Perspective #15


My wife, Heidi, and I recently returned from a road trip on which we had the opportunity to interact with people whom we would not ordinarily be with. Those encounters were quite informative, particularly when seen from an energy point of view.

My overall impression of our 2,500 miles of travel and observing people we encountered was that everyone was very busy. I observed the intensity with which people drove, particularly in the larger cities. I observed people in the fast food restaurants – yes, we did eat at one or two of them – as they wolfed down a burger and fries. I wondered whether any of them took a little quiet time each day to just be with themselves, just letting their mind float, or meditating about the positive aspects of life. Am I being judgmental? Maybe, I’d like to think of it as being observant and wishing the best for my fellow human beings. Busyness gets in the way of knowing who we really are and acting upon that insight.

At the same time I noticed a few people at nearby tables in restaurants; they seemed generally happier than usual. And the waitresses and waiters seemed friendlier. Strangers went out of their way to smile in the supermarkets. People smiled more frequently as we strolled along the beach or sidewalk. I noticed a greater number of people – men and women – smiling at me wherever I went. I noted babies staring at me. I expected this level of engagement in Pagosa Springs, but in Los Angeles or Phoenix? Is this a result of the energy I am projecting? Possibly, however I’d like to think that the overall energy of everyone is rising.

I had a chance to talk with people who expressed concerns about the situation in Ukraine vis-a-vie Russia, about how we might resolve the confrontation with Iran if only we could see them as something other than evil, about the price of oil as a gift to them personally but expressed concerns about how it was affecting the economies of different nations, about the political rhetoric in Washington that seems to escalate to the detriment of ordinary people, and about how vast amounts of money in the hands of a few was affecting everything else.

I ask them how information like this affected them personally, and whether it produced fear in them. Some said it made them fearful. Some said that that enjoyed the drama of it all. Most said that they followed it on a daily basis and that it made them wonder about the future.

I found a few people open to discussing the larger picture, particularly with respect to UFOs and extraterrestrials. I seemed to lose them when I began to talk about Archangels and the non-physical universes.

Heidi and I commented that there were people who clearly did not know we existed. People would pass by without any acknowledgement, not a fearful withdrawal, just a complete lack of knowing we existed even when we wandered into their path. I also encountered this in people whom I had known for some time as they went about their busyness, oblivious to our presence.

I see in all of this an energetic lesson. I see myself, and Heidi, vibrating at a higher energetic level so that the busyness does not affect us. (We do take time to be with ourselves. We do not have TV and pay scant attention to the daily news.) I do feel that the overall energy among the population is rising, that people see that we are living in unconventional times, and that small changes are all around us. For some this produces fear; for others it is a hopeful sign. As for those whose energies is so different that they cannot even see us in physical form, well…. I believe that people sense my energy without knowing why: some react, some do not.

Back home in Colorado, I sense that things are different. I am back to a place of calm and completely neutral about almost everything that is going on around me. I find myself taking time about things – so different from a time when I was in a state of busyness. I believe that energies are indeed changing in the larger population. I see myself changing even faster. I encourage you to take that time each day – a half hour – just to be with yourself. You can change your energies if you wish to do so; I highly recommend it.

In Light, Love and Joy,


P.S. I am writing a book dealing with new aspects of the cosmic reality, and looking at what it means to comprehend the larger picture of whom each of us is. I expect publication within a few months.

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