Chapter 15

Chapter 15




While searching for information on details of the larger picture, Heather and I found a web site entitled, CRITICAL THINKING. On it were presentations by a number of highly qualified doctors.


The first doctor was Sherri Tenpenny. She started out with a discussion about shedding of viruses. It is usually connected with live virus transmission between people. In the case of Covid-19, the means of transmission was not clearly identified. It has been shown to be transmitted between vaccinated people and unvaccinated people. She went on to say that people are not getting immunity from any of the Covid-19 shots.

With Covid-19 there is an unprecedented situation. Doctors are getting reports from thousands of women around the world with vaginal bleeding, bloody noses, and bruising from simply being in proximity with those who have been vaccinated. Blood clots are reported in men and there is erectile dysfunction. There is unprecedented censorship that keeps this information from the public.


The second doctor is Christine Northrup, an author of 3 best sellers. She is a Board certified OBGYN and has taught at prestigious schools. She spent 25 years at Vermont College of Medicine. She has been on the Oprah Winfrey show and other public television shows. Since she has started speaking out about the truth, she is now listed as one of the 12 most important sources of misinformation about vaccines.

She showed a report from Life Site News that thousands of women are reporting menstrual cycle irregularities and reproductive dysfunction following COVID vaccines and from people who have simply been around people who have been vaccinated.

She sees the vaccines as some kind of a bio-weapon that the body of those vaccinated is secreting. The vaccines cause the body to make a synthetic protein that has never been seen before. The body becomes a factory producing this protein. The protein that is shed comes out in urine, feces, sweat, and  blood. It adversely affects pregnancies.



Dr. Carrie Madej was an internal medicine physician who has been practicing 20 years. She saw nano-lipid particles in vaccines as tiny computers or nano-bots. Drug manufacturers are telling doctors that the human body would destroy any such substance being injected. The nano-lipid particles trick the body into accepting the synthetic proteins, by using particles to surround it. This creates an on-demand drug delivery system that can be triggered to deliver the payload, by suppressing the body’s natural immunity. It can also be used to control body functions, by transmitting and receiving. It is completely foreign to the human body. It can be triggered by EMF.

Higher levels of EMF coming from cellphones interact with the nano-lipid particles, modifying red blood cells to become stringy. This leads to clotting. EMF radiation has gone up in recent times. She asks, is there a connection between EMF and the vaccines?


Dr. Lee Merritt was an orthopedic surgeon with degrees from the University of Rochester. She served on the Navy defense advisory committee. She tells stories of people dying due to being exposured to someone else being vaccinated. She sees the vaccines producing a self-replicating protein as an explanation for the transmission problem. She supplied a very technical explanation. There are many moving parts to vaccine illnesses.


In a very emotional presentation, a Dr. Larry, whose last name was never provided, insisted that the injections are not a vaccine. Vaccines are supposed to protect us against a bacterial or virus infection. Nothing in any of the shots does this. As soon as we realize this, then everything thereafter is a complete and utter lie. The vaccines can’t protect against transmission. They produce blood disorders, heart disease, lung disease, clotting, and neurological issues. He sees the vaccines as a manmade weapon to poison blood. He asked, why inject something into the body to make protein? We don’t really know what’s in the vaccines. We think it’s a protein, but we really don’t know. We have no experience with a synthetic protein.

Dr. Larry insists that what we have is a massive propaganda campaign. People who have been injected with a vaccine are getting people who have not had a shot to experience Covid-19 symptoms. The lipid particles in the shots are capable of passing whatever is in the shot to the vital organs of the body including the brain. He insists that we stop calling it a vaccine.

He said that we don’t know what’s going on, and that we should have people who get the shot quarantined, so those who have not can avoid them.


At that moment my MacBook froze. Nothing I could do would free it up. This had happened a couple of times recently, never before that. As a last resort, I restarted it.

The computer went through an elaborate start-up routine.

Heather said, “What I’m getting from this video is that something is getting passed from those who have gotten the shot to those who have not. I also see a lot of 3rd Dimension fear being expressed.”

“Agreed,” I said then added, ”we need to make sure we are observing it from a higher dimension perspective. It serves no purpose for us to get caught up in fear.”

After the computer restarted, we hugged to affirm our commitment to the task. Then Heather and I went back to the web site and continued to watch.


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny then came back on. She reminded everyone to stop calling it a vaccine, rather call it a shot or an injection. She said that it is an injection of foreign matter.

The mechanism of all three of the current shots is to make a spike protein and make an antibody to it. The spike protein can cross the blood brain barrier. It is a lethal weapon.

There are 89 additional vaccines almost ready to go. The J & J vaccine contains adenovirus that can be readily transmitted just as a cold virus is.

Both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are very effective against the covid-19 virus, whatever it is. They each have been used for over fifty years to treat various illnesses. Take one of the pills every other week. Our Vitamin D level should be at 80 to 100, and our Zinc level between 7 and 12.      


“That sure brings the whole virus pandemic thing to the foreground, doesn’t it,” Heather said. “You and I have been so focused in tracking down the cabal, unearthing the monetary system, and following up on UFOs and ETs, that we ignored the implications of the lockdown.”

“It hasn’t really affected us that much,” I said. “Sure, I’ve had to wear a mask to buy food and some restaurants demand a mask until you sit down, which makes no sense. But, overall, we’ve not studied the whole issue. And, because we don’t watch TV, we’ve not been bombarded with the media harping on it.”

