Chapter 17



Chapter 17





Heather and I had settled on the sofa in my office to watch a video by Catherine Austin Fitts, PLANET LOCKDOWN.

“I’m interested in what she has to say,” I said, “because, as I remember, she had served in some high-level positions, first as managing director of Dillon Read, the investment banking firm, and then as Assistant Secretary of Housing in the first Bush Administration. I also recall she had got into an expensive fight with the government when she became a whistleblower on government expenditures.

“I was at a conference in Mexico, a few years ago. Had a one-on-one lunch with her. She’s quite impressive.”


Fitts started out saying that for many decades the dollar has been the reserve currency. Then she claimed that this monetary system is outdated. Banks are trying to keep the old system going while they bring in the new one, not realizing what the new one is. The new system is the end of currency; it will be all digital.


Then she moved in a different direction by pointing out that we, as a country, have invisible enemies. First it was terrorists, now it’s a virus. This is completely different from enemies with armies and guns. Invisible enemies work best if they scare people. The virus scares people.

The next principle is “divide and conquer”. An invisible enemy like the virus allows tremendous control mechanisms. If you can stop people from gathering and talking about what’s going on, you can institute extraordinary levels of surveillance and control.

Going back to the monetary system, she said that banks are trying to get people to buy into it before they know what it is. A digital currency gives banks tremendous abilities to monitor and control people’s activities. The reason behind the changes is that certain people in government are trying to centralize economic and political control.

Referring, again, to the Covid-19 situation with lockdown and distancing, the result is to wipe out small businesses on main street, allowing major retailers to consolidate power. The people employed by main street and the businesses thereon need to cover their expenses. The current situation destroys this independent income. The overall result is that all high-tech nations are consolidating power.

Populist candidates won in 2016 because people opposed the concentration of wealth and power. Covid-19 brings about the controls necessary to convert the planet away from democracy. She sees it as a coup d’état.               


In 1987, a decision was made to move massive government assets out of the U.S. This was a fundamental change to the system. Rather than telling the people the cabal stole your money, the ones who had done it decided to change the system, thus the virus. From the point of view of the cabal, every problem was being solved by the magical virus.

The vaccine serves to inject a new operating system into the body. It is similar to a Microsoft operating system that needs to be updated every few months. The body’s operating system will hook everybody up to the cloud. The result is a world of zero privacy. All transactions can now be traced. This is a 24/7 control system, including mind control. Every bank in the world can shut an individual off if they don’t like the way they are behaving. They can monitor travel. People are being hooked into the “Borg”. At this moment, there is a fundamental disagreement between those who want a one-world government and those who don’t.


There are five different activities going on day to day that impact our lives. First are the tech people, 5G, the clouds, and telecommunications. Second is the military doing activities like putting up satellites. Third is big pharma that wants to modify your DNA through vaccines. Fourth is the media putting out the propaganda. Fifth are the bankers.

Through the media, the cabal is trying to keep these activities separate so people can’t see it as connected, thereby instituting the complete slavery system. For example, central bankers try to stay away from conversations about any of the others. They don’t want outsiders to see the impact of 325 million personal IDs.

The door is not yet shut on the plans of the elites to control everything. Transparency of their plans is the key to overcoming them.

By shutting down small businesses, you put everyone at the mercy of the government, making them easy to control. Technology gives the cabal the ability to institute a complete control system through centralized systems.

With the weapons in space, the cabal can put down any rebellion. With satellite technology to individually identify and track everyone, they have the ability to control slavery. Today trafficking and slavery are the most profitable businesses of any.

Technology makes it easier for a small group of people to control everything. With technology you can reduce the population to a manageable size. A few can control the many with far fewer headaches and fear. The cabal is very afraid of the general population. Those in charge of the government believe they cannot undo the secrecy surrounding it because the liabilities are too enormous.


People are rabid about owning guns because they see the potential of a government take over.

The activities that Fitts talked about can lead to total mind control.

She commented that she had never seen voting fraud so blatant. Democrats needed Covid-19 to stop a Trump win, to prevent a populist president. People now have a fake virus and a fake president.

As the cabal moved huge amounts of money, official reality got further and further from the truth. The middle of the road is going away. Now everybody has to choose which they want.


In thirty-four of the thirty-seven places where the Federal Reserve is located there were riots. The location of buildings destroyed in the riots created opportunities to buy them cheap and then use them as tax shelters.

If those controlling a planet wanted to harvest its resources, who is more efficient: robots or humans? Humans can teach robots to do jobs via AI software. Every company can be automated with AI robots, data bases, and software systems. Satellites provide a way to track robots 24/7. If they can do it with robots, why do they need people?


Fitts offered two visions of the world. The first is humans as sovereign individuals – as evidenced by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – free, based on their own authority. The second is humans as a natural resource, like livestock, not someone who shares your life.

Elitists don’t think of themselves as part of our civilization anymore.            

Fitts said that the planet is run by some force. She doesn’t know who or what that is.

She doesn’t know who has control of the weapons, or who controls the finances.                     

She believes that whoever has the dominant position in space, controls the planet.


Fitts went on to talk about her vision of what a new world could be like if Mr. Global (Fitt’s name for whoever is at the top of the power pyramid) gets his way. She gave the example of China, where most people are under surveillance 24/7, and are financially dependent. It is essentially a slavery system. There are no personal freedoms.

She talked about a future world, where the pecking order is determined by 24/7 surveillance. Based on money earned, travel and behavior would be determined. She points out that in a system with robotics, it will be much harder to determine value among people. Even today, the moneyed classes believe they can do anything. Fitts stated that, “It’s a one-way mirror, they can see you, but you can’t even see who they are.”


“Quite a presentation,” I said.

“Yes,” Heather commented. “She covered a lot of territory. I hasten to point out that it was all 3rd Dimension, maybe 4th.”

“I see her as a confirmation of what we’ve heard from others,” I said. “And, yes, she stayed in lower consciousness. However, I now see things like voter fraud financed by China in a new light.”

“I feel she opened up the question about who’s in charge of the dark side, without giving an answer,” Heather said. “I think it’s now up to us to get that answer from the Nonphysicals.”

“She paints a very dark picture of our future if we allow AI and the cabal to assume full control,” I said.

“Let’s see how we can prevent that from happening,” Heather said.