Chapter 14


Chapter 14




Heather and I began this video on Saturday in my home office. We sat on the comfortable sofa facing the large screen TV. It was connected by a cable to my MacBook.

She was exhausted, having worked all week teaching Physical Education and Health. I had spent Wednesday evening with her in Loveland. She would spend the weekend with me here. I worked on my book on my iMac whenever I was at home in Denver or in Loveland. We did Internet research on my MacBook or her laptop because we did not want to reveal that I was working on a book on my iMac.

With this arrangement we hoped to avoid attracting undue attention to our efforts. It was working fairly well, but we both agreed it was not a long-term solution. Sooner or later we needed to find a single residence that worked for both of our schedules.


In this video, entitled US SECRET SPACE OPERATIONS & ETs,  Michael Sala synthesized information from many sources. In the first few minutes of the video, he referenced the alien reproduction vehicle (ARV) that was first revealed in 2001 during the Disclosure Project panel in Washington, D.C. He stated that Lockheed Martin was involved in secret space programs connected to the ARV.


The government’s interest in space vehicles began with the Battle of Los Angeles, on February 25, 1942, in which alien aircraft appeared over LA. Suspecting a Japanese invasion, the military shelled multiple rounds at the overhead craft.

This event pointed out the limits of U.S. aircraft. At that time, LA was a hub of aircraft research and development and major manufacturers. Researchers at these companies became most interested in the craft that had appeared overhead.

Two days later, Roosevelt assigned the U.S. Army to take responsibility for any captured UFO technology. The Army had been in charge of the secret development of the atomic bomb. So, they became in charge of any project due to UFOs being shot down.

Douglas Aircraft Company, a company who had built 30,000 aircraft during WWII, created a Navy and Army Airforce Task Group to investigate flying saucer crashes.    

Based on leaked documentation and personal observations, William Tompkins, a well-known whistleblower, talked about his experiences in working with Douglas and Navy intelligence. He mentioned two craft being retrieved from the LA battle. This kickstarted the research and development by the Army and the Navy.

Tompkins was also involved with retrieving information about the Germans’ flying saucer program and their development of anti-gravity aerospace technology. This was discovered by Navy spies.

In 1945, Douglas set up Rand Corporation to study anti-gravity principles and extraterrestrial craft. It was funded by the Army Air Force, Douglas, the Navy, and several other companies. They were all involved in studying extraterrestrial artifacts. Sala stated this information was important for tracking secret space programs within the U.S.

Rand undertook design of an experimental world-circling spaceship in 1946. The intent was to have weapons and observation craft in orbit. In 1952, Werner Von Braun proposed a donut-shaped space station.


The existence of a German breakaway group that went to Antarctica with flying saucer technology became known in 1946, after Admiral Byrd’s expedition encountered them. The Germans had perfected their saucer craft, so the Navy was outmatched and retreated.

Kenneth Arnold, another whistleblower, observed nine German flying crescent craft in 1947. He initially thought them to be Russian craft based on German design. It was later determined that some Germans had survived WWII and were flying the craft out of Antarctica.


The Army’s ballistic missile program was based on V2 rockets brought over from Germany, under Werner Van Braun. Project Paperclip brought 1,600 German scientists to the U.S. to work on rockets and similar projects.      


Sixty US Army and Navy aircraft were lost during May 1950 to April 1951 due to German flying saucers interfering with tests being conducted at White Sands, New Mexico; this information was according to Timothy Goode in his book Need to Know. Germans had perfected directed energy weapons and anti-gravity technology.

USAF Project Blue Book was intended to hide the origin of flying saucers. At that time, USAF officials knew there were two kinds of flying saucers: German and extraterrestrial. They had trouble figuring out who was who.


Over three successive weekends in July 1952, saucers were sighted flying over the U.S. Capitol building. Radar tracked them. U.S. jets were scrambled. Pilots of nearby aircraft reported sightings. There were hundreds of thousands of witnesses. Sala insists that they were German flying saucers.


In February of 1954, President Eisenhower met with human-looking, Nordic, extraterrestrial ambassadors at Edwards Air Force Base. Three extraterrestrial vehicles had flown over the base and then landed for the face-to-face meeting about supporting U.S. technology efforts.

Later Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger advised Eisenhower against reaching an agreement with the Nordics. So, Eisenhower said no to the Nordics.

Rockefeller was advising Eisenhower about setting up research on ET technology, and how to respond to German technology. He became Eisenhower’s national security adviser.

Rockefeller was important in that he was reorganizing the federal bureaucracy. In the process, he was advising Eisenhower« to set up secret classified research on ET craft and deal with the ETs who were assisting the Germans in Antarctica.


