Cosmic Perspective

Cosmic Perspective

Dear Friends,

I offer the following Cosmic Perspective as my understanding of the information supplied to me by extraterrestrials and by Great Non-physical Beings of Light.

We live in times of unprecedented change. To better understand the myriad influences, the many differing opinions, the misrepresentations, and the truth, we turn to Great Non-physical Beings of Light who have observed Earth and her residents over the past billions of years.

This Perspective offers a glimpse of how Nonphysicals view us. It is specifically directed to those humans who recognize there is a better way to overcome the enslavement of humanity than supporting the continuing battles between those of the Light and those of the dark. Comprehending these opposed paradigms relies on seeing them as extrapolations of our current 3rd Dimension institutions of money, politics, health, technology, education, and religion.  In contrast to this, our extraterrestrial and Non-physical friends offer a different perspective.

This communication is directed specifically to those of you functioning at higher consciousness who are observers of the activities of lower consciousness. It is directed to those who are convinced that something better is needed to overcome the enslavement of humanity and who recognize the value of high consciousness and the Non-physical. As has been said by many, we cannot overcome our current situation in 3rd Dimension using the 3rd Dimensional things that led us into it in the first place.

From extraterrestrial and Non-physical communications, I have become convinced that the current number of high consciousness people are sufficient to overcome the dark influences currently enslaving the majority. We do not have to wait for more to ascend to higher consciousness.

Based on my experience in venture capital, where I helped to create and fund over 25 companies that inserted their ideas against established ways, I know that a small group of committed people can successfully overcome the many who adhere to the conventional. I believe this experience, that has been successfully repeated over and over again, is applicable to our situation today.

It has been pointed out that great change, such as the American Revolution, began with a small number of people committed to change. These small numbers recognized the power of individual and group focus and used their dedication and persistence to accomplish great things.

I have been told that we are being joined in this uplifting by the energies of many extraterrestrials and Non-physical Beings of Light. These energies make change to higher consciousness much easier for all who desire it.

A unique opportunity exists today if we will summon the courage and insight to see it. I am asking you to join with me in this endeavor to energize and focus the current numbers of higher consciousness people to recognize that each of us is physical vehicles of a powerful soul, so that they may claim their power, and support each other in efforts to remake civilization.


My communications with extraterrestrials began 25 years ago. In the beginning I did not know who was speaking to me so I assigned names and origins to them, based on what I thought I was hearing. Later I would discover that they were from Andromeda.

Eventually I came to understand that I had several lifetimes in Andromeda. My soul decided to come to Earth and reside in a physical body on Earth. I have a clear memory of then deciding to lay down my body and migrate to Earth. I later learned that I had walked-in to the physical body of a ten-year-old boy.  Andromedans  function at 15th Dimension, so it was quite a shock to my young physical body to have a soul that was familiar with residing at a much higher consciousness.

My early communications took place with beings who resided on the Andromedan star ship Athabantian, that was orbiting Earth at about the distance of the moon. There were many extraterrestrial races aboard Athabantian, such as Pleiadians and Sirians. Generally, Andromedans do not, interact directly with Earth humans, rather, they operate through other races such as Pleiadians. I am able to communicate with Andromedans because of my prior life in their Galaxy.

About 10 years ago, I was directed by my Andromedan friends to undertake a program under the guidance of Great non-physical Beings of Light, such as Archangels and Ascended masters. Subsequently these Nonphysical have guided me to functioning at 5th Dimension and higher. During that process I learned the truth about humanity’s origins and destiny.


From a Cosmic perspective, the origins of our current physical forms originated some 500,000 years ago. This followed upon the near self-destruction of Earth during the time of Atlantis.

Many millions of years earlier, Earth had been created as a special planet to serve as a model for other planets. At that time, Earth and her inhabitants functioned at 12th Dimension. This beautiful and brilliant beacon, perfectly aligned with the Grand Plan of Source, continued for millions of years. During the later stages of this time, Lemuria and Atlantis enjoyed many thousands of years of living at high consciousness.

Energy contrary to Source was brought to Earth from other planets where it had originated. Experiments to explore energy in new ways, contrary to the Grand Plan of Source, were undertaken by some who were living in Atlantis. These led to diminished consciousness and lower dimensions of existence. The dark energy influenced all on the planet. Earth nearly self-destructed under its influence. Under the directions of Great Beings of Light, Earth was placed in a state of dormancy.

Later it was recreated as a 3rd Dimension planet. Our original ancestors were created on Earth 500,000 years ago. From the beginning, Earth’s inhabitants were given the charge to restore Earth to 12th Dimension. We, the descendants of this original creation, have that same mission as our goal. Each of our souls agreed to incarnate on this planet knowing about this mission for this lifetime. Unfortunately, the dark non-physical energies present on Earth at the time of Atlantis, carried over to the recreated planet and have influenced many ever since by infecting them with anger, judgment, fear, greed, separation, an a better-than-others attitude.

The inhabitants of Earth have gone through many changes to arrive at the highly evolved species now populating the planet. Extraterrestrials and Non-physical beings have contributed to the continuing uplifting of humanity, despite the influence of dark energies. The dark energy remains today as a powerful influence over many. It can cause individuals to function from fear, separation, judgment, anger, greed, and a better-than-others attitude, and it can lead them to value wealth and power above all else.


From my earliest communications with non-humans, I was told that we must reorient ourselves and learn to organize ourselves as collaboratives and/or collectives. The pyramid structure predominating on Earth facilitates the activities of the dark energy in that those at the top of the pyramid dictate to those below. Those at the top achieve power and wealth due to their exalted positions. Beings of high consciousness do not function according to a pyramid structure, for they embrace all without judgment or a better-than-others attitude.


The first step in becoming someone to assist the transformation of Earth and humanity is to recognize who we really are: physical vehicles of Great Souls of Light.


The next step is to become an observer of all that is occurring around us without becoming attached to it. Use your heart to discover what is based in love and what is based in fear.


The final step is to focus our energies on those who are uplifting humanity through their words and actions, and lending our energies to those things that uplift humanity.


Earth is structured differently than the vast majority of other planets. On our planet, a pyramid is almost universally used for organizations. Organizations may not start out that way, but they evolve into it due to the influence of dark energies on the individuals involved. Pyramids feature a few at the top issuing demands to those beneath. Those at the top of the pyramid possess both power and wealth completely disproportionate to those below. Those at the top of the pyramid function based on a better-than-others philosophy. Typically, they are infected with fear, greed, separation, and judgment.

Many people beneath the top assume that a pyramid is the normal way to function. They assume, incorrectly, that this is the way it has always been and will continue to be. Most are comfortable in their current situations, even though they may be far from ideal.

On planets with people of higher consciousness, organizations are structured as cooperatives or collaboratives. Here the higher consciousness does not allow for better-than or less-than functioning. Here all members of organizations function according to unconditional love and perfect unity.

There are planets of lower consciousness. Beings from these planets have repeatedly sought to overpower humanity and seize control of Earth for their own purposes. Much of what we experience today that is based in fear, separation, judgment, anger, and greed is the result of influences of those dark energy beings.

However, keep in mind that  the vast majority of the universe operates according to the Schematic of Source, based in unconditional Love and perfect Unity.

So, once again, I have been led to believe we have as many high consciousness people as needed to remake Earth. Do not be led to believe that we do not. We need not recruit additional lower consciousness people to fill our ranks. Rather we are to focus our energies on supporting those of higher consciousness. Use your heart to determine how you feel about others.

The time is now to use our courage to recreate Earth to a planet of Light, Love and Unity.

Please join me and all the others of high conscious.


In Light, Love, and Unity