Perspective #13


I recognize that it has been some time since I posted anything at this site. Over the past weeks I have been organizing myself for a new project: I am writing a book (title to be determined). It is based on the new information and experiences. I now have a really good idea of who I am and why I am here at this time and place.

I am observing change all about me, mainly in individuals as they awaken to see themselves as actors in an unprecedented play of universe proportions, a play in which they are writing the script each day. Meanwhile the conventional paradigm, according to the media, government pronouncements and monetary authorities, continues on its fear-ridden, polarized, and self-centered 3rd Dimension journey.

But hold on, did I not say in an earlier Perspective that the 3rd Dimension had gone away? You are correct, that is what makes this moment so exciting. The energetic construct known as the 3rd Dimension is indeed gone, but many people continue to play in that old paradigm. It may take as long as three generations to move all of Earth’s humanity to the 5th Dimension. However time is collapsing, so enjoy the ride.

As I have said repeatedly, learn to accept yourself for who you are, and then love yourself unconditionally. By doing this you will have tremendous influence on all about you, human and environment.

More about all these statements in the book. It will require some time to complete it, probably after the first of the year. Fortunately I have been told that I am receiving lots of assistance in writing it. A peek at the table of contents reads something like this:

  • Extraterrestrials
  • Messages
  • Dimensions
  • History
  • Current
  • Future

My goal for this book is to help you understand who you are and where you are headed – in contrast to where you have been and where you might be right now. As I understand it, the journey ahead is going to be a little rough at the beginning, but will blossom into unimaginable glory in the future. Nothing will happen quickly, for that is not the way the universe functions. Instead of thinking in terms of events or milestones, think in terms of process; and enjoy the real reason you came here.

In Light, Love & Joy,