Perspective #6


This is the sixth in a series of Perspectives. I suggest you read the Perspectives posted at this site in the order presented, as they build on each other. Before presenting another Perspective, I pause to respond to questions that have arisen as the result of my previous five Perspectives. I offer these responses, not as one who knows it all, but based simply on what I believe and know at this moment.


Q1. When Adrial said that she would no longer provide material to post (Perspective #1) and that henceforth your experiences and understandings were to be gained by interacting directly with Great Beings of the Cosmos, what did she mean?

R: Even though she is stationed aboard Athabantian, Adrial is a non-physical being (a celestial), as opposed to an extraterrestrial or one of our star brothers or sisters. As such she is well aware of the much greater extent and power of the non-physical. By suggesting that I was to henceforth interact directly with Beings in the non-physical she was pointing me to that higher consciousness. As I will explore in a subsequent Perspective, I have been told that everything that we recognize as the physical universe was created by the Great Beings of the Cosmos under the direction of Prime Creator. That’s right, non-physical beings created everything in physical form, from Earth to the billions of distant galaxies, everything – and it required billions of years to do so as Earth scientists have discovered.


Q2. What does hyperinflation mean? Why do you believe it is likely?

R: Extremely rapid or out of control inflation, hyperinflation often occurs when there is a large increase in the money supply not supported by gross domestic product (GDP) growth, resulting in an imbalance in the supply and demand for the money. Although the threshold is arbitrary, economists generally reserve the term “hyperinflation” to describe episodes when the monthly inflation rate is greater than 50 percent. (At a monthly rate of 50 percent, an item that cost $1 on January 1 would cost $130 on January 1 of the following year.) The U.S. government along with the Federal Reserve has created trillions of fiat dollars (money without backing). In history, each time this has happened, it has led to hyperinflation. I suggest that you research examples in Germany and Argentina. I believe that hyperinflation in the U.S. will affect the world economy, as other countries hold U.S. dollars in their treasuries as a reserve currency. Whatever chaos results is another aspect of humanity leaving the 3rd Dimension behind.


Q3. What do you know about reincarnation? How many lifetimes have you had?

R: I am aware of my past lifetimes in Atlantis and as a Roman Soldier. I was told that I had incarnated on Akima, a planet in the Andromeda galaxy, but I have no memory of it. My understanding is that I have incarnated many, many times, going back millions of years. I expect to have additional lifetimes in a new physical form of one sort or another, and in the non-physical. I believe lifetimes like mine are true for all humans of Earth. It helps me to see each of my fellow humans as great souls who have chosen to experience yet another incarnation in the physical form of Earth humans.


Q4: What do you recommend that we do to prepare ourselves for the coming hyperinflation?

R: First and foremost your preparation should consist of raising your personal vibration, your consciousness. By doing so, coming events will have much less effect on you. Second, do not go into fear about forecasted events; most prior forecasts of dire phenomenon have not come true. (Personally I refuse to dwell on the many predictions of fearful events.) Third, get to know people around you, and if possible join with them in community. Fourth, accumulate physical items that will be less susceptible to hyperinflation (E.g. Food, water, real estate, and precious metals), but do this from a place of prudence, like a squirrel storing nuts; avoid doing this out of fear.


Q5: What can I do about friends and family who are not interested in awakening to the transformation?

R: First, set an example of living at a higher consciousness. Remember you are no better than anyone else, just more highly conscious. Second, offer to teach them, but only if they are interested. Third, let go. If someone asks about your ability to not entangle yourself with the fear and other aspects of the 3rd Dimension, talk to them at whatever length you judge they are interested and to whatever depth seems appropriate. Do not attempt to force your beliefs or knowing on them. It is up to everyone to find and follow his or her own path. Remember each of us has volunteered to incarnate at this time and place for the specific experiences that our souls desire. (One way to look at folks who are stuck in the 3rd Dimension is to see them as addicted to it. In future Perspectives I will offer insights on how we might help them move them away from their addiction.)


