Perspective #10

This is the tenth in a series of Perspectives. I suggest you read them in the order presented, as they build on each other (Perspectives #8 and #9 are linked to this message). As before these messages are based on my experiences, my knowing, my beliefs, and what Great Beings of the Cosmos (The One) have conveyed. This particular Perspective is somewhat shorter than my previous ones, since I feel the information contained herein is particularly timely. In the following message the italicized words are from The One.


Are you caught up in the ruminations of your rational mind? Are you focused on the details of your daily life? Are you trapped in the latest conspiracy theory? Are you worried about the economy and what will happen to your financial situation? Do you search among the latest channeled information for that one tidbit that will solve everything for you? Do you watch the skies for ET craft that will come to transport you away from it all?

Or do you have a cosmic point of view? Do you see who you really are? Know that you are the result of a Great Soul who manifested you in physical form for a short excursion in 3rd Density. The real you is eternal. The real you knows who you are.

Search to find the real you. Then cling to that reality through the coming times. Know that the real you will live long after whatever is happening in this physical form is past. Know that you can walk through the transformation of humanity as a shining example of someone who knows who they are and is willing to show that to others. Let your light shine.

What is your orientation? Do you see the non-physical as something strange, something you cannot quite get your mind around, and something to which you really do not pay much attention? Or do you view your day-to-day life from an orientation as a non-physical being having a physical experience? How you view yourself and your circumstances has everything to do with how you live your life.

During this Phase of transformation, you will encounter a number of paradigms. (Groups of individuals who believe and act in similar ways.) One of these paradigms is comprised of individuals who continue to rely on the 3rd Density in which they feel comfortable. Another paradigm is comprised of those who cling to one religion or another. Other groupings of individuals within paradigms are those who embrace one or another source of channeled information and live their lives accordingly. One more grouping of individuals within a paradigm are those that believe that science clearly defines all that is. Then there are groups of individuals whose lives revolve around sports, or politics, or money and power. You are already encountering more than one paradigm; recognize them for what they are.  Those within paradigms always argue for the correctness of their focus, ignoring the larger reality. As you others in these various paradigms remember that they are your brothers and sisters, and judge them not for all will eventually enter into the higher vibrations.

In addition to various paradigms, you will encounter outside influences. Extraordinary events – lunar and solar eclipses plus a very active sun – will continue to impact our planet with extreme weather – floods and hurricanes – plus volcanic activity and earthquakes. Even if you are not directly affected by these physical events, the energies produced by them affect you. These events generally result in massive amounts of misinformation – from the traditional media, from the internet, from social networks, and from channeled sources.

At some point in your journey through Phases 1, 2, & 3 (see Perspective #8), your rational mind will assert itself. It will point out that anything beyond existing paradigms or the conventional collective consciousness is pure speculation and that nothing has been proven. Your rational mind will demand that you stay safely within your comfort zone until these temporary excursions into the unknown pass.

Your task with all of these various paradigms, ways of seeing life, external influences, and the demands of your rational mind is to discover who you really are. Discover that you are an individualized physical form representing your soul’s desire to experience this lifetime. Discover how to walk among the paradigms without becoming attached to them. Ignore the outside influences unless they affect you directly. Discover where you fit within the cosmos of the physical and non-physical. Discover that your rational mind wants to be in change of who you are, and put it in its place. Discover that you are unique unto yourself while at the same time you are one with everything and everyone.

And once you have made that discovery – the most important of your life – hold fast to it. The reason you are here at this place and time is to become the light for others who are not yet aware of whom they are. “Walk tall” amidst the various influences and let your light shine. Nothing more is required of you should you choose to be a wayshower.


In my next Perspective I will answer the many questions that have arisen. Until then be of great joy for we are quickly transcending the conventional consensus into wondrous new ways of being.

In Light, Love and Joy,


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