Chapter 20

 Chapter 20




“Here’s a book that I’ve had for a while,” Heather said. We sat next to each other on the sofa in the living room of my house. My laptop computer rested on a small table at my side.

She handed me a copy of ANNA, GRANDMOTHER OF JESUS by Claire Heartsong, and said, “It explains a lot about higher consciousness and the mystery schools I’ve been studying for the last few years. This book is channeled information from Anna.

“It will give you a good grasp of higher consciousness, as well as new ways to see the lives of some very important people. I believe it will put what’s going on today in a new context, beyond lower consciousness. It represents a uniqueness you and I can lend to the discussions about things like the cabal, secrecy, money, viruses, pedophilia, Illuminati, or enslavement.”

As I paged through the book, and paid special attention to the words that Heather had highlighted, I made notes on my computer. Just glancing at the lengthy book, I soon realized it was loaded with extraordinary wisdom and love. It was written in a beautiful style that resonated with my higher self. I would record only select ideas because I could not do justice to the entire book.


The book started with Anna introducing herself as the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. She said that she was giving us this information as a friend, not an exalted saint.

She said that she planned to take us on a journey to follow the hidden initiatory path that Anna and her family walked 2,000 years ago. She said that the only difference between her path and ours is that today our present life is the temple and mystery school, and we are our own master teacher.

She stated that the book would explain the Essenes and her involvement with Mother Mary, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, and other important people. She offered her experiences in the context of the hidden paradigm of 2,000 years ago. She said that understanding old belief structures is required to restructure our own.


She posed questions like, have we had enough repetitions of our favorite melodramatic roles? Are we finished gathering wisdom through duality? Have we had enough holy wars?

Anna said that her incarnations representing the Divine Mother have been numerous. Look at the life transforming and enhancing energy of love that is carried within and beyond her words.

Anna said that her physical body lived for over six hundred years, by using life restoration techniques learned in the mystery schools of Egypt. Her words came from the perspective of a soul that had incarnated repeatedly. She spoke about an over-soul level where a much broader perspective accessed different time-lines, realities, and dimensions simultaneously. She spoke about a benevolent Creator’s desire for ever-expanding growth and the ultimate purpose of life as love. It is from this perspective that a choice is made to project an aspect of spirit into the Earth plane. She said it took several years of effort and understanding to lift the veils of forgetfulness, so she could remember why she had come to Earth.


Anna described the Essenes as a sect within Judaism. They were the most enlightened and uncorrupted of Judaic Hebrews, who traced their origins back to the ancient mystery schools of Moses and Akhenaten. Essene means Holy one. A relationship with them continued throughout Anna’s long life.

The Essene community at Mount Carmel practiced ritual washing and cleansings of their inner and outer minds and bodies. Herbs, simple raw foods, and practices of horticulture sustained them.

Anna engaged in transcribing records at the library, assisting with the ill at the infirmary, and practicing midwifery. In quiet moments, she ranged over the nearby hillsides gathering herbs and seeds. These she planted in the community garden.

Rituals and ceremonies were practiced as Anna advanced through the initiations of the mystery schools. These practices facilitated the activation of psychic abilities and the rejuvenation of bodies.

From these, Anna developed the skills and disciplined mind to recreate her body each month to look and feel like a thirty-five-year old woman. One of those skills was to disengage from the collective consciousness that believed in aging and dying.


Anna journeyed to Egypt and spent many years there. She became a high priestess of Isis and Hathor. This prepared her for her work with the Essenes at Mount Carmel.


“I am amazed by the fact that many, many years in advance, Anna knew she was going to be the grandmother of Jesus, and she set out to prepare herself for that,” I said.

“Look closely, Michael,” Heather said. “Notice how so much of what we have read so far takes place in very high consciousness that is closely linked to the non-physical. This is a very powerful way to function.

“I am working on maintaining myself at fifth Dimension. It is quite a task as it requires control each moment over my thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. I am still a novice at it, but each month it gets better. I want to lead you on this path. Then we both will be extremely insightful and powerful.”

“I’m peddling as fast as I can,” I said. “I’ve observed you over these last few months, and tried to follow your lead. Please, keep plowing forward. I am slowly understanding what it means to work on saving a planet.”

