Perspectives #11

This is the eleventh in a series of Perspectives. I suggest you read them in the order presented, as they build on each other. As I have said before these messages are based on my experiences, my knowing, my beliefs, and what Great Beings of the Cosmos (The One) have conveyed.


Q: I read channeled information from a number of different people. They all say that their messages come from sources such as Metatron, Sananda, St. Jermaine, Ashtar, etc., etc. Yet the messages are vastly different, even those from the same source. How do you explain this?

A: I have been informed that transmissions from the non-physical realms are sent out continuously. Each of the different manifestations of the non-physical collective (Metatron, Sananda, St. Jermaine, Ashtar, etc.) has their own style and particular message to communicate. Humans who are open enough to receive communications from the non-physical receive these messages.

It is in the process of communicating to others that things get really interesting. Someone receives a communication from some non-physical being. It is immediately subjected to the background, the current emotional status, as well as the current information that the receiver has before him or her. If the person is in a state of fear then the channeled information will be translated in a fearful manner. If the person has a religious background, or involvement in politics, then the channeled words will bear the imprint of that.  If the person has been reading things to do with conspiracy theories then their channeled words will bear the imprint of that information. This is true of all humans who channel messages from the non-physical.

The results of this are that readers and listeners are sometimes presented with vastly different channeled interpretations of the communications coming from non-physical beings. Plus our rational minds get into the act to help us figure things out; things of the non-physical cannot be “figured out” by using the rational mind. Furthermore none of us can read all the channeled information and make sense of all of it – don’t even try. Problems arise when we do not use our internal wisdom to discern what it is that impacts us. 

Each of us must determine which channeled messages resonate with us individually. Use discernment; use your heart. A caution: Do not be judgmental of those channelings that do not resonate with you; they resonate with others of your brothers and sisters. Let your light shine so that all will know that you are of love and light. In time each of us will come to know, in his or her own way, the truths of the cosmos.


Q: I am reading forecasts of great changes that about to occur both with Earth and with our existing 3rd Dimension. Where do you stand with regards to these predictions? How soon will it all happen?

A: First of all I am convinced that this planet and human life is headed to existence in 5th Density. Very few are able to maintain it today, and it is not going to take place with the snap of a finger. I have written before of Earth’s return to the status of a Christed planet. I have also written about Earth’s existence as a Christed planet before it descended into 3rd Density.

In December of 2012, the underpinnings of Earth’s 3rd Density were removed. This means that all humanity is now much freer to move into higher densities (see Perspective #8 with regards to the 3 Phases). I believe we are now experiencing Phase 1 wherein we will see the collapse and reordering of the world’s monetary system, and wherein we will see the reorganization of governments, corporations, and all other aspects of our traditional lives. During this phase I expect Earth’s extreme weather to continue along with earthquakes and volcanic activity.

As to when this will all take place, I don’t know and am unwilling to hazard a guess beyond the two years I stated in Perspective #8. At one time I believed that changes would be quite rapid with lots of help from our star brothers and sisters; I no longer believe this. I see changes in myself, and others around me. I see changes in what I had been taking as the conventional ways of things. For myself, I am enjoying life as it comes. I have no fear as to what comes next, for I am an eternal soul.


Q: I am having trouble seeing myself experiencing a million lifetimes. Can you help me understand?

A: Before my awakening in 1987, I believed that I had a spark of God within my physical body and that Earth alone possessed intelligent life. After that I grew to believe that I was a soul that was having a physical experience for this lifetime and that there were other sentient beings who populated the universe. My next growth spurt occurred when I came to believe that I was experiencing one of several lifetimes.

Now as I write these words I know that I am a Great Soul who has chosen to experience life in this body for this lifetime. I know that my physical body is a minor part of who I really am. I know that I am eternal, having been created by Source to experience in my unique way. I know that I have incarnated millions of times on this planet and many others. I have experienced lifetimes in both physical form and in the non-physical. And I see a cosmos filled with others like myself. Furthermore I see beauty and I experience joy everywhere, and I am the happiest I have ever been.


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