Q6: How can I experience something that I cannot touch or measure physically?

R: Have you ever had a premonition? Do you listen to the voice within? Have you ever created something based on an inspiration? Do you believe in God? Everyone is experiencing the non-physical every day in many ways; not everyone is willing to admit to it; not everyone is tuned in. Many people practice intuition and clairvoyance. By taking quiet time for yourself, by calming the rational mind, by taking courses, and by attending seminars you can learn to enhance your abilities to connect with the non-physical.

After testing new information against your internal “truth meter,” check it after a few days see how it sits with you. Are you drawn back to it? Check to see if it is based in fear or love. Fearful information is used to manipulate. Love-based material can be uplifting, but is it grounded in what you know to be true? Truthful information is balanced, grounded, and consistent, and leads you to find out more about who you really are, and what the larger truth is all about.


Q7: What happened in December 2012?

R: On 12-12-12 the underpinnings of 3rd Dimension control of this planet were removed. This was done in cooperation with the Great Beings of the Cosmos, the ones who had originally created 3rd Dimension. This cleared the way for Earth to shift into the 5th Dimension and higher vibrations. Because these extraordinary events impact the entirety of creation, Earth was, and continues to be, the focal point of the universe. On December 21, 2012 the transformation of Earth humans took another unprecedented and magnificent step forward. The path to a multi-dimensional existence was opened so that all in physical form in the cosmos might partake of it. (I will have much more to say about these events in coming Perspectives.)


Q8: What is so special about Earth? What is a Christed planet?

R: I have been told that long before she was a planet of physical form, Earth was a planet of non-physical form. (The non-physical can have form or not have form. Angels have form; Creator does not.) From the beginning, Earth was designated as a unique planet among all in the universe of form (not physical form). At that time the Christed Matrix, a non-physical energetic construct, enveloped the planet totally, held her majestically. Non-physical beings from around the cosmos visited to enjoy the experience of living in form. When the fall of consciousness took place, Earth was taken into the rigid density that we know as physical form, and the Christed Matrix no longer operated. I am being told that Earth will eventually return to the status of a fully Christed planet, and will once again shine like a star in the heavens.


Q9: Do you think there will be a massive physical event impacting Earth?

R: It is my belief that Earth human lightworkers, our star brothers and sisters, and Great Beings of the Cosmos have provided enough beneficial energy to Earth that earth shifts and other dramatic physical events will no longer impact our planet. However I do believe that we will continue to see extreme weather, floods, volcanoes, and forest fires as Earth continues to relieve herself of accumulated fear and negative energies. By maintaining a high vibration anyone will have fewer issues with whatever we are faced. (I have experienced a period of exponential growth in consciousness; I am seeing things much different today than from my former fear-based position wherein I believed catastrophic events were likely to occur.)


Q10: How do I get to the 5th Dimension?

R: It is possible to be in the 5th Dimension whenever you find yourself completely in a place of peace, freedom, and love. Many people experience this for a short time. What happens to most people is that they are soon pulled back into their habits in and addictions to the 3rd Dimension: fear, power, money, drama, anger, judgment, drugs, and other manifestations of lower vibrations. These addictions are very real regardless of socio-economic status, location, or relationships. To remain in the 5th Dimension requires one to completely walk away from their 3rd Dimension habits and addictions – good and bad. People in the 5th Dimension are proactive; people in the 3rd Dimension react to their circumstances. To remain in the 5th Dimension one must embrace peace, freedom and love one hundred percent while remaining in the present moment. In addition they must control their every thought, every emotion, every word, and every action in every instant. In this process you will discover who you really are. You cannot rush yourself into the 5th Dimension; however you can relax and enjoy the experience of getting there, and then the delight and peace of remaining there.


That will be it for now; I’ll answer more questions in the future. In the meantime, concentrate on raising your consciousness, relax and enjoy life, and remain focused in the present moment. Watch for my next Perspective.

In Light, Love & Joy,


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