I continued, “The words by Claire Heartsong in this book are so beautiful, I can’t do them justice, as I write my summary. I can only recommend that each person get a copy of the book and read it for themselves.”


We went back to reading the Anna book. For 303 years of her life, Anna lived and worked in the ancient Egyptian underground city of Tat. Its extensive underground passages stretched from the Great Pyramid to Alexandria. They were also connected to the underground network of Agartha.

In the passages, there was light supplied by oil lamps and shining stones from the time of Atlantis. Sufficient air was supplied through ducts tunneled from portals above.

There, she was taught by the ascended masters, Thoth and Seshat. She spoke about her spiritually impoverished brothers and sisters who walked, as if asleep, on the surface above.

Anna said that she had come to these underground places in Egypt because of her commitment to accomplish a Great Work that was hidden from her mind, but felt sustained by her soul. Some of the information had been carried to Earth from the stars. She learned how the ancient ones had used concentrated thought and frequencies of sound to carve and lift the mighty stones that made the Sphinx and Great Pyramid.

The Brotherhood of Tat had lived on Earth for thousands of years. From them she learned of Osiris’ resurrection, Isis’ immaculate conception, and Horus’ journey into full enlightenment. She practiced accessing herself by stilling her mind and opening her seven chakras. She remembered who she was before Lemuria and Atlantis.

After forty years in Egypt, she began serving as a priestess of Isis, Hathor and Sekhmet. Anna developed the capacity to know many different dimensions through astral travel, bilocation, and teleportation. Through Isis’ mysteries of resurrection, she regenerated the cells of her body as one of immortal youth. She became known as a high priestess of the Great Mother, a psycho-spiritual counsellor.

She said that the essence of what higher consciousness people will accomplish is more a remembrance than a learning of something new. The real journey begins when we engage in ordinariness and personal applications of what we have learned.

Having acquired great knowledge and skills in Egypt over the course of three hundred years, Anna returned to Mount Carmel in 207BC to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus. Her mission was to bring forth the characters who would support his coming.

Anna said she was guided to remember how to preserve and resurrect a physical body. She later came to understand this was to teach her grandson how to resurrect his body.

She went on to say that maintaining her physical body was preferable to undergoing the rigors of birth or walking into an existing body.


At Mount Carmel, Isis, Osiris, Hathor, and Horus took Anna into a secret receiving chamber. There they strengthened her body to undergo Light Conception. She was shown that she would become the mother of a girl child to be called Mary.

Anna stated that she wished us to understand that the ascension process we are currently passing through is Light Conception. All of us and Earth are being impregnated with Light. We are spiritualizing matter which assists the shift of humanity’s ignorant and warlike resistances to unity and harmony.


In 57BC, Anna gave birth to a son, named Joseph, who later became known as Joseph of Arimathea. Into Anna’s womb was placed the essence of a great soul to allow the child’s awareness to grow beyond earthly limitations.

Joseph was taken to Alexandria’s great library to study and take initiations. For several years he lived in India, studying under physical immortals such as Babaji.

In 32BC, Joseph made the first of many trips to Britain, where he eventually became an Arch Druid. Thereafter, he amassed a fleet of 12 ships, that transported tin and lead ore, and had partial ownership of two mines in Britain.

Joseph’s success led him to became a member of the Sanhedrin of Jerusalem, while continuing his association with the Essenes.


Not many pages after she discussed Joseph of Arimathea , Anna addressed the readers of her book:


I will remind you again, my dear friend, that it is primarily for the purpose of midwifing the birth of Christ or unity consciousness within all of life that I am sharing my story with you. My immense love and support are freely offered as you choose to awaken and realize your highest destiny every moment of this present lifetime.   


At Mount Carmel, Anna married Joachim. They had twelve children.

On a trip to Ephesus, a community on the eastern coast of the Aegean Sea, Anna and Joachim were visited by Archangel Gabriel who told them their daughter Mary was soon to be born. They were both lifted up in the non-physical to meet Mary. They felt her presence descend into every cell of their bodies. They did not come together in the penetration of Anna’s womb with Joachim’s seed. Into Anna’s womb came Mary, in totality, to fulfill the promise of virgin birth. Anna was attended by her daughters Judith, Ruth, and Rebekah. Joseph of Arimathea supplied a fully equipped room for the birth of the mother of Jesus.


