Perspectives #12

This is the twelfth in a series of Perspectives. I suggest you read them in the order presented, as they build on each other. As before this message is based on my experiences, my knowing, and what Great Beings of the Cosmos (The One) have conveyed. In the following message the italicized words are from The One.


I grew up in a very Catholic family. I went to a Catholic grade school. I went to a Jesuit high school and then two years of Jesuit college. At that time I believed that my immortal soul was something within me (my soul was created at my birth, and would exist after this lifetime). I believed that God was in heaven; Jesus was his only Son who had come to Earth to save me. Reincarnation was something other people believed in, the ones who were not going to be saved. Earth was the only inhabited planet.

Not long after leaving home, first to go to University and then off to my first job, I was caught up in the new age movement and came to believe that there was a spark of the Creator within me rather than an external God. Reincarnation was everywhere, according to many different beliefs. Extraterrestrials were out there but not on this planet.

In 1987 I was given a copy of the Urantia Book. I came to believe from this lengthy tome that I had a soul that was having a bodily experience and that there was an external God who sat at the peak of a vast hierarchy. Reincarnation was not mentioned, nor were extraterrestrials.

Please notice that I have been using the words “believe” and “believed.” I have come to see that these words mean that I was given something to believe by another and/or I read it; subsequently I adopted it as my own belief. I will now use the word, “know.” This word means to me that I have had direct experience upon which I base my knowingness, and/or I have a knowingness within me that is the result of such experiences.

In recent years I have experienced my soul first hand. I know that this soul is eternal because I have seen the vast web of my many, many incarnations, and know that I am nowhere near their end. I have incarnated in both physical form – on many different planets – and in non-physical form. I have experienced the Creator within me, so I know that my body is an individuated expression thereof. I have become acquainted with the vastness of my soul/spirit and its many parts. I see my current body as a tiny part of who I really am. Despite this new knowingness, I have come to value my physical form and to love this current incarnation. I can truly say, “I am the happiest I have ever been.”

What this has now done for me is to see the events swirling about me as of less consequence. I am still being smart, in that I do not purposely put myself in harm’s way, but I no longer fear adverse events that do not touch me directly and really do not pay them much attention. Those events or people that do interact with me adversely have no impact on who I really am. As more and more people adopt this way of being and doing – acting as a lightbearers – it will become increasingly easier for all in the collective consciousness of 3rd Density to move away from its rigidness and fear, thereby ascending to the 5th Density.

While honoring those who believe whatever it is they believe, I wish for them to explore both within themselves and without in order to find knowingness. I encourage everyone to seek their own experiences, rather than accepting the beliefs of others. Human existence on this planet has been based for far too long on beliefs. When we come to know the truth, accept it, and speak it, both about our own lives and our planet, we will finally attain peace, joy, and happiness.


We are observing unfamiliar energies impacting each of you. Some of these energies come as the result of radiation of your star. Others are from deep within your galaxy. Still others are being transmitted from our realm of the non-form. All of these impact you in ways never experienced before.

We are also observing your reactions to these energies. In general, those of you reading these words welcome these energies and see them as positive and uplifting. Many of you observe the subtle changes in your bodies. Some of you relax into the warmth of these energies; some search for ways to acquire more of them. Some look for ways to utilize the energies to uplift their physical form. Others seek ways to delve deeper into the spiritual. Any and all of these reactions are most appropriate.

On the other hand those humans who are still immersed in 3rd Density find these energies disturbing without knowing why. They have several reactions, one of which is to fear what is coming. Another is to embrace ever more tightly what they know and have relied upon for some time, seeking to make it more real, seeking to enhance their position in the face of change. Those of great wealth seek more money and power to shelter them from external threats to their comfort and security. Those with little material possessions cling to what they treasure, seeking ways to preserve what little they have.

We are aligned with the perspective that Mark furnished in that we do not ask you to believe what we are communicating. We will guide you, but you must seek your own experiences to know what is true. Experience for yourself and discover who you really are. We would add to what has been presented that it will serve you well to look upon yourself as a great soul navigating a relatively small physical body through the physical form of Earth, which physical form is at this moment experienced as 3rd Density.


Until my next Perspective be of great joy for we are transcending the conventional paradigm into wondrous new ways of being.

In Light, Love and Joy,


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