Following on these events, the Navy began working with the Nordic extraterrestrials. Secretly cooperating with them, it developed a space program without the executive branch knowing anything about it.


This was different than the Air Force working with the Germans’ draconian extraterrestrial allies who had helped them develop WWII technologies and set up the Antarctica base. Their focus was all directed toward becoming a space power.


The question then became one of why didn’t Germany win  WWII? The answer supplied by Sala is that the allies were secretly being helped by the Nordic extraterrestrials. WWII was a proxy war between the two extraterrestrial races.



“I see a connection to what we’ve learned from our other investigations,” I said to Heather. “The cabal would not want an alliance with the Nordics.”

“Seems so obvious, now,” Heather said. “But at that time, few people knew the details about the cabal, or about contact with extraterrestrials. Only a few know now, even fewer will make the connection we are making. The members of the cabal are very good at hiding their intentions and activities.”

“The cabal rejected the assistance of an advanced civilization who was trying to help us,” I said, “just so they could hang onto their power.”

“And take over the world,” Heather added.



Returning to the video, Sala stated that Eisenhower met with the extraterrestrial alliance that the Germans were working with out of Antarctica, at Holloman Air Force Base. Eisenhower came out of their extraterrestrial craft and shook hands with them, indicating that an agreement had been reached. Corroborating information has recently become available from several whistleblowers.


After WWII, the Fourth Reich infiltrated the U.S. Military Industrial complex, especially USAF and CIA. What was not realized was the extent to which these scientists would become a fifth column, undermining the U.S. Military Industrial complex, infiltrating the highest levels of government and corporations. In 1961, Bill Tompkins saw a combined U.S. and Nazi flag at Marshall Space Flight center.

Tall white extraterrestrials and USAF Generals worked together. The tall whites appeared to be a hybrid between the Nordics and greys. They were very intelligent and possessed very advanced technology. This indicated that the U.S. government was working with the tall whites dating from the 1950s.

The extraterrestrials the USAF had been working with only shared technology relating to atomic powered, short range craft, such as capable of going to the moon. Interplanetary craft information was withheld.


“There is so much secret information and so many secret projects within the government,” I said after I had paused the video. “So much has been kept from us. How much are they still keeping?”

“Lots,” Heather said.


Returning to the video, Sala said that, in 1963, the USAF received funding to focus on rockets to develop a manned orbiting space station. In 1969, the public was told that the Apollo project was cancelled, but it was only the manned orbiting laboratory portion of it that was. The USAF continued the Second Phase in secret with funding from other sources. This illustrated how dollars flow into the classified world. The goal of this secret project was to create a large, manned space station. This was all revealed through National Reconnaissance Office documents that were finally declassified in 2015.

To get the astronauts to this huge space station, alien reproduction vehicles were developed based on crashed ET craft. Three vehicles, such as this, were witnessed by Brad Sorensen at Edwards Air Force base in 1988. The largest was 60 feet in diameter.

Ben Rich, who was the head of Lockheed Martin’s skunk works, said that they “had the technology to take ET home.” This meant that they had developed alien reproduction vehicles. In the 1960s, the USAF had been assisted by tall whites and greys to develop saucer technology. By the 1980s, the USAF had two operational flying saucers.

In late 1980s, the USAF had flying triangles, using magneto hydrodynamics to attain speeds much greater than conventional craft, plus atomic powered engines. These craft were observed during the Belgium triangle craft sightings. At that time, most researchers believed these were alien craft.


Emery Smith was exposed to USAF technologies. During 1992 to 1997, he disclosed that he had worked on these craft at Kirtland AF base in New Mexico. He was asked to work on them because he was an expert on the biology of alien life, and some of these craft were organic.

He was also given information about ETs who were working with the USAF in a highly classified program to develop these craft. The tall whites, reptilians, and greys were involved with the USAF. These were the same ones who were working with the Germans out of Antarctica; totally different from group working with the Navy.  This group captured Nordics and tortured them for information. Cory Goode shared this on an episode of Cosmic Disclosure.


Because they had been working with the Nordics, the US Navy had developed superior technology in the form of cigar shaped craft that were capable of interstellar flight. The USAF was shocked to learn that the Navy’s capabilities were so much more advanced. After decades of working with the reptilian German alliance, the USAF had not been allowed to develop craft such as the Navy possessed. The USAF finally realized they had been told only a partial truth.

Sala showed pictures of supposed extraterrestrial craft that were deliberately shown to the public. These triangular craft were sighted near MacDill AFB.


On Jan 13, 2018, the USAF stopped a false flag attack on Hawaii in a decisive break with the deep state. Residents of the Islands had received a ballistic missile alert to take shelter. There was panic because they thought they were being attacked by a missile with a nuclear weapon, coming from North Korea. Later, the State of Hawaii issued an apology, saying it was a mistake.