Other women had come to Carmel to be instructed in Light Conceived birth. Their children would come forth to play their destined parts in Yeshua’s life. Anna gave training for Light Conceived birthing to Mother Mary and these other women at Mount Carmel.

Mother Mary and Joseph ben Jacob were wed at Mount Carmel along with Joseph of Arimathea and his beloved Mary of Magdala.

Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel were present when Mother Mary and Joseph experienced the Light Conception of Yeshua. It was said that Yeshua would be born anchoring vast fields of cosmic consciousness into the Earth plane. Joseph’s etheric seed and DNA were permeated with light as he energetically merged with the great cosmic soul that would be his son.


When it was time to give birth to Yeshua, Mother Mary climbed to an upper room in her cousin Elizabeth’s home in Bethlehem. She was attended by Anna and Elizabeth, as she gave birth to Yeshua. Hosts of angels, dominions, and elementals gathered and hovered. Yeshua was born in early April of 4BC. Mother Mary was sixteen years old when Yeshua was born.

There was a young boy of twelve years by the name of Nathaniel. He brought a newborn orphaned lamb as an offering to Yeshua. Mother Mary invited him to come forward. Looking into his eyes she said, “You, my child, are favored of God. He who is now with us has called you to come out into the world and to be as one who is his friend and disciple forever.” Then she placed the babe, Yeshua, into Nathaniel’s arms.

In Bethany, Mary Magdalene, the daughter of Joseph of Arimathea, was born the same number of hours after sunset as Yeshua’s birth occurred before sunrise on the very same day.

Mary Magdalene grew up in her father Joseph’s home in Bethany. As a young woman she established two residences for unwed mothers and indigent women in his two large homes.



“This certainly is different than the story in the Bible,” I said.

“Indeed,” Heather said. “It is both different and beautiful. I believe many will profit by seeing an alternative to the conventional view.”

“As Anna said,” I remarked, “these differences are preparing us for the great changes that are coming upon us. The idea of spiritualizing matter really helps me understand attaining higher consciousness.”


Joseph, Mary, and Yeshua fled to Egypt aboard a boat owned by Joseph of Arimathea. The magi returned to Herod and reported that they had not found the child in Bethlehem.

Joseph, Mary, and Yeshua lived in an Essene community in Heliopolis and Thebes for eight years. There Yeshua learned many languages, and studied the mystery schools at the temples of Isis, Hathor, and Horus.


When they returned to Mount Carmel, Anna taught and prepared her grandson for his coming initiations to assist him to rise from the sepulcher when the fulfillment of the prophecy should occur. His life would demonstrate that death held no power for those who knew death was an illusion.


Yeshua’s subsequent journey to Britain included stops along the coastline of the Mediterranean aboard Joseph of Arimathea’s ship. There he met with his uncles and aunts, Anna’s children and grandchildren.

In Britain, Yeshua interacted with Celtic Druids on the island of Avalon. He interacted with many Druids and explored not only Britain, but also Ireland. There he found the angelic realms very accessible, as he communicated with beings of Inner Earth. He was shown the perils and desecration that would occur on Earth in future years due to the increasing masculine imbalance. He was reminded that he and cosmic companions had come to stop the imploding cycle of separation and devolution.

After three years, Yeshua returned to Mount Carmel,  engaging with his grandmother Anna, his mother Mary, and others, including his good friend Nathaniel.



Soon thereafter, Yeshua traveled to India in the company of his father Joseph and others from the Essene community. There he spent seven years in India and the Himalayas, returning to his parent’s home in Nazareth at the age of twenty-four in the summer of AD21.

While in India he read sacred texts from Atlantis and Lemuria. He developed a deep appreciation for his father, Joseph, who led him in many experiences. Joseph taught Yeshua about people who coveted power to bolster an inadequate or insecure lower self. Yeshua deemed him to be a true avatar.

Yeshua also had several other teachers, one of whom was Babaji. This great master was known as the Immortal Yogi. In Babaji’s presence, Yeshua interacted with Maitreya Buddha, a representative of the energies called the Cosmic Christ.

