I offer the following perspective based on my years of participating, within this lifetime, in each of the following groupings of humanity. I now recognize that we are in the time of the return of Earth and humanity to their former beauty of long ago when they functioned at much higher consciousness.

I see that a significant portion of the world’s population is dominated by intense fear. Fear of a virus, fear of the latest government and/or media pronouncements, fear of those who are vicious, and fear of those who are wealthier and more powerful, and fear of what the future holds. Everything revolves about the individual and what he or she desires and/or fears. Survival is an issue for many. Control is a major aspect of their lives, controlling others or being controlled. Most of these people believe this is the way human civilization has always been and will always be. Within this group are those in poverty,  oppression, and sickness. Here we find those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Within this first group is a small number of people who can be identified by their power and wealth. They are at the top of various pyramids, such as corporations, banking, government, medicine, and media. They are focused on dominating others in order to maintain their status. The 3rd Dimension actions of these men negatively impact everyone else. I believe that those committed to staying on top of their pyramids recognize that their long-held status is in danger of disappearing. In recent years they have taken actions, like initiating and promoting a pandemic, to delay the inevitable.

A large percentage of the world’s population are generally unaware of the truth of the larger picture. They are focused on finding a comfortable situation in which to get along. They are neither wealthy nor poor. They believe what comes to them from television, newspapers, and government pronouncements. They are most interested in getting through life without major disruptions. They do not take part in demonstrations. They wear masks and get vaccinations when told to do so.  Fear enters their lives occasionally, but it is not the primary driver of their actions. They work and save for a pleasant retirement. They know that all is not right, but don’t go outside their box to act. They are focused on what is good for themselves and their family. I characterize them as asleep.

In a third group is a significant portion of the world’s population. They are focused on seeking freedom for themselves and, in the United States, on reviving the original constitution of the U.S. They watch alternative news and absorb the latest from videos. Herein are the good guys in white hats fighting against the black hats of lower consciousness. People in this grouping are not consumed by fear. They are judgmental of those who they see as different. They are self-centered for everything revolves about what is best for themselves and for those close to them. They believe this is the best we can hope for. I observe them as awakening and service-to-self.

There is a fourth grouping of humanity that sees the greatest good for all as the correct path. They have moved beyond judgment of others, and know that this is the way that 99.9% of the universe beyond Earth operates. They are observers of the conflicts between the dark and the light, but do not become emotionally involved in the ongoing contests. They believe that the world will ultimately evolve in this direction. They see their energies and actions as contributing to this grand plan, and are satisfied with their individual contributions. Those in the other groups see them as idyllic and impractical, something that will never take place. Within this group we find spiritual leaders and those focused on assisting others to raise their consciousness. They recognize that just being in their higher consciousness is positively impacting many others, even though others may not be aware of it. I observe them as awake and focused on service-to-others.

I see a general awakening among all people, particularly those who are now sleeping. They recognize that all is not right and are searching to make sense of what is happening. I see those who are awake searching for ways to positively impact others, recognizing that confrontation will not change others. I see those who are of higher consciousness as restless for positive change, knowing that their impact may not  yield results until the distant future.

Do you agree that there are groups of people with distinct orientations? What percent of the population is in each grouping?

How do you see things developing in the near future relative to the orientations of people?

What emotions do you express to those who are in other orientations?

What are the specific talents you bring to this lifetime that can be used to positively impact others?

Join with me to help advance humanity to a better way of being.

In Light, Love and Unity

Mark Kimmel