Chapter 16


Chapter 16





“Here’re copies of two newsletters that I get a copy of once a  « month,” Dolores said. “I think they offer an uplifting perspective about our situation.” She handed me printouts of something called a MESSAGE FROM MATTHEW.

We were seated in the Starbucks coffee shop on Garfield Avenue in Loveland. I had met with her after the school day during one of my overnights. Heather was still busy at school with a parent-teacher situation.

We chatted for a few minutes, then she said that she needed to get home to relieve her husband from his child caretaking duties. She also had a list of things to get at the grocery store.

“I’ll take these back to my room and take a look,” I said.


In his most recent Message, Matthew said that what is going on throughout our world is a different kind of discovery process. The combined light being beamed to Earth from powerful civilizations and the light each of us generates has been exposing one layer after another of darkness. This process will continue until every layer of darkness has been vanquished and its energy transmuted into light.

Encouragement may be helpful to all who are distressed because the exposure process is showing little evidence of progress with no official acknowledgement. He assured us that a great deal is progressing on target behind the scenes.

Matthew said that we may not remember that we volunteered to come to Earth and help the civilization awaken. We knew life in a third density world would be difficult. We knew that we were chosen when many, many others were not, because our multiple lifetime experiences would provide the spiritual strength, wisdom, and perseverance to surmount obstacles we would encounter.


“This is really speaking to me,” I said, when later I showed the Message to Heather. “It’s causing me to remember what it was like when I made the decision to walk-in.”    

“Wonderful,” Heather said. “You really are becoming conscious. It’s fun to watch you change.”

After that exchange, we continued reading and recording parts of the Message for the book I was writing.


In many cases, friends and family give no credibility to what we know is true, making us feel alone. Another reason we were selected to help when so many other volunteers were not is that we know we are never alone. We just need to remember that myriad guides and angels are always with us. We are known, loved, and honored by all light beings in this universe, and they are beaming light to help us along our path.


We may discover that acquaintances we never suspected could be kindred spirits, have been so all along. Many feel frustrated and anxious. When they realize they have been lied to, rage and guilt will be common reactions. Our light will help foundering people replace negative feelings with optimism and determination to transform their world.


Think of ourselves and everyone else, whether or not we admire or agree with them, as who we all are: multidimensional immortal souls, inviolate and independent, yet inseparably interconnected with all other life throughout the cosmos. Each and every life is the love-light essence of Creator Source, the most powerful force in existence.


“That is a truly beautifully worded expression of what it’s all about from a 5th Dimension point-of-view,” Heather said. “It literally takes my breath away to understand that I am a part of this.”

“Nicely said,” I commented. “My congratulations to Matthew who is now a non-physical and to his mother, Suzy Ward, who transcribes these wonderful messages.”


The message continued with Matthew saying that, it is not our responsibility or our right to change what others believe. Everyone has the divine right to move toward enlightenment at his or her own pace, and if people beloved to us have chosen a pace slower than yours, please honor their decision.


Matthew stated that vaccines cannot separate us from Source or prevent personal ascension, the evolvement in consciousness and spiritual awareness. It continues until the immortal soul returns to its beginnings within the pure love essence of Creator Source.


What does affect our journey is the energy of thoughts, feelings, and intentions. Those who are in fear, greed, brutality, betrayal, dishonesty or any other low-vibratory sensation or intent of an action, decrease light within their body. Light is a body’s life force. It is what transforms carbon-based cells into the crystalline structure that strengthens immune systems and enables physical viability in the higher vibrations of fourth and fifth density planes. This is where Earth is heading.

Society has been conditioned to believe vaccines prevent diseases. They don’t. What they do is introduce diseases into individuals with weakened immunity, damage the body’s healing mechanisms, and cause autism-like symptoms in young children. Nevertheless, time and time again medical experts exhort everyone to get vaccinated.

Thus, solutions containing the virus that was laboratory-designed to cause the influenza called Covid-19, nanochips programmed to track and control individuals, and foreign tissue that can change bodies’ DNA are claimed to be vaccines. Medical establishment members who are urging everyone to get vaccinated don’t mention it actually is experimental gene therapy with potentially dire effects that won’t be apparent for a year or two or more; and the manufacturers of the vaccines bear no liability whatsoever for death or other harmful reactions.

Crystalline cells don’t interact with incompatible substances, and they leave via bodies’ elimination systems. However, even though the scientists in the extraterrestrial special forces have reduced the potency of the virus and decreased the viability of the genetic material, bodies with weakened immunity and/or carbon cellular structure have much less ability to resist foreign substances. That is why some people die after being inoculated and others develop serious health issues or their existing conditions worsen.

The extraterrestrial scientists also erased the chips’ programming, but it isn’t the chips that cause death and medical problems. They are in the solution for a different sinister reason and the rapid rollout of 5G is part of it. By intent, the devices’ emissions damage bodies’ electrical systems, but it is the technology itself that is of more importance to those who conceived the idea to inject bodies with programmed nanochips.

Not only can they transmit a designated individual’s location, communications, and purchases, but they can send signals to the brain to perform whatever task is specified. We hasten to assure you none of that ever will come to pass because the programming was eliminated. The extraterrestrial scientists also reduced 5D emissions’ impact on bodies.

The purpose of the virus itself and the substances in the solution is two-fold: decrease the population by billions and technologically control survivors and subsequent generations. The diabolical minds behind this crime against humanity failed to achieve the intended death toll, and they will fail in the other goal, too.


Light keeps intensifying throughout the planet and cells of people who are absorbing light are becoming crystalline, thereby gaining resistance capability; and many souls now incarnating  « came in with crystalline structure. Eventually all of Earth’s peoples will be of that makeup.

Foreign substances injected into a body do not affect the soul. The soul is love-light energy, which is indestructible and impervious to issues that affect physical bodies. The etheric body—the “light body” in which a person transitions from physical lifetime to a spirit world—is affected because the two bodies are attached until death of the physical.


“I enjoyed reading these two newsletters,” I said. “They gave uplifting hope that we will come out of our current circumstances in a most positive way. I now know that I need not be concerned, but know that I will achieve a wonderful new way of being. These words give me encouragement to continue with my book and with our search for the truth.”

“I also see them as very uplifting,” Heather said. “I’ll get Dolores to give me some back issues.”