Chapter 18


Chapter 18



“Here’s an interesting video,” I said. “I don’t know much about this guy, Juan O Savin, but I’ve listened to some of his other videos and I like what he says. Seems to have an inside track on a lot of things.”

Heather and I were once again back in my office, a more uplifting space than the Best Western. For the past few weeks I had been camping out in Loveland on Wednesday nights to accommodate her teaching schedule. We spent weekends at my home in Denver.

“Before we get started on this, let me ask you a serious question,” she said. “How much longer do you think we can go on with this crazy schedule of you coming to Loveland each week?”

“I’ve been thinking about that a lot,” I said, “particularly when I’m driving back and forth. Maybe I should get a house for the two of us, up your direction. As I see my work, don’t want to call it a job, me and my stuff are transportable.”                          

Heather slid closer to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She whispered, “Do you mean living together?”


Before I could say more, still hugging me, she said, “It’s a big step. Are you really sure you’re ready for it?”

“I think so. I’m in love with you and want us to spend more time together.”

“I love you too,” she said, “but I’ll still need to teach. Living together does give us every morning and evening together.                                 

“True. I still have my book, and I’m committed to discovering the big picture and letting people know about it.”

“My stuff is easy to move,” she said. “Your things are much more complicated.”

“We’d need a three- or four-bedroom house,” I said. “Enough room to have guests as well as private space for each of us. And, I’d want to have enough land to have a big garden.”

A big smile crossed her face and she said, “You’ve been thinking about this quite a bit.”

“I have.”

“Are you going to marry me?” she asked.

“Beat me to it,” I replied.

We hugged and kissed for a long time; two people who loved each other, respected who the other was, loved being close, and loved being in love with each other.



When we finally began to watch the video, Juan O Savin was saying that the US Congress had lost its way from the spiritual focus of the founding fathers. The opening prayer of Congress is not aligned with traditional Christian ways.

He went on to say that vote fraud had been well documented. Voting machines had been shown to be able to be accessed externally from the Internet via a Bluetooth port. In Texas, a machine was hacked by a 12-year-old girl in 30 seconds. Download speeds are such that to corrupt Dominion computers required a physical connection, someone had to plug in a thumb drive to begin the process.

America has been attacked digitally: a digital Pearl Harbor. It is every bit as dangerous as an attack with ships, airplanes, missiles, or armies. Its objective is to control people and government, resulting in a slave operation. The aim of the digital attack was to install the enemy’s leadership in the U.S. and to fool people into doing their bidding.

Attacking a country, installing, surreptitiously, agents to run the country and do their bidding is, from a globalist perspective, equivalent to invading with a standing army.


Juan continued and stated that the corrupt Congress and   captured Judiciary have certified a fraudulent vote, leading to a win for Biden.

Forty-five days after a national election, the Director of National Intelligence had been required to provide an assessment of the election. They were to advise the President and Congress of any foreign interference in the election. In the case of the most recent election, it did not happen until January 19th,2021, giving only one day to act before the inauguration. Any actions would have involved complex actions by Congress and the Judiciary, both of whom are corrupt and captive.


Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia activities were done to control politicians and media people. They had gone on for a long time. The role of Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew was to get people to Epstein’s island where they could be compromised and brought under control. Epstein was directed by the highest levels of the CIA, MI6, MI5, and the Masons. He also worked with intelligence agencies from other countries.

All of this is controlled by 13 Bloodline families, who blackmail people to do their bidding. Their goal is to move the U.S. toward globalists’ interests that are contrary to the interests of most Americans.

The vast majority of people do not support Biden. People know intuitively that things are not right. Apart from the cities, people voted for Trump. Massive election fraud is going to be exposed.

In Arizona there are no legal consequences of a recount  and investigation. It is only information that will trigger other states. It doesn’t require action on the part of the state of Arizona.

