Death and Fear

For most people death is their greatest fear. Yet if you read my prior posting about reincarnation, you understand that the death of this physical body is but a single step along a very long journey. After death your soul will return to your Oversoul. There you may immediately reincarnate into a new body, or rest while you determine your next experience and your Oversoul searches for a suitable body that you will later inhabit. And so it goes, on and on and on.

Everything of spiritual value you achieved in this lifetime will be retained. This incarnation will be remembered for the life you led and it will be added to the memories of all the other lives you have led.

For me this is a very beautiful scenario. Your soul is much more than the short life you lead on Earth. Our souls are great beings who will live forever, having many experiences, incarnating in other physical forms, on other planets, and associating with many other souls.

Death is not our only fear. There are many other things that create fear: job loss, poverty, disease, loss of loved ones, judgment, self-doubt, the environment and/or the situation on Earth (the current paradigm). Any of these can drive you into lower consciousness where you can engage in rumination, anger, worry, drugs, alcohol, or depression.

Fear is the proven way to control people. Whether it is the words of a simple conversation, a money issue, a management edict, the national situation, or control of a planet. Inciting fear is the surest way to control the beliefs and opinions of individuals.

Rallying people around a fearful issue is a proven way to have them act contrary to their own best interests. Repeating fearful statements, even if they are not truthful, is another way to create fear.

However if you are functioning at the higher consciousness of Love and Unity, you will find self-confidence, balance, happiness, joy, peace, Love and Unity within. With your intention to do so, you can broadcast these to all about you, even if others are unaware they are receiving your energy.

So, how does one get to higher consciousness? First by understanding who you really are: A Divine expression in a physical body. Once you accept this you can love yourself, and when you love yourself you can love others and be in unity with them because of who they really are.

Second, by understanding where fear comes from. Our environment, family, peers, religions, and media instill fears.
After the great Catastrophe, when our formerly magnificant planet almost self-destructed, and Earth experienced a long period of dormancy, Earth was restarted as a 3rd Dimension planet. Our ancient ancestors began life in a world of rigid form.

Separation, polarity, fear, domination, and judgment followed as they sought to survive. Understanding this helps to alleviate fear for we are not guilty of something. To a great extent we are taught fear, separation, polarity, and judgment.

Third, by grounding ourselves we eliminate the baggage we carry around: outdated beliefs originally thrust upon us by parents, teachers, peers, and religion. To ground ourselves requires quiet time and a realistic appraisal of what is true.

This is quite different from what is reported in the media and on the Internet, and as taught by families, friends, schools, and religions.

I can well imagine that you find what I am saying hard to believe. I spent fifty-six years of my life in the lower densities of Earth and can relate to what you are experiencing and feeling. I have spent the last twenty-two years developing myself toward higher density. I now see everything much differently.

Those who cling to fearful beliefs keep humanity in the lower dimensions (conventional paradigm) and prevent the resurrection of our planet. Ask yourself if you wish to continue to be stuck in the way in which the majority lives, to believe that this is the only way it is, and that it will never get any better. Or do you wish to discover for yourself the truth of who you really are and why you are here? Ask yourself if this planet and its human population is living at its highest, or is there a better way?

It has taken me many years to accept that what I am saying is true. Make time to discover the great soul that is the real you. Put your fears aside. Accept reincarnation as a fundamental of life. When you do that, you will live life very differently, and you will see death as a beginning not an ending.

The words I’ve been given are, “Walk Tall.” These tell me to focus on who I really am and not to pay attention to the fear that is everywhere about me. They also tell me not to worry about death.

In Light, Love and Unity,


P.S. For the next three months I will be undertaking a personal retreat of silence and meditation. During this time I will communicate with you much less often.


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