Perspective #7


This is the seventh in a series of Perspectives. I suggest you read the Perspectives posted at this site in the order presented, as they build on each other. For this Perspective I diverge from my past pattern to present a conversation with one of the Great Being of the Cosmos: Lord Melchizedek.

Last evening as I was preparing to fall asleep, I asked Lord Melchizedek to provide me with a vision of what Earth will be like after the upcoming transformation. I wanted this in order to provide everyone with something to hold onto during any intervening difficulties on the path to the New Earth. What follows are his words.


Dear Mark, it is my pleasure to be here with you to provide this vision for your readers. We of the non-physical realm have awaited this opportunity for many years as we watch you and other lightworkers slowly come to a point where they could exert influence on the entire planet, an influence that would ensure a complete transformation into what you call 5th Dimension. In reality it is a returning to the way that things were on your world many eons ago before the fall of consciousness, with the exception that in those long ago days things were not so rigid. So now we have the prospect of coming out of a rigidness with which all have lived for the past millennia into a time of fluidity. What that looks like I shall now endeavor to paint for you.

First the fluidity will apply to the relationships that you will have with each other. You will have learned during the difficult times that it does not serve you to judge others for you never know who is going to behave in a certain way. So those of you remaining on the planet will have a very tolerant attitude towards all, allowing everyone to be who they wish to be without judgment.

That is a very interesting prospect.

Yes perhaps something that you did not expect. Now let me continue as follows.  Second the fluidity will apply to organizations, for you must have some level of organization in order to function as a society. Organizations will be fluid in that there will be no domination of one human over another. People will have come together to serve their own interests as well as the interests of the larger society. In doing so they will look to some who have a skill of leadership and others who are content to take on a particular task because they enjoy doing that job. By approaching things in this way all the required tasks will be fulfilled and any organization will be complete in getting the job done.

This transmission is truly wonderful in that it flows as few have done in the past.

Thank you, I was trusting that this would be the case, shall we go on?

Yes, please.

Mutual respect is the next attribute that will be evident. This quality is necessary for each person to possess. Mutual respect comes from knowing that each person is operating from the directions of his or her soul. Each physical manifestation is the creation of a non-physical eternal being who is expressing itself in a certain way in order to contribute to the larger society as well as experience certain things in a given lifetime. In many cases the lifetime you will now encounter has been ongoing for many hundreds of years, so the accumulated experience and knowledge is quite wonderful. This leads to the mutual respect each has for one another.

Before I go on to specifics I want to touch on one more aspect of how people will look upon each other in the New Earth. Each will see the other as an expression of the Creator. Each will honor the other as a unique essence that is being manifested at this particular moment. This is in sharp contrast to how you view each other today on Earth. There is much prejudice against another for the slightest difference in skin color, belief, or even the way in which one is dressed. Think about an entire society where each person recognizes the other is an essence of Creator. What a grand difference this will make in all functioning.

This is truly a marvelous vision thank you.

I have more. Now let us look at the essentials for life in a less rigid existence. During the phase immediately after the transformation, the humans who are present on the planet will still require the basics such as food, water, and shelter. These will be supplied by a variety of organizations such as I have spoken of. You all will be in much less rigid bodies, but these necessities will still be present as long as you have some degree of form. Since you will not have access to the old ways of transportation, based on fossil fuels, new ways of moving things from one location to another will be used. Do not overlook your powers of manifestation for each person will have the ability to manifest everything that they require, from an individual piece of food to a source of water to a shelter from the climate.

This picture seems idyllic. How long will it take for this picture to complete itself?

That is totally dependent on the speed with which individuals accept that they are in a new world and that they have the ability to manifest whatever they wish. I foresee that it will happen much more rapidly that you may imagine, after all you are a Divine being of Light and as such you have access to these abilities as quickly as you believe that you do.

What is necessary for us to embrace this magnificent vision?

Simply determine that this is the way in which you wish to live and it will be become a reality. It really is that simple.

I’m having a difficult time seeing myself getting from where I am today to this place.

As long as you cling to the prospect of a difficult transformation, it will be difficult. Allow yourself to flow toward what I have given you. Allow yourself to believe it is possible; then knowingness will come upon you.

This is quite a vision I have presented this morning. I will stop now to allow you to put it into shape for posting.

Thank you Lord Melchizedek. It has been a great please to communicate with you. May I ask a question?

Of course.

Will our physical bodies of the New Earth be comprised of cells and DNA?

 Physical form will be quite different than you now experience. You cannot extrapolate from what you perceive as physical form today to what will be the physical form of the future. It will be as different as water is from ice.

Thank you; that really helps.

There will be more communications at a future date — if you wish.

Yes, I do indeed wish that.

I will leave you for now. Blessings, Mark

Blessings to you also, and thank you so much


Mark’s Perspective: According to my sources, Lord Melchizedek is the Great Being of the Cosmos who holds all history of the cosmos physical and non-physical. Since there is no linear time in the non-physical, what is our future is already present to a Great Being of the non-physical.

This communication has caused me to look at myself in terms of where I had been dragging my feet, carrying baggage from the 3rd Dimension and clinging to the momentum of physical form that is present on planet Earth. Although I have come far from being addicted to the 3rd Dimension, I see that I was holding onto the idea that the transformation will somehow be an extrapolation of the current physical form, when in reality it will be much grander. When I fully accept the powers that I am uncovering within myself, I can manifest and function as Lord Melchizedek has described. It is only my remaining addictions that are holding me back.

I had been holding myself back from accepting the wondrous world ahead – but no more! I am now ready to plunge into what lies ahead and do my part to manifest a magnificent New World along the lines described by Melchizedek. Will you join me?

In Light, Love & Joy,


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