Perspective #5


Happy New Year 2014, this is the fifth in a series of Perspectives based on my experiences, my knowing, my beliefs, and what Great Beings of the Cosmos have conveyed. I suggest you read these Perspectives in the order presented, as they build on each other.

Since 1987, when I first awakened to the larger picture, I have explored the stage upon which we all conduct our lives. Reacting to a hedonistic lifestyle I sought refuge in religion until it proved shallow. Reacting to an over-reaching government, I looked into the idea of individual sovereignty, but ran from it when some of the people I encountered landed in jail. I experimented with various investments; make some good decisions and some bad ones that cost me a fortune. Somewhere along the way I rejected the conventional paradigm being spun by the media, and dug deeper. This all took place during my awakening to my star brothers and sisters, to the cabal controlling our political and economic systems, and to the potential of large-scale earth shifts. As December 2012 neared I fully expected some dramatic event to change my life – changing everything in a single moment.

None of these fear-based scenarios have come to pass. Instead I have found, at last, a path though what lays before us, a path beyond the conventional paradigm, and the destiny for which we all incarnated at this time.

There remains on this planet a small percentage of humanity, many in positions of power, who are invested in 3rd Dimension rigidness. With heels dug in against changes in the status quo, they struggle to preserve their self-centered ways: religious fundamentalists who want to retain their positions of power, those who desire to preserve their power through violence, politicians who respond mainly to contributions, and the wealthy and powerful who wish to maintain their privileged status. Some of these have worked in conjunction with off-planet entities who follow their own agenda of service to self, although their former overseers are no more. Against this background, the vast majority of humans of this planet are in 4th Dimension, living their lives in the remnants of the 3rd Dimension, unaware that a new era is dawning.

Looking at our current situation I see that for some time now both the government of the United States and its economy have become increasingly dysfunctional. U.S. national debt continues to soar while the privately owned Federal Reserve loans money to the Treasury and then buys back that debt, along with interest payments, that the U.S. Government authorizes under an ever-growing debt ceiling. Computer transactions like this are carried out while a small percentage of wealthy citizens enrich themselves at the expense of the other 99%, and while meager attempts are made to address the needs of the majority of people. In addition to published national debt numbers, there are record highs for consumer debt, for off-balance sheet indebtedness, and for international speculation. This is against a background of stubbornly high long-term unemployment. Religious fundamentalists preach the old ways. The environment is struggles with yet another assault: fracking. All the while the media trumpets a robust economy, which is endorsed by a stock market at record highs.

Americans aware of the larger picture are in a state of confusion made worse by the inability of their government to govern. They see the pain of the unemployed and the impoverished in the largest and wealthiest economy on the world.  Solutions of all stripes are being proposed; unfortunately most are extrapolations of current thinking. A few recognize that we cannot use the old ways of the 3rd Dimensional paradigm to solve problems of this magnitude.

I see an unprecedented confluence of events. The American economic house of cards is now set to fall apart – not in a single moment, but rather in a painful hyperinflation. This will undoubtedly cause the economic-based American political system to undergo massive changes. How those seeking to preserve the conventional paradigm will react remains to be seen. How the rest of the intertwined world economies deal with the U.S. dollar as it falls from its position as the world’s reserve currency will be most interesting. (Most international transactions are conducted in dollars; many central banks hold American dollars as their reserves.) How commercial banks will treat dollar-denominated debt in a hyperinflated economy remains to be seen. How governments will function in a hyperinflated world economy will be interesting.

I do not present this material to create fear. From a 5th Dimensional perspective, what is coming will be a bump in the road. From a 3rd / 4th Dimensional perspective it may be chaotic. There are many sources available to discover opinions about the current situation and what is ahead. Take time to peruse web sites, videos, and books; decide which do not resonate with you, then in the future do not waste energy revisiting them, particularly the fear-based ones. Delve into those that resonate with you, find those that uplift your energy, and then move yourself completely beyond fear-based thinking.

Focus on what you want for yourself. There is a single destination that will minimize chaos for you. There is only one way of believing, knowing and behaving that does not rely on extrapolating the current situation. There is only one location that is in harmony with the planet and the rest of the universe. And yet it is not a destination at all, rather it is a gateway into what lies beyond. That gateway is the 5th Dimension, which means a much higher vibration, embracing who we really are, and getting in touch with your soul. In this process you can learn to walk tall through the chaos. Now is the time to practice how you will walk; do not wait until events are upon you. The 5th Dimensional situation includes asking all of our brothers and sisters to join with us to create a totally new civilization based on light and love.

There are several paths to the 5th Dimension; I suggest you begin today to find the one that suits you. For me to recommend a unique path to the 5th Dimension interferes with your free will and your excitement of discovery. I have found the process of discovery and then embracing our unlimited future to be the most important thing in my life. Join me as we move into the transformation of Earth, and discover the incredible journey we have before us.

More next time.

In Light, Love and Joy,


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