Chapter 19


Chapter 19




Once again, Heather and I were seated in front of the large screen TV display in my home office. It was connected to my MacBook where we had been surfing the Internet. We found an interesting video by Michael Jaco and Gene Decode, entitled NEWS UPDATE. I focused on this because we had watched other videos from these people and found them worthwhile. They began this video with the following quote from Albert Einstein.


Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.


Then they began their dialogue by expressing that we are engaged in a war for all of humanity everywhere, for the solar system, for the Milky Way. This a war between black and white. Many non-terrestrials are involved in this war. Decode emphasized that if we don’t prevail here and now, we are done. We can’t hide and put our heads in the ground.

The cabal is using the Chinese people as an model, because they don’t rebel against slavery. The cabal wants to eradicate all life on Earth, and proceed outward throughout the Galaxy. So, this is as serious as it gets. Everybody needs to understand this.

They stated that we must take it to the cabal, not each other. Joining the cabal is not an option. They will take us down when they finish with us. This applies to the elites also. The cabal works its way up the chain to the very top. We will just be food when they’re done with us.


We have a flag officer situation where they are debating where, when, and how. In Decode’s opinion they needed to realize that we were engaged in a five-dimension chess game, with a thousand variables and a thousand different scenarios. Trump can hold 500 variables in his mind. A quantum computer can hold 750. Only God can hold all the different variables. At some point we need to put it in God’s hands and proceed. We cannot wait for 2024, or 2022. If the cabal successfully moves beyond their mass vaccination mandate, it’s all over.

People must be ready to rise up with guns. At some point we need to move forward, understanding there will be casualties. We can’t wait until it’s perfect. We can’t wait until everyone is on board. We can’t wait for perfect political and other situations. The cabal is severely handicapped at this time. They are reduced to things like aerial spraying. They no longer have HAARP or high-energy weapons.


Pain for all of us, so it never happens again. Otherwise we wind up with a power vacuum. Otherwise, there are always those willing to compromise. They will fill the vacuum and we’re back where we started from.

We can’t let the cabal people get back in power. We can’t turn a blind eye and just go about our daily affairs. We need a basic level of knowledge about what is going on, so we know what it is that we do not want to happen again.


The fences around the White House look to be a permanent Gitmo type thing. We’ve seen a p.o.w.- m.i.a. flag, meaning prisoners of war, flying over the Capitol for quite a long time.

The real President is in Florida. We can’t announce it prematurely because cabals in other countries will move assets, “toys,” and children. We want to save both the “toys” and the children and heal them, and clean up the mess permanently. In every capitol on Earth it’s the same situation.


Looking at USGS maps of earthquakes around the world, we see some places where there are earthquakes with only secondary waves, no deep waves. These are places where the military is taking out pods, rescuing innocents, and eliminating the rest. The troops are using robotics to insure their safety, because it is hard to know who is light or dark. They are using lava or sea water to flood underground chambers of the pods, like they used the Potomac River to flood D.C. People are now seeing that these are not normal earthquakes in places like Iceland and Greece. Gene Decode showed a map where these earthquakes were located.

All earthquakes at only 10 kilometers deep are unlikely to be natural. He showed Christ Church, New Zealand where there is a mixture of natural earthquakes and directed ones caused intentionally.


Thermographic bombs are used by the cabal to terminate people who are no longer needed since they are seen as mere tools or a liability. This was what happened to the seal team sent to capture of Osama bin Laden. They might have told others that his capture was not what really went on.


Denver has a vast underground complex which is larger than the city. The White Hats can’t take it out because it would collapse the entire front range. Tunnels go from DIA to the Cheyenne Mountain complex of NORAD.

Denver was discussed as a possible site for the future U.S. Capitol. It already has a lot of CIA there, probably more than in D.C. All these facilities could be taken over as the CIA and FBI are dissolved.


The primary energy of Earth is coming from the sun. The sun’s energy source is the central sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. Energy power coming into the sun changes, oscillates like a sinusoidal wave. We are coming into a time of lower energy from the sun.


D.C will cease to exist as the seat of government. Jaco suggested turning it into museums or a wild-life bird sanctuary. Maybe a prison in the middle of the swamp. He said again, we will be stunned by all the changes coming.


