Several years ago I was told that that I needed to learn to ”WALK TALL.” As it was explained to me, it meant that I needed to raise my consciousness to enable me to be steadfast while the world about me flowed with the mass consciousness. This meant to model a higher level of knowingness than the conventional ways of seeing and behaving so that we might ultimately have a world of peace, love, and unity. This meant not depending on politics, monetary systems, technology, or traditional ways of behaving to lead us forward.

I believe this advice is now most appropriate for we have entered uncharted waters. The political process of the United States has chosen a President that was shunned by both his own political party as well as the opposition party. The media on both the liberal and conservative shunned Donald Trump. Most importantly, the establishment both liberal and conservative shunned him. He owes his election to those who are disenchanted with the way in which they have been governed.

The chaos in the 3rd Dimension will increase in the coming months, as elitists seek to re-establish their authority over all. One can only hope that President Trump will remember who elected him stand against the tide of returning to politics as usual.

Let me be very clear, I do not endorse much of what President Trump stands for, nor do I like the way in which he presents himself. However, maybe it takes someone like him to move against established norms, to seek alternatives, and to stand up against the old ways of doing things. Maybe it takes someone like him – a man not controlled by the moneyed elites – to increase the level of chaos so that old behaviors will ultimately be abandoned in favor of new approaches.

Who would have thought that someone so opposed to love and unity could open the way to the opposite of the very things that he espoused. Things often have mysterious ways of working out for the ultimate good. Those of us who function from a higher level of consciousness are being called to maintain our centers to show others the way to the light rather than the darkness. WALK TALL