For one year, Yeshua and his father, Joseph, lived in the high Himalayas. During a meditation, Yeshua was assisted to remember the Divine being he was.         


After returning from India, Yeshua spent time in the Court of the Scribes, discussing, reading, and expounding upon the Law and the Prophets.

Yeshua began gathering his team of active supporters to prepare for what was coming.

Travel to Egypt was organized. Yeshua’s cousins Mary Magdalene and Mariam, Mariam’s husband Nathaniel, and others would stay with Yeshua in Heliopolis, which served as a home base. Nathaniel and Yeshua had a friendly, casual relationship in which they frequently laughed.

Yeshua, along with his brother James and others, met with key priests for empowerments and mentoring. They stopped at temples in the south, then worked their way north to the Temple of Isis on the island of Philae.

At each temple, they experienced initiations which  tempered, refined, and opened the life-force channels. These initiations were intended to change fear-based perceptions and behaviors. By understanding electromagnetic fields, sacred geometry, and the nature of light, sound, and color, Yeshua took complete control of the forces of life and the illusion of death.


The foundation for Yeshua’s plan to undertake a multidimensional process that would indelibly imprint the resurrection and ascension principles into all life and through all time and space was laid in Egypt.

Every person that was destined to play a significant part in supporting Yeshua was present for a rehearsal of Yeshua’s planned crucifixion and resurrection. In addition to those physically present were others who could teleport or bilocate.

Anna emphasized that all that Yeshua did, people of this time can also do. While we may not be as great as Yeshua, each of us has the responsibility to increase self-mastery, to embrace harmony, and to add our enlightened, loving presence to the collective of humanity. We will be supported in this by cosmic levels to achieve alignment with love and unity.



Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were married in a ceremony at Cana. Many of the Essene community and others who were the children and grandchildren of Anna witnessed this beautiful celebration. Working with the elementals, Yeshua did change water into new, very good wine plus grape juice for the Essenes.

From this time forward, Mary Magdalene accompanied Yeshua on his teaching mission, interacting with those who came to listen. In Yeshua’s close inner circle all were married, thus Mary was the leader among these twelve women.



“Anna’s descriptions of Yeshua and the other people involved with him are quite different from what is in the Bible,” Heather said, “as are the descriptions about Yeshua’s visits to Britain and India.”

“I know that words such as these may cause some people to reject my book, or attack me,” I said. “Nonetheless, I intend to include them. Although the truth may be different from what we have been taught to believe, I feel it is important that it be revealed.

“This is another example of being exposed to things that are different from what is conventionally accepted. We have seen it in the videos we’ve watched and the books we’ve read. In this case, something inside is telling me that Anna’s channeled material is true.”                             

Then I turned to Heather and said, “I am being told that Nathaniel was a vehicle for my soul to play a role in Yeshua’s life, just as I am a vehicle for my soul during this lifetime. I was overwhelmed to learn in this Anna book that Nathaniel was married to Mariam, Yeshua’s adopted sister, and that he was good friends with Yeshua.”

Heather said nothing, just gave me a long hug.


We returned to reading the book and taking notes. Much of the material on the next pages was not too different from what was in the Bible. The biggest exceptions were the roles that Anna’s children and grandchildren played in Yeshua’s crucifixion and resurrection. In Anna’s words, these significant events read like a well-orchestrated play with actors carrying out their assigned roles.


Yeshua and Mary came to Mount Carmel after his forty-day ordeal in the desert and his baptism with John. He interacted with Benjamin, the son of Mariam and Nathaniel, who had suffered from birth with a club foot and palsy, and cured him by focusing love and light into the boy’s body. Benjamin communicated telepathically that he would forever remain loyal to Yeshua. Yeshua reminded him to be faithful to his own I AM and to live in gratitude.


The remainder of the book dealt with events leading to the crucifixion of Yeshua and his resurrection. It resembled the bible, but with details about the careful orchestration of individuals and programmed events in support of Yeshua’s predetermined mission. One notable difference is the Last Supper that involved seventy men and women at one of Joseph of Arimathea’s homes.