Big changes will come to the medical establishment because it is totally corrupted. Italy and other countries are saying no more jabs in the arm. Here in America, Biden ordered more vaccines, whereas Europe is shutting down vaccines.


Decode talked about a bath of diatomaceous earth and zeolite activated charcoal and clay to counteract the vaccine. Jaco suggested a borax and boron mineral bath as a known nanobot replication inhibitor.



The announcement about Space Force was a soft disclosure, making our involvement in space no longer a secret.

Negative non-terrestrials have been here since the get-go. We are now getting positive assistance because we’ve obtained space-faring ability and are standing up for ourselves against negative types.

In our solar system, there is life on all planets, inside as well as on the surface.

Our space forces have bases in other solar systems that we travel to. There are more places where life is, than not. The plethora and variety of it defies the imagination. Infinite Creator creates life in a complexity and diversity and beauty. Those in service to Creator are immense and in a variety beyond comprehension.


Some extraterrestrials were beautiful species before they became part of the dark cabal. Then they changed dramatically.

Decode advised members of the cabal to sit back and look at where they came from before they joined. See how they were contaminated and brought down into darkness and servitude, and made minimal, because the overseers did not want anyone to be a threat.


Decode advised everyone to get a connection to Source, to get comfortable and get intuitive information to move forward.

There is a group of wealthy families who have been making and creating all the wars, manipulating and forcing us to pay taxes for them to be wealthy. They have trillions of dollars.


More and more people are awakening. Still there is a contingent attacking those trying to awaken. Thirty percent know there is a cabal. Most people don’t know about pedophilia. Twenty years ago, people would not have understood things like adrenochrome. Now maybe twenty to thirty percent are open to learning about it.


The border is exploding and we are being overwhelmed like no other time in history. The cabal is desperate to get money. They are being squeezed. Children and adrenochrome are harder to come by. With an open border situation, they see an opportunity to get it all back.


Decode sees the group of flag officer agreeing to make a move within months.

He sees the Internet being shut down in some locations, affecting the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Banks will be unable to do some things because they can’t give receipts. Credit cards will not be usable. Another reason to shut down the Internet is to change financial instruments and take out dark individuals trafficking on the dark web.

He advised everyone to stay in the upper realms of consciousness during these times.



“So, Michael, are we sitting on top of an underground complex?” Heather asked, as we finished watching the Jaco-Decode video.

“It’s news to me,” I said. “And I’ve lived in Denver for a number of years. Really brings it home, doesn’t it? I’m very impressed with the breadth and depth of knowledge. They reconfirm what you and I have seen and heard from others. How they keep it all in their heads amazes me.

“That there’s been so much earthquake activity all over the world and some of it has been intentional is really something. I have a hard time believing that there are that many pods, as they call the dark’s underground facilities. They’re all over the world.

“I remember hearing about the sun getting its energy from the Galaxy, but didn’t pay much attention to it. Here it is referenced again,” I said.

“There were so many things in my past that I just blew off, as being crazy theories without scientific evidence. Now I’m beginning to question whether any generally accepted information is true.”

“You’ve come a long way, Michael,” Heather said with a smile. “When I first met you, I really wondered where you’d been hanging out. I was sure it wasn’t where I’d been.”

“But I’m a fast learner, aren’t I? Probably helped that I’m a walk-in,” I said, patting myself on the back.

“Also, I liked Decode’s comment about having a basic level of knowledge about what is going on, so we don’t let it happen again. I think we’re contributing to that.”


Heather squeezed my leg, then said, “I was surprised by their comment that we had bases in other solar systems.”

“Yeah, that’s new information,” I said. “I also heard words about some extraterrestrials who were formerly good guys joining the cabal and being changed. Wonder if that’s the same thing that happens to humans when they join the cabal, that they change at some basic level?”

“The parts I liked the best were Einstein’s statement about energy and then the references to reaching for a higher state of consciousness,” Heather said. “I feel that is where I am headed in all of this.


“I think we’d better get provisioned for a couple of weeks, if not longer.”

“Come with me.” I held out my hand and directed her to my basement storage area. There I had an upright freezer plus shelves loaded with canned good and other non-perishables.

