Non-physical Energy

It’s not just about wealthy and powerful individuals, politics and the stolen election, a new monetary system, the pandemic and vaccine, the lies of the media, pedophilia, the dangers of 5G, or China’s war against the United States. I receive many emails and Telegrams about these daily.

I believe they are real issues affecting us, and that the revelations and discussions about them are important. I shake my head at some of what is broadcast, particularly major media, while applauding the efforts of the “White Hats” who are battling the forces of dark.

However, I see all of these as distractions from the larger picture of what is really going on.

I see individuals who are under mind control of the dark energy, a non-physical energy has been influencing 3rd Dimension Earth since humanity was first created here 500,000 years ago. I see an overriding energy that seeks to control humanity and everything else on Earth. I see activities such as disclosed in the first paragraph in the light of this larger perspective. It’s about seeing them as part of a carefully contrived and deliberate plan to control humanity and Earth.

It’s about recognizing that the dark energy originally came to Earth from off-planet sources, millions of years ago, at the time of Atlantis. It’s about recognizing that this dark energy was and is contrary to the Schematic of Source within which the other 99.9% of the universe functions: According to Light, Love and Unity. It’s about recognizing that the dark energy’s influence over the people of Atlantis almost led to the total destruction of Earth. It’s about recognizing that the energy present at the time of Atlantis is now present on Earth and is influencing almost every structure and institution, and many individuals, much like it did in Atlantis.

It’s about understanding that the dark energy is non-physical and, as such, can not ultimately be overcome by anything other than the non-physical Light of Source. It’s about knowing that humanity is being called upon to furnish this Light. It’s about recognizing that each and every one of us has a role to play in broadcasting our individual Light energy, which combined with the Light of other high consciousness people is sufficient to overwhelm the dark energy. It’s about recognizing that all lower consciousness efforts, such as military and political, will not overcome non-physical dark energy.


Discover how you can achieve and maintain a higher consciousness. When you hold that higher consciousness on a daily basis, focus it to assist those who oppose the dark energy.

Be aware of the various battles underway between people of dark energy and people of the Light. Be aware of the specifics, so that you can direct your positive energy constructively. Do not deny its reality or become emotionally entangled, rather stay at higher consciousness and broadcast your Light and Love appropriately.

Forgive those who are entrapped by the dark energy. Forgive those who do not see the way to higher consciousness. Forgive yourself so that you might Love yourself. By Loving yourself unconditionally you can then convey Love to others, supporting them in their achievement of higher consciousness.

Once you have achieved higher consciousness plus loving yourself, then you can deal with the magnitude of the changes that will occur with the transformation from a dark-dominated humanity to a higher consciousness humanity. I have been told this transformation will be ”messy.”

Prepare for some rough times ahead by caring for your supplies of food and water. Gold and silver coins are a good defense against the unknown vagueness of a new monetary system. Cash will be a defense, depending on the structure of the new monetary system.

Pay attention to recommendations about coming times, but do not lose sight of the non-physical aspects of the battle between dark energy and the Light. Most importantly, be prepared to support those who are late to awaken to the transformation. Unconditional Love and perfect Unity are the answers to fears, separation, judgment, and anger.


In Light, Love and Unity,