Perspective #9

What follows are the words from a talk I gave to a small group here in Pagosa Springs, Colorado on March 24th. That talk also included details of the Three Phases of our transformation. I believe that reading the following will help make more sense out of my Perspective #8. (I have taken the liberty of editing my words to fit this written format.)


Before we delve into the Three Phases of the transformation, I want to take a look at the history of how we got where we are today, specific to Earth, but also the larger context. This larger context will help explain where we are going.

Let’s look first at the big picture of creation. At some time in the far, far distant past, many, many billions of years ago, Source wanted to explore more about Itself, so It created the Lords of Creation. These great beings were, and still are, in charge of energy manipulations that went into creating the vastness of the non-physical.

At about that same time, Source created billions of Great Souls. Each of our physical bodies is the result of the actions of one of these Great Souls. This means that our soul has been in existence since the very beginning of creation, and that we have incarnated millions of times, both in non-physical and in physical form.

 Back in those early moments of creation many, many Archangels were created. There are many more than have been revealed to us by name. All of the Archangels, Great Souls, and Lords of Creation are part of a great collective. (More about that some other time.)

At some later moment the Creator Gods were brought into existence. They were charged with creating a cosmos of form both physical and nonphysical. First came the non-physical then came the physical. Once again, this occurred over a time frame of billions of years. All of physical creation — the universe of planets, stars and galaxies — is the result of the actions of the Creator Gods. Their creations took many, many eons.

Somewhere along the way the Creator Gods created a “Christed Planet.” Today we call it “Earth.” In its original form it was not physical, but it did have form. This Christed Planet was the apex of creation. It was extraordinarily beautiful, peaceful, and loving. For eons non-physical beings from around the universe came to experience life in form. (The term “Christed” has nothing to do with religions; it is an energy of the highest order.)

I would like to call your attention to the relative importance of physical form, non-physical form and non-form. In the cosmos (all there is), non-form is by far the most prevalent. Non-physical form – beings such as angels and others without physical bodies — is the second most prevalent. Physical form – all of the material universe – accounts for less that 1% of all there is.

There were many Creator Gods. Most of them went about creating both the non-physical and physical universe in accordance with the Grand Plan and in accordance with the Source’s wishes. Somewhere along the way a few of the Creator Gods began to experiment with creations that were different from the grand plan, away from Source’s light. Over time their creations took on darker and darker characteristics (less and less light). The fall of consciousness, in this sector of the universe, took billions of years.

Earth was caught up in this fall of consciousness as a result of this sector of the universe becoming very dark. At some point Earth was unable to hold the Christed Light of beauty, peace and love. In its place a very rigid physical form was created for Earth lest she go completely out of existence. This is what I refer to as “3rd Density,” sometimes known as 3rd Dimension. The primary characteristics of 3rd Density are rigidness and separation; these lead to the secondary characteristics of fear, anger, violence, greed, etc.

Since the fall of consciousness Earth has been the target for both off-planet assistance and interference. Races of physical form, from several other planets, placed humans of their species on Earth because it was such a beautiful 3rd Density planet. These were peace loving, recognized their origins, and resulted in the different colored races of today. Somewhat later, from other 3rd Density planets came races with the intent of imposing their agenda on Earth’s humanity. They mated with the humans they found here as well as enslaving them.

In addition to these interactions between physical beings, there have been a number of beings from the non-physical realms who have, from time to time, incarnated in physical form with the intent of uplifting humanity. Jesus and Buddha are but a few of those who have come to Earth.

The upshot of all of this latter attention has been a gradual uplifting of the consciousness of humanity. Over the past thousands of years there have been several attempts to establish higher consciousness civilizations on Earth (Atlantis and Lemuria). For one reason or another they did not survive. It is only within recent years that the level of consciousness and the numbers of lightworkers and wayshowers has now made it possible to move all of humanity to higher consciousness. Thus humanity will eventually evolve itself into 5th Density (Phase 3, as described in my earlier posting).

And what does 5th Density look like? Here I rely on The One to tell us as they did during my talk: Take yourself to a place of beauty, a wooded glen, a beach, or a alongside a stream. It is a place of great peace. Relax. Now watch as your surrounding become those of the 5th density. The trees, grasses, bushes, and flowers assume a greater brilliance. You notice that the ground upon which you stand is fluid as is your own body.

You look around and notice other humans whose bodies are fluid, iridescent and beautiful. You are able to communicate with them, as you wish, without speaking.

Walking a few steps away from the group, you wish for a pear and it appears in your hand. Walk a few more places and think of a gorgeous dwelling; it appears before you.

You decide to explore a bit and desire to move a distance away. You are there in an instant. You wish to go to a distant planet and set your intent. You are instantly transported to what is obviously a much different sphere, also in 5th Density.

Having sampled 5th Density, you return to your original location, back to your current physical form. This is but a sampling of 5th density. We stand ready to welcome all to it.


Thank you The One. That was wonderful. It is my understanding that the transformation of Earth and her humans will result in an existence such as described. Our current situation and the interim steps to it are in Perspective #8.

In Light, Love and Joy,


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