Perspective #14

 Happy 2015

I am looking forward to the New Year and the unfolding of progress to a more highly conscious humanity and a planet of light, love and unity. It is now been two years since the trumpeted event of December 21, 2012. I have seen none of the dramatic changes that had been forecasted in anticipation of it. The much heralded pole shift, dramatic earth changes, and/or the mass landing of extraterrestrials have failed to materialize. Prior to December of 2012, I too had expected to see something materialize that would make an immense impact on the life of all. Now I am watching as things play out more slowly. Rather than dramatic events, I am observing subtle changes that demonstrate a splitting from the old ways of the 3rd Dimension. I also note that the vast majority of Earth humans are clinging to their old ways of behaving, while a relatively few lightworkers are enjoying a newfound separation from rigidness and fear.

A couple of examples of what I see. The gridlock in political systems demonstrates that we are unlikely to see political solutions to the needs of the majority. We are witnessing the wealthy and powerful as they influence decisions in Washington. In my opinion there are only a few politicians willing to stand up for the ordinary people in the face of unprecedented campaign contributions and extreme lobbying. This is a manifestation of the collapse of the underpinnings of the 3rd Dimension, as the elites resist change and do everything in their power to protect the status quo. This is played out on the world stage as entrenched political structures similarly fight anything that would cause them to change in favor of the populace. Join me as an observer of the drama that the media conveys as they trumpet politics as the way to change things.

Another factor that pits the status quo against change is the relatively sudden drop in the price of oil. It has now decreased in price from over $100 per barrel to around $50 per barrel, due to Saudi Arabia’s refusal to cut back its production. This is causing adjustments to economies because all are based on oil to transport products and people, and all are interlinked. You may think that a cheaper price at the pump is a great benefit, but it will be short-lived because at $50 per barrel, the incentive to discover and produce more oil is not these. Technologies to produce more oil from existing fields (fracking) and to produce oil in difficult environments (off-shore) were attractive at $100 per barrel; they do not make economic sense at $50 per barrel. So oil companies will wait to invest in new exploration and production. Projects like the Keystone pipeline are now less economical because the cost to produce oil from the Canadian tar sands is greater than the market price. So oil companies will wait until shortages occur and the price of oil climbs, and they will hope to time things so that they have oil when the price rises and when consumers want it – a dangerous gamble. At best this will produce dramatic swings in economies around the world, economies that are far from healthy despite what the media would have us believe. Once again as an observer watch for further developments as a result of the removal of the underpinnings of the 3rd Dimension. (Discussed in my earlier Perspectives.)

None of what I am conveying is intended to produce fear. I am just pointing out the cracks in the foundation of the 3rd Dimension; as they widen, reactions will be both varied, and will influence all aspects of our lives. As I have said repeatedly, get to know who you really are. This will give you a completely new outlook on your life, and everyone and everything around you. Discover the vastness and complexities of the universe in which we live against the backdrop of who you are. Then the events that are forthcoming will have less impact on your lives.

We, the humans of Earth, are in charge of creating our own future for this planet. It is up to us as individuals to come to that realization, because sooner or later we, or our descendants, will indeed figure this out. The beginnings of where we find ourselves today happened eons ago, at a time when Earth was first coming into physical form, and humanity was first created in the 3rd Dimension. From an understanding of this we can then proceed to wondrous new adventures in higher states of consciousness.

Do we have the resources and the will to remake the Earth and her people? I believe the answer is yes. Each of us has it within him or her. Collectively we can create a wondrous new world. Will you dedicate yourself to that effort?

In Light, Love and Joy,


P.S. I am writing a book dealing with new aspects of the cosmic reality, and looking at what it means to comprehend the larger picture of whom each of us is. I expect publication within a few months.

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