The Third Way

We are not connected to cable; so I catch the news mostly from the Internet (BBC) and occasionally when Iā€™m on the bicycle at the gym ā€“ I pay attention to the headlines, not much more.


I observe the battles being waged by the liberals/progressives against the conservatives. I observe posturing by politicians for what they will do or not do. I see sides lining up to defeat or block the opposition. I witness both sides failing to address real issues like the control exercised by the wealthy and powerful. I observe all manner of ways to manipulate and misinform. I see a very old game being played according to old rules. Most importantly, I see all of this being waged from a 3rd Dimension basis.


I observe that little comes from the heart. I fail to see any references to the larger picture of who we really are. I observe almost nothing based on higher consciousness. Sadly I conclude that we in for more of the same old conflicts that produce little for the majority ā€“ unless there is radical change.


At the same time, I observe an awakening underway, small but powerful and dedicated. And yes, it is gaining momentum. Fundamental change is taking place within the hearts of individuals, within their consciousness.


I encourage all who read these words to rededicate yourselves to turning your backs on traditional solutions based on conflict and fear. Reach higher, reach for a 5th Dimension world of peace, love and unity. Keep that goal foremost in your consciousness as you go about your day, and your energy will slowly transform this world.