only’ sales tax revenue for the government.
  • Increases benefits to senior citizens.
  • Returns constitutional law to all courts and legal matters.
  • Reinstates the original intent of the nobility amendment.
  • Foreign agents will lose their citizenship, be deported, and barred from reentry.
  • Establishes new presidential and congressional elections within 120 days after NASARA’s announcement.
  • Returns the country back to constitutional law.
  • Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities by special interest groups.
  • Creates a new U.S Treasury currency, ‘rainbow currency’, backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals.
  • Ends the bankruptcy of the U.S.
  • Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records.
  • Initiates a new US Treasury bank system in alignment with constitutional law.
  • Eliminates the Federal Reserve.
  • Retrains all judges and attorneys in constitutional law.
  • Ceases all aggressive U.S. government military actions worldwide.
  • Establishes peace throughout the world.
  • Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.
  • Enables the release of suppressed technologies held under the guise of national security including free energy and anti-gravity.


President Clinton’s double had no interest in signing NASARA into law. On October 10, 2000, a team of Navy Seals and Delta Force stormed the White House and forced him to sign NASARA into law. Subsequently, this action was sealed by the order by Supreme Court. A gag order was placed on all involved. Violation was deemed treasonable and was punishable by death.

Senator Paul Wellstone was about to break the gag order. He was killed in an airplane crash.

All members of congress have been bribed with millions of dollars, as have members of the military, judiciary, media, and other powerful interests.

Extreme misinformation methods have been used against the NASARA law, including alternative media and the Internet.

Currently three Supreme Court judges have the power to keep the law from being announced. In 2001, they told Congress to pass resolutions approving NASARA. On September 9, 2001. NASARA became law. George Bush Sr. and Jr. conspired to put a     hold on it.


On September 11, 2001, Alan Greenspan was set to announce abolishment of the IRS, debt forgiveness, and a new US Treasury Bank System. When airplanes hit the World Trade Center, it stopped any such announcement. Building Seven was demolished to cover up crimes.

An airplane hit the Pentagon exactly where military officers were setting up to implement NASARA nationwide.

George Bush Sr. had accomplished his role in removing control of the government away from the people. The country went off to fight the war in Iraq.

Rink presented a chart with the thousands of military personnel and hundreds of thousands of civilians killed as a result of that war.


The Bush family was offered $300 trillion dollars to cooperate with NASARA. They declined, choosing to keep their control over the population. The Bush family has stopped repeated attempts to implement NASARA. 

The Bush, Clinton, and Rockefeller families are doing everything they can to stop such payments. Documents to be used for the payout have been hijacked under orders of the Department of Homeland Security.

There have been many threats against the international money system to keep things headed to a one world order.

Under NASARA, the dollar can no longer continue as the world’s reserve currency. It must be replaced by gold-backed dollars issued by the US Treasury.


Banks have demanded, and received, $700 billion dollars under the Troubled Asset Relief Program to begin implementing the road to a gold-backed money system.

Under Basil III, banks will become bankrupt if they show all their questionable debts. Banks currently use off-shore accounts to hide bad debts.

Under Clinton, fractional reserves were increased from 10:1 to 100:1, leading to a huge increase in the money supply.

Securitization is used by banks to package and sell their loans as stocks to investors. This has been repeated until there are quadrillions of dollars of credit derivatives.

The new gold-backed dollar is worth 1/28 gram of gold.

China has demanded gold as payment of their debt. They do not want NASARA announced because it would change the arrangement of their debt.

President Obama tried to steal $200 billion from the Bank for International Settlements as a payment to keep NASARA from being implemented.

The government continues to buoy up the economy and support failing companies through loans from the Fed.


QAnon is a group of 200 military personnel who are working to keep the country from collapsing. Its director is an admiral from Naval intelligence.

Trump will initiate NASARA, space force, new money, etc., in a second term as President.                      

White Hats who operate US space command and area 51 are ready to release technology, such as anti-gravity, that will obsolete automobiles.


When we had completed watching this video, Heather said, “Guess we have our answer about the Illuminati and the cabal. It’s all of the government officials who have been bribed with billions, and maybe trillions, of dollars. Then the ones at the very top, like the Bushes, are so committed to a one world government that they turn down trillions of dollars.”

“NASARA seems almost too good to be true,” I said. “I can see why those who want a one world government don’t want anything to do with it.”

“I can see the influence of the dark energy in those who want the one world government,” Heather said. “Their greed, self-centeredness, and lust for power knows no bounds. But where did the dark energy come from?”

“I guess that’s for us to discover, and we will,” I said. “I’m just really happy to see the reference to the White Hats, explains why we don’t yet have a one world government. This also explains a lot about Donald Trump and why he became president. I believe it was orchestrated by the White Hats, in order to get someone in office who was not linked to the one world order, to traditional politics, bribery, or extortion.”

“I guess this also explains why I was told not to investigate any further,” Heather said. “There’s dynamite stuff about important people and the cabal in this video. Not everyone knows about it. It hasn’t made it to the nightly news.”

“Probably explains the viruses I keep getting in my laptop,” I said. “They don’t want us to figure everything out and start telling others.”

“We need to talk about this,” Heather said. She opened her laptop computer and went to her emails. After she had opened up a recent email she showed it to me.

It was a picture of me in bed with another woman.

“That’s not me,” I said. “It may look like me but it’s not.”

“So, when did this happen?” she asked.

“Heather, it’s not me. I haven’t been in bed with anyone other than you in a long time.”

“So, who’s in the picture?” she asked. “Looks pretty recent.” She looked at me with questioning eyes. “It’s your current hair style, your smile. Can’t see the rest of your body, but the girl looks pretty real, and pretty young.”

“I don’t know what else to say, but I haven’t gone to bed with anyone other than you in almost two years.”

Heather stared at me, then smiled and pointed to a small white spot in the image. “Guess they got a little sloppy with their photoshop.”

I heaved a long sigh. Placing the palms of my hands together, I said, “Thanks to whoever is looking out for us.”

“I do believe you.” Heather reached over and gave me a big hug. “Guess we’re making some waves.

“If they hadn’t threatened me, I would have been more willing to believe their picture.” She deleted it from her emails.

“They obviously don’t want us to continue investigating,” I said. “I suspect we have stumbled on something that really bothers them.”

“I think it’s our higher consciousness perspective,” Heather said. “Many others may see the same material, but through 3rd Dimension eyes. We see it differently, and that bothers them. We might get others to start thinking along these lines, then their game of mirrors and lies will start to fall apart.”

“If I look at things from that perspective, I believe we have nothing to fear,” I said. “We don’t need any special protection. They may be able to do things like this picture to me, but we are protected spiritually.”