Sala says it was a real missile attack carrying a nuclear weapon designed to be a false flag attack where North Korea would be blamed, thereby starting a third world war. It was shot down by the USAF secret space program.

This was really a momentous event. The USAF stood up to the secret state and told them it was not going to be allowed to happen. If the missile had been allowed to hit Hawaii, Trump would have been forced to retaliate against North Korea, causing China and Russia to enter the game. This was the deep state’s plan for WWIII. Fortunately, the Air Force decided to join the White House and prevent the attack.


The USAF is now cooperating with the Nordics, the Pleiadians, and others who helped the Navy all along. The USAF realized they had been lied to by the extraterrestrials connected to the Germans all this time and that the Nordics could be trusted. It was a big realization that the ones working with the Navy were the good guys. This caused a realignment away from the greys, tall whites, insectoids, and reptilians.


There is an Ultra Top Secret, New Majestic Document that reveals US diplomatic relations with extraterrestrials. It will be released to the public to inform them about human-looking extraterrestrials being our friends. It outlines the history of the cooperation.

The USAF, National Reconnaissance Office, and NSA now believe that the Nordics are the friendliest ETs. It acknowledges that the government has been working with human-looking ETs since the 1950s.        

There are four types of ETs: Earth-like humanoids, Greys, Non-humanoid extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs), and Transmorphic Entities. The majority of earth-like humanoids are friendly. Those that are not friendly are the ones working with the Germans.

The document talks about the 1954 meeting at Kirtland Air Force base where a statement of intent was signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower and an individual with the Nordics.


“This conflicts with what Sala said earlier about  Eisenhower rejecting the Nordics in 1954,” I said.

“Guess it depends on who is telling the story,” Heather said.

“Sounds like this Document wants to make Eisenhower look good and cover up the actions of the cabal, Rockefeller,” I said.



Back to the video, cylinder shaped craft were spotted near MacDill AFB. This pointed to the USAF Nordic alliance. The video showed a May of 2018 picture of a Nordic in a USAF Uniform. The Nordics were now helping the USAF develop technologies for more powerful spacecraft.

Military insiders confirm that thousands of human-looking extraterrestrials have lived among us for decades.


The initiation of the US Space Force in 2018 was a step toward disclosure of the USAF Secret Space program. USAF did not want to be subservient to Navy. It wanted its own space force. The US Space Force was intended to aggregate all of USAF and Navy activities. Its goal was to give it authority over corporate contractors building spacecraft, giving it control over technologies, intelligence, and acquisition of components. This would make it very difficult for the deep state, the Antarctic Germans, or corporations to have secret space activities and siphon off technology, personnel and money. The deep state had opposed the creation of the US Space Force because it limited their secret activities.

As it now stands, there were two separate space force initiatives: Air Force and Navy. The Navy has cooperated with other nations in its efforts, while the USAF has not. The goal of the Space Force was a multi-national program, like Star Trek.


“That was quite a revelation,” Heather said. “Who will believe that our military has been working with extraterrestrials since the 1950s?”      

We had wandered upstairs to take a break and find refreshments.

“It’s a lot to accept,” I said, “but it also explains why U.S. technology has leaped forward so quickly over the past fifty years.

“I believe it’s now time to explore what things look like in todays’ world.

“We’ve covered enough background that I’m confident we have a good understanding of UFOs and ETs, and knowledge about the cabal, the monetary system, the media, and most of the other basics.

“I see it as a huge, multifaceted picture of humanity’s enslavement. It’s been going on a long time and is well entrenched. What’s missing for me are the details of what we’re dealing with right now.”

Heather said, “Let’s not lose sight of the spiritual aspects or the dark energy. For me they are key.

“What I am being told is that we need to appreciate the individual aspects and forces that are not working in everyone’s best interests and then we can utilize our higher consciousness to help people raise their energies to move out of 3rd Dimension.

“Furthermore, my higher self is telling me that the effort we are making to investigate this situation is of great benefit to all. In other words, we are doing it not only for ourselves but for many others with whom we connect unconsciously.”

I said, “I hereby request those who are assisting us, to clarify our path forward.”

Heather said, “I ask the same.”

With that, I stood, gave Heather a hand up, and gave her a long hug.


That night, when we settled in bed ready for sleep, the voice in my head communicated.

All institutions of your civilization, be they government, monetary, legal, medicine, religion, or education, have been compromised by individuals attuned to the dark energy.

As was my pattern, I wrote down the words. As I settled into a restless sleep next to Heather, I understood that I had just been given an insight into a picture larger than the cabal. The dark energies were very pervasive as well as invasive. And what exactly was dark energy, and how did it compromise people.