It was noteworthy that Peter was little referenced in Anna’s story. She stated that Peter’s lack of experience with esoteric initiations and his very strong patriarchal bias, wherein he feared the feminine aspect of God, haunted him. This influenced his role in creating a patriarchal church for those who followed Yeshua’s teachings.



Near the end of the book, Anna stated that today’s ascension process that brings about unity does not require the mystery schools or a prolonged sanctuary with master teachers, as those of Yeshua’s time required. Earth and our own life is our empowerment school. There is loving support in the form of awakening peers, books, seminars, alternative healing, and many spiritual paths. We can receive guidance from ascended masters and angels. This is illustrated by the butterfly that emerges into new life resurrected from its crucified caterpillar life.

Anna went on to ask if we are ready to take Yeshua off the cross of endless suffering, to allow growth of our inner authority and divinity to fly free of self-imposed prisons. Yeshua passed through crucifixion and resurrection to achieve this. Yeshua did not die to pay any form of debt.

In whatever way we choose to be more loving, kind, forgiving, honest, and generous, we are living as a Christ. Anna said to imagine ourselves seated on a high platform. From this high place, we can easily look down on the stage below. From this perspective we can see the scene being played out, as opposed to being caught within the activities on the stage.


“What a wonderful book,” I said. “There are so many beautiful words that I could not capture.”

“Let us be grateful for what we are doing,” Heather said. “And know we are assisting the ascension of all humanity, in small ways.”

It was very late, so we headed for bed with the words of Anna swirling in our heads.



After a few hours of sleep, I was awakened and asked to go to my office. I sat before my iMac and the following words spilled forth.



Greetings, Michael. I am Yeshua. I am here today to clarify my mission and to comment on the current situation on Earth.

When I walked the lands of your planet, it was my intention to set an example of the right way to live, to relate to others, and to communicate this. It was important for me to show the people of Palestine how to live at a higher way of being.

Fear, separation, anger, greed, and judgment were a part of the lives of most people at that time. They may have been happy in their circumstances, but without love in their lives they were far from what their lives could have been. I set an example. Whether they chose to follow it was entirely up to them.

My crucifixion was a planned event. My resurrection was a planned event. The others in my life at that time were part of this plan. I intended to show that there was life after death, so I had to have a conspicuous death that all could recognize. My resurrection was likewise to show many that I was alive, that indeed there was something after death, and that it was glorious.

I met with many after my resurrection, many more than are contained in your Bible. I met with small groups or individuals to comfort them, to raise their spirits, and to show them that I was still present. This went on for several years, not only in Palestine but throughout the Mediterranean area.


I look upon the churches and religions of today and am saddened. Never did I envision a structure where the leaders would tell others what to believe. Never did I encourage anyone to create a church. I said only that people were to emulate my life.

The amassing of wealth was never what I envisioned or taught. Edifices, large or small, were never what I preached. I asked only that people love one other, that they treat each other as loving brothers and sisters, and that they see that they are all one. Perfect unity is what I wished for humanity, not warring nations, not conflict over land, money or power.

I see the churches at this time and I am saddened that they have been constructed in my name. I see religions that believe I came to save people. People did not need to be saved. I am a son of Source, as are each who read my words. I am your brother, not your leader. I am not to be worshipped. Source does not demand to be worshipped. Source is within each and around each.

Source is also on other worlds. I too have been on other worlds, many times. I did not undergo a crucifixion there because it was not part of the plan, was not necessary. The people there saw me as an example and followed me in that way.


The next morning, I showed Heather a printed copy of the message from Yeshua. She studied it for a long while before commenting. “This and the Anna Book will cause people to rethink exactly what they believe and how they view their religion. It will also help them see that the activities of third dimension are not important in a Cosmic sense, for they do not affect who they really are if they remain at a higher dimension.

“As a former Catholic, it’s going to take me a while to get a grip on what Yeshua’s saying. I’ve seen it during my studies of other religions, but here it is so very clearly spelled out.

“At this moment, I am feeling that Yeshua’s words are true. My body is telling me that what he is saying is profound.”

“I believe it’s part of the total picture of who we are and how we are meant to live,” I said. “I felt his words as I typed them. They are very powerful.”