The attack on the election was a militarized, digital attack, highly coordinated, originating offshore, from foreign enemies. Its intent was to control America through a handful of puppets at the federal level, to bring money, resources, and energy to support their goals, and to operate the U.S. for purposes other than the desires of the people of the U.S.


“Juan O Savin really lays it all out, doesn’t he,” I said. We had listened to his discussion about the connection of the thirteen families back to Cain in the Bible and the dark lineage that succeeded him. Stopping the video, I said, “This stuff reminds me of what we learned from Sitchen and others who are interpreting the Bible and ancient evidence. Let’s skip over it.”

“Okay,” Heather said, “but I do think Juan’s comments about looking at the beliefs behind those who want to take control is important, so we can understand what matters to them.”

“But, keep in mind that we have a much better handle on extraterrestrials and non-physical beings from a 5th Dimension perspective than he does,” I said. “The communications we get from the Archangels and other Great Beings of Light are much cleaner. They’re coming from those who were first-hand observers of humanity’s history. They are much beyond a 4th Dimension interpretation of the Bible.”                  

“However,” Heather said, “the 13 extremely wealthy bloodline families believe in their interpretations, as disclosed by Juan. They believe they are descended from Cain, and believe it gives them the right to rule. What you are going to provide in your book, Michael, is the real story from a higher consciousness point-of-view. I’m committed to helping you make that happen.”

“I’ve got to believe that those who do NOT want this real information out are the ones who are threatening us.”

“Reluctantly, I agree,” Heather said. “It really gives me pause to think we have such power by simply writing words.”


When we returned to the video, Juan O Savin was addressing

public events where food resembling parts of human bodies are consumed by those involved in pedophilia, to simulate cannibalism. He asked if these were people we wanted in public office, ruling over us. They have symbolic paintings of these things in their homes and offices. They talk about cannibalism. The occult influence in Washington goes back to understanding ancient references to satan and evil.

The indications of this are hiding in plain sight. The Washington Monument in D.C. is a good example of a dark image standing for all to see.

The largest criminal enterprise is no longer drugs. Now it is slaves; more slaves today than ever before. A large majority are children, and the vast majority of these are sex slaves.


He then said that Trump was asked to run for president. Who asked him? Why him? He was not a politician.  


Juan O Savin went to some lengths to point out the difference between President and Commander-in-Chief, saying that Biden is not Commander-in-Chief. The Commander-in-Chief position is not available for Biden because command of the armed forces has not been turned over to him. For example, Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado is locked up tight against his intrusion.


The aircraft on which the President travels is designated by the USAF as Air Force One. This is not the case with Biden, because they do not recognize him as President.

He pointed out that Biden carries his own bags and umbrella as a sign to foreign leaders.


The military can override a command from Biden, if they believe he is a Manchurian candidate. At the same time, they do not override civilian authority without concrete reasons.

The Military is charged with protecting the Commander-in-Chief and restoring lawful civilian authority. They are responsible for determining if someone is a Manchurian candidate. They use military intelligence to determine this.

This process has been lengthy because it was a digital attack, not physical. It was necessary to determine if our country is still under attack and to identify the treasonous attackers, to determine who is on which team. The risks of getting this right, or wrong, are off the charts. As of now, we have two presidents, and one Commander-in-Chief.

It is like a giant chess game, with fewer and fewer moves available as the game progresses. Plus, we don’t know who or what’s in play. Everything is on the line. In the end there is only one winner.


“I liked his analogy to a giant multidimensional chess game,” I said. “As I see it, from what we have uncovered, it certainly is a gigantic entanglement of conflicting agendas, and I don’t mean only black against white. As I see it there are somewhat different agendas within those who are linked to the service-to-others viewpoint. I see those aligned with the dark agenda as having even greater differences as they struggle among themselves for power.”

“Nonetheless, I believe we are making real progress to understanding the major points in all of this,” Heather said. “Compared to where we started out, we’re miles ahead.”