“Face masks, social distancing and lockdown are definitely changing the way people act and relate to one another,” Heather said. “I wear a mask only when I don’t have a choice, like at school, where it’s mandatory.”

“This whole mandatory thing is against the Nuremburg trial conclusions,” I said. “The government is acting illegally when it mandates wearing masks and the other stuff.”

“But the media is still selling the pandemic,” Heather said. “I’ll bet eighty percent of the people are buying their line.

“This whole virus thing has hit me,” she continued. “Last summer we were pretty oblivious to it. Sure, there was the occasional mask to go shopping or eating out, but not a big deal. However, now that I’m back in school, most of the teachers have gotten jabbed.”

“I’m sure we’re not going to get the shot,” I said. “Does that make us stand out?”

“I’m doing okay. Just don’t talk much to those who are so convinced that the media knows it all.           

“However, the proposition about getting Covid-19 from someone who has gotten the shot is worrisome,” Heather said. “I can only trust what these doctors are saying is true.

She paused for a long moment, then said, “My inner guidance is telling me to believe them. It feels right.

“I work at keeping my energies high.”

We had remained seated in the cool of the downstairs office, holding hands.

“Very good,” I commented, then said, “I too believe if we maintain our higher consciousness, we will not be affected.”

Heather smiled and said, “How many weeks has it been for me to convince you of this?”

“True,” I said. “Guess I’ve finally come to trust you and your higher way of seeing things. So, thanks for keeping after me. I think I’ve finally got it.”

She reached for me and gave me a big hug.

“As far as I’m concerned, I believe the virus and the pandemic is just another way of enslaving us,” I said. “It has separated us from each other, made us fear each other, and now it’s being revealed that the vaccines are injecting some really bad stuff into people.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that the virus and the lockdown is the latest attempt by those under the influence of the dark energy to put humanity even deeper into enslavement.”


Heather and I contacted Mary, Dolores, Peter, and Al. We arranged to meet together at Cinzetti’s, on the north side of Denver. It billed itself as the world’s largest Italian buffet.

It was an easy to get to location, just off Interstate 25, and reasonably centralized for the members of the group. The restaurant featured an elaborate array of different pasta dishes like eggplant parmesan, four kinds of pizza, and everything Italian I had eaten before. It was all arranged as a series of long buffet tables.                                  

Beyond the food was the large seating area with room for several hundred. It provided an excellent spot to gather and talk, as there were no waiters or waitresses hurrying us along.

We chatted as we ate, catching everyone up on how we each were doing. Heather, Mary, and Dolores were all teaching. Peter« was involved in his chiropractic clinic. Al was piloting private aircraft for executives of corporations.

When it came my time to speak, I said that I was writing a book and was almost entirely occupied with doing research for it. “I want to talk for a moment about what we’ve uncovered.” I motioned to Heather.

“We’ve talked to you individually about our efforts during the last three months,” Heather said. “Now, I believe we have finally come to understand the cabal and much of the rest of where we find ourselves.”

I picked up our presentation by saying, “It goes something like this. First of all, it is much bigger than the cabal that Steve Greer talked about. This is something that involves the entire planet, every country, and every person. Second, it has been going on for a very long time. It has blossomed at times and then retreated when it did not reach it objectives, or when people rose up against it. Third, it is basically a non-physical energy that infects people to cause them to act out of fear, self-centeredness, judgment, anger, and greed. This leads people to focus on money and power over others.”

Heather spoke next saying, “The goal of those aligned with the dark energy is to completely dominate this planet, not just humanity. It wants it all: the land, the oceans, the trees, the grass, the animals, and the insects. They want this planet for its resources. Humanity is just a stumbling block. They do not recognize human beings as vehicles for great beings of light, that we call souls. And finally, it has set itself in opposition to Source, and the Schematic of Source.”

I chimed in at this point, “There are great non-physical beings of Light and benevolent extraterrestrials who see this picture. They have been assisting us all along, and are continuing to assist us. That’s why we have not given in to the darkness.”

At that point, Heather stood and said, “Michael and I have spent hundreds of hours investigating this stuff. We do not come to these conclusions lightly. Personally, I find the whole subject overwhelming. Other than publishing Michael’s book, we are looking to what we can do to educate people about what we’ve found and motivate them to stand against those who are attempting to control everything.

“Please let us have your thoughts. And, we would like to go away from today with a plan of action for us as a group.”


For the next hour, we wrestled with various approaches to what we could do as a group. Several ideas were floated. None caught a consensus as each of us seemed to be following our own path.

We agreed to meet again in two weeks in hopes of coming up with concrete suggestions.


On the way back to my house, I said to Heather, “I’ve been thinking about setting up a web site and posting some of what we’ve learned. I think we might reach people who we don’t already know. Maybe do some good.”

“Interesting idea,” she said. “We could start slow, so people can get used to all these new things gradually.”

“I’d want to post some really challenging things,” I said. “Observations, perspectives, and facts to get people really thinking. Then we could direct them to the web sites and books we’ve found helpful.”

“What would be our uniqueness?” Heather asked. “There’s lots of web sites and blogs.”

“I see most of the web sites and blogs confined to a particular point of view. Often, it’s very 3rd dimensional, because that attracts people. I think our higher consciousness perspective coupled with the truth about 3rd dimensional things is unique.”

“Let’s keep talking about this,” she said. “I think it’s very interesting.”

“Is that going to make us a target for those that don’t like what we’re doing?”

“Probably, but I can’t just sit back afraid of what might happen.”