Perspectives #4


This is the fourth in a series of Perspectives based on my experiences, my knowing, my beliefs, and what Great Beings of the Cosmos have conveyed. I suggest you read these Perspectives in the order presented, as they build on each other. This particular Perspective is another foundational message so that you may better comprehend what I am going to say in future Perspectives.

Shakespeare said, “The world is a stage, and we are but the players upon it.” This is valid, however I want to take it further. As I see it, the Earth, the other planets, the distant stars, and the galaxies are all the grand stage of the universe; they comprise “physical form.” Physical form is an energy construct (E=mc2); that is, it is energy compacted into rigidness by those who created 3rd Dimension. (More about these beings another time.)

I am being told that all of physical form is less than 1% of All There Is; that’s right, physical form comprises much less than 1% of all of creation, physical and non-physical. In fact physical form is such a rarity that there are beings in the non-physical who are unaware that physical form even exists.

Let’s take this one more step: My body is physical form. It is the costume I wear for my part on the stage of life, a vehicle for navigating this lifetime. The real me is far more than my physical body. The distinction between me, and my physical body, is important, as we are about to see. Once again our bodies are energy constructs; they were created as physical expressions to experience whatever our souls desired for this lifetime.

For several thousand years, we lived in a collective consciousness, a box: “The “3rd Dimension.” (This was an energetic construct, a quasi-physical underpinning of our behavior.) 3rd Dimension referred to the ways in which we interacted with each other, and the ways we saw our lives (our boxes). Earth’s 3rd Dimension was a collective consciousness shared by all of humanity present on the Earth at any moment. 3rd Dimension was not the same as physical form. Rather, 3rd Dimension occurred within physical form. The rules of our 3rd Dimensional boxes were based on rigidness, separation, judgment, duality, fear, reaction, and violence, plus all that stems from these. Our rational minds were in charge of our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions, and with keeping us safe in this generally fearful environment. The underpinnings that held the 3rd Dimension in place were removed on 12-12-12.

As with most of the rest of humanity present at this time on Earth, those of you reading these words are now in 4th Dimension. Now what most people perceive as the conventional paradigm, the 3rd Dimension, is a carry over, left over momentum from their earlier boxes. In the 4th Dimension, you have the ability to choose to operate from the lower vibrations of fear, etc. or choose to live according to feelings of peace, happiness and love. In 4th Dimension, you fluctuate between your rational mind, your higher mind, and the feelings that come from your hearts. 4th Dimension is a transition consciousness that all who were in 3rd Dimension must pass through on their journey to the 5th Dimension. 4th Dimension is where one learns to walk away from attachments to the 3rd Dimension.

In the 5th Dimension we operate totally apart from the rational mind, and think from the higher mind, our hearts and our souls. The 5th Dimension is an energetic construct without rigidness, without boundaries. The 5th Dimension is a collective consciousness but so much more. The basis of the 5th Dimension is love and light. To maintain ourselves in the 5th Dimension, we must control every thought, every emotion, every word, and every action in every moment; otherwise we slip back into 4th Dimension.

The 5th Dimension is the gateway to the unlimited cosmos, to the higher Dimensions, and to the non-physical. The 5th Dimension is the home of both physical and non-physical beings. All beings who are non-physical exist in the 5th Dimension or higher. Once we access the 5th Dimension, we know who we really are: great souls occupying physical forms. (Before we just believed that was who we were.) There is virtually nothing that the rational mind can comprehend within the 5th Dimension. There are few words to express the experiences that can be had in the 5th Dimension.

To fully embrace the 5th Dimension is a gradual process. I have been at it for three years and am just now able to hold myself in it. As I have experienced the 5th Dimension, I have seen fear and other aspects of the 3rd Dimension fall away. As I more fully embrace the 5th Dimension I am truly able to “be in this world, but not of it.”

As I am able to hold the 5th Dimension, all my former beliefs from the 3rd Dimension have disappeared. I am no longer interested in who is doing what evil thing to whom. I no longer wait for someone to do for me what I am able to do for myself, because I have come to learn how powerful I really am. Programming from my childhood and later years has disappeared and I now feel the most free I have ever felt. Most importantly, I have learned to like myself without conditions, and to laugh at my missteps.

One of the best ways to move into the higher vibrations is to take quiet time each day to discover who you really are. Start with a few minutes, then move onto more. Take a walk in the forest or on the beach. Sit quietly with no music or other noise. Quiet your rational mind, listen to the voice within, and in time you will know that you are one with all in the universe.

Due to the efforts of a dedicated group of Earth’s lightworkers, along with Great Beings of the Cosmos, the path to the 5th Dimension is now more open than ever before. I believe achieving the 5th Dimension will happen much more quickly for you than it has for me.

Welcome to the next step in your evolution as a great being of light. Welcome to discovering who you really are, and living as that being. In the 5th Dimension you too will experience peace and beauty, as you have never know them before. In the 5th Dimension you will get to know the universe as it truly is. In the 5th Dimension you will find out who you really are. Find ways to experience this wondrous adventure. Let go of fear and its offspring. Reach for the next step in your evolution: A great soul experiencing all that life in physical form has to offer.

More next time.

In Light Love and Joy,


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