“You never cease to amaze me,” she said, as she gave me a long hug.


With that, we wandered upstairs to the kitchen to find mugs of chai and maybe something to nibble on. We took our refreshments to my back deck where we could glance out at trees and other landscape from my neighbors. We sat for a long time, fingers entwined, enjoying the moment.

We thought about all the searching we had done, and how it was coming to a head at this time. “I just hope we’ve been able to influence a few people in the right direction,” I said.

“I think your idea about a web site and maybe a blog might be very worthwhile,” Heather said. “Might reach people we don’t already know.”



A few days later we were back again at Cinzetti’s restaurant with the same group as before, plus there were two new people, Dolores’ husband, Jeremy, and Peter’s girlfriend, Lois.

“Before we get started today, Heather and I have an announcement,” I said. “We are getting married.”

All in the group began clapping. Everyone was giving us hugs and best wishes.


“Okay, let’s start our discussion,” I said after everyone was seated. “There have been many new developments since we gathered here before. I’d like to go around and have each of us comment on what is new and important from your perspective. Let’s start with Dolores. What’s at the top of your list?”

“I am very upset by all that’s coming out about the vaccines,” Dolores said. “First, we were lied to about the nature of and source of Covid-19. There were so many theories going around I thought I was trapped on a merry-go-round. Then the truth began to trickle out on alternative web sites, before they were taken down.

“I’ve concluded, based on a lot of investigation, that the virus was developed as a biological weapon. Apparently, it got deployed first in China, either accidently or on purpose. Regardless, the Chinese people suffered first, as those who wanted to perfect it continued to experiment.

“It’s not clear to me exactly who’s behind the pandemic, if you want to call it that. I see the stories about DNA change, implants of the tiny electronic devices, and interactions with 5G. All of this says to me that it’s a very complex plan of attack. So, who benefits from this?

“I see reports of people dying from the vaccines and speculation that the numbers are under reported. Then we worry about the long-term effects of the vaccines, which nobody knows.

“So, I’m left wondering where the truth lies. All I know is that I’m not getting jabbed, or even tested.”


Al spoke up next, “Election fraud is my hot button. There is so much proof about massive ballot box stuffing, about dead people voting, and things like that. Yet the courts are mostly unwilling to hear legitimate legal challenges to the election results. To me, these smacks of a huge cover-up and our legal system being in a big mess.

“What does it take to get people to wake up? If we can’t rely on honest elections, where are we? I’m convinced we’ve been attacked. It’s just not with tanks or airplanes.”


“I agree with Al. I think we’ve been attacked from outside,” Peter said. “But what about internally? It’s my understanding that the government creates trillions of dollars based on nothing, the so-called fiat currency. It’s all done with computers and debt instruments. Trillions of dollars missing, can’t be accounted for. Dollars going into black holes to finance secret projects like space-based weapons.

“The CIA engaging in drug running to secure money for their operations. The CIA is also involved in pedophilia to finance things. Government watch-dogs are turning a blind eye.

“The federal government dispenses trillions of dollars, most of it going to banks and corporations. I’m not getting anything other than a pittance. It’s a house of cards, the entire financial system, ready to collapse. They talk about a gold-backed currency, but nobody’s telling us how this is all going to happen. And what happens to my physical dollars?” Peter held up a twenty-dollar bill for emphasis.


“Let’s take a quick break, get some desert,” I said.

Standing and shaking his head, Peter said, “It’s way too much to get a grip on. I guess I’ll just wait it out, see what happens.”

No one responded to his statement.


After everyone had loaded up on tiramisu and ice cream, we continued around the table.

Mary was next. She said, “From what I’ve been seeing on the alternative media, we have to thank the national media for the beliefs of the majority.

“It’s an old adage of the advertising business that if you tell people something enough times, they will eventually believe it. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or false, they will eventually believe. To me that’s a form of mind control.

“Then there’s real mind control. It can be targeted at specific people. I’ve seen information that shows experiments on people that the CIA and others have done, not to mention other countries.

“Torture is just a part of it. Slave labor is too, because the slaves believe they’re powerless. Pedophilia is based on mind control and power. Who’s looking out for the thousands of kids that have been kidnapped? Who’s standing up against all this?

“It’s all about mind control, and the people who are doing the dirty work for god knows who. And it involves ETs who are linked into schemes to eradicate the population. This whole thing is completely out of control, and we’re not doing anything about it.

“It really PISSES ME OFF.” Mary hit the table with a clinched fist, shaking it and knocking over Heather’s glass of water.

The others at the table looked around nervously, wondering what the wait staff or people at nearby tables were thinking. Peter rested his hand on her arm. She looked at him, blushed, then shut up.

Heather, who was sitting next to her, said, “No judgment here, Mary. We all are feeling it, probably thinking some of the same stuff. Just reluctant to say it.”

A waitress came over with a towel to wipe up the water. She smiled at Mary.


Al spoke up again, saying, “You hit on some good stuff, Mary. Although I can’t prove it, I know that certain ET races have made alliances with our government. It’s been kept secret for many years, known only by a select few.

“I also believe that our country, and perhaps others, has the ability to travel beyond our solar system. I know people who have been at the base on the far side of the moon and on Mars.

“There are two very different groups of ETs. There are the good guys who, with their technology, are helping us build space craft. They’re from the Pleiades. Then there are the bad guys who had been cooperating with Germany during World War II.

“There are some people like Michael Sala and Corey Goode who insist that there is a group of Germans living in Antarctica. They’re in league with the same bad guys as before.

“I also understand there are a few hundred ETs walking among us. They look so human-like that you really can’t tell them apart from ordinary people.”

I interrupted Al and said, “I can certainly attest to your last statement.”

He responded, “Yes you can. That was not a nice experience. I didn’t know how many people you had told about it.”

“Not many,” I said. “I think everyone here has heard my story.”

“Well, that’s all I have to say at the moment,” Al said. “Happy to take questions.”


Lois raised her hand and asked Al, “Do you think the dark ETs and the cabal are all linked somehow? And what do you think their goal is?”

“Lois, I believe they want to completely control this planet. They’ve been trying to do it for thousands of years, but haven’t succeeded. I think they’re as close today to pulling it off as they ever have.”

“So, what can we do?” Mary asked.

“We have to resist them, period,” Al replied. “I don’t have the answers to that, but there are groups, like the White Hats, who are working for everyone’s benefit. I don’t know any of them personally, but from what I read and hear, they’re for real.”


“Thanks, Al, Mary, Lois,” I said. “I really appreciate all your comments. Who else wants to speak out?”

Heather said, “I have a few comments I’d like to make.” She glanced at the others to be sure everyone was on board.

Then she began. “From my perspective, and it’s based on quite a few years looking at things, I believe the most important thing is to maintain a high level of consciousness. By that I mean staying out of fear and judgment. It means seeing everyone, just not the people we like, but everyone as our brothers and sisters.

“I see us engaged in a worldwide play. There is a stage upon which we carry out the action, our daily lives. We are the actors. There is no director or producer. We each get to write our own script and act it out. The goal of the play is to raise the consciousness of everyone and get everyone to reject the darkness of fear, judgment, and separation.

“We are all in this play together. We can only correct the things you all have talked about if significant numbers of us function in love and unity.

“I’ve been told that we cannot ignore the specifics of the dark agenda, ignore the people who are trapped in fear and greed, or ignore the suffering of so many. However, it is important to acknowledge them, but not get trapped in their drama, while maintaining a high consciousness.

“As you know, Michael and I have spent, and continue to spend, a lot of time investigating the many aspects of the cabal and the intrusions of the dark energy into people’s lives. We do this from the perspective of the fifth dimension, walking tall among those who are of a lower dimension.

“This doesn’t make us better than them. We do our best to lead by example. I encourage all of you to approach things like this. It feels really good.”

With those words, the group stood and hugged.

“Do you have a final word for us?” Peter asked.

“Yes,” I said. We were all still standing. “I would like to remind each of you who you are. Remember, at every moment, that you are a physical vehicle of a beautiful, wonderful, and gigantic soul. Your soul has had many lifetimes, and has acquired much wisdom. You came here to undertake helping the positive transformation of this planet. Never forget who you are and why you’re here.”