Perspective #8 REVISED

NEW This Perspective was revised to reflect the use of the word “Density” rather than “Dimension.” We believe this will aid understanding of the material presented.

This is the eighth in a series of Perspectives. I suggest you read these Perspectives in the order presented, as they build on each other. This particular Perspective is a departure from what I have presented in prior Perspectives.

I have been requested hereafter to refer to the Great Beings of the Cosmos as “The One.” This reflects the fact that The One is a collective of many, many Great Beings of the highest order (all of non-physical form) who will manifest a spokesperson, as my human mind requires, including a name if I so desire. For the moment I am quite content to communicate with this very wise collective.


So here we go: The following is a compilation of a series of communications from The One (italicized) intertwined with subsequent conversations. It has developed since my last posting. We are speaking below about the Phases humanity will move through from its current 3rd Density orientation to the 5th Density.

Phase 1 We see that the majority of humanity behaves as if the 3rd Density is all that there is. This is true for those trapped in poverty as well as the privileged who are trapped in their power and wealth. This is true for those who are aware of the larger picture but choose to ignore it as well as those who know nothing beyond their current existence. It is based on the momentum of many eons of 3rd Density rigidity, not on the reality that the underpinnings of the 3rd Density were removed in December of 2012.

In this Phase 1 of humanity’s transformation, many have moved into the 4th Density and a few are operating in the 5th Density. Some are proposing new ways of organizing and providing necessities. A small percentage grasp the need and innovate solutions to everything from a better money system to ways of attaining sustainability without fossil fuels. These innovators are in every society and region of the planet. They are operating at a 4th Density vibration wherein their actions are not based on fear but rather on a vision of something better for their lives and the lives of others. Most often they create the new from what they know, rather than looking beyond extrapolations to embrace a completely revised picture.

Lightworkers who understand the picture beyond know that their individual energies are serving the totality of humanity. They paint pictures of the grand adventure that stands before each individual who chooses to move into the higher Densities. By their example of living at 5th Density vibrations, they are easing the road for all to attain higher vibrations, both those with whom they come in contact as well as many who are unaware them.

During this Phase, humanity will experience a number of changes. Many familiar structures of society will collapse. These include the monetary systems, multi-national corporations, transportation, and governments. Weather will become even more extreme than already experienced. Civil unrest will likely occur in locations most impacted by events. It is also necessary that the psyche of humanity disengage from the 3rd Density, leaving it behind for a much more beneficial existence.

Furthermore, it is necessary for Earth to cleanse herself from the remaining aspects of the 3rd Density, thus extreme weather, volcanoes and an overall warming of the Earth will continue. (The massive earth shifts previous predicted will no longer occur.) It is anticipated that the remaining portion of Phase 1 will require the next two years. Many who are in the 3rd Density will gave up their bodies. All Earth humans surviving The Transformation will be in the 4th Density.

Phase 2 We see a near future when most of humanity is functioning from the 4th Density, while a few have already moved into the 5th Density. This Phase occurs after individuals have turned their backs on the rigidness and fear of the 3rd Density in favor of a more beneficial way of life. There are several levels to the 4th Density, each at a higher vibration. The highest level allows the individual to step into the 5th Density.

During this Phase many innovations will come into reality to replace the technologies of the 3rd Density. New ways of providing goods and services will emerge. A new monetary system will be created. New forms of government will spring forth.

In this Phase individuals know that the wealth, domination, fears, judgments, and anger of the 3rd Density no longer work. They know that there are better ways to live and are actively pursuing those. However the new ways are primarily extensions of old 3rd Density ways of doing things, and/or reactions to old ways. Most individual have not yet grasped the full significance of moving into the 5th Density. They may see the benefits of living at the higher vibrations, but their rational minds still cling to working things out mentally.

During Phase 2 religions that are based on domination, dogma and rules will be tested. The followers of such religions are expected to adhere to the rules and embrace their dogma. In addition, a priest, minister, rabbi, mullah, or other spokesperson is designated as a leader of the followers of the religion. It is within this set-up that followers of a religion give up their personal power. This dogma and rules scheme will not continue in the 4th Density where individuals learn who they really are and find direct connections to Source.

A similar situation exists for those who rely on a particular book or other sources of information. If one relies upon a printed text, the rational mind is engaged as one studies the words; the heart and soul are put in a secondary position, and one’s energy is given to the printed words. In the 4th Density one learns to trust him- or her-self as the source of truth and to integrate larger truths into their lives.

Expecting outside influences, such as beings from other star systems, to save humanity will effectively be dismissed during this Phase. Phase 2 does provide the opportunity for off-planet beings of form to make their appearance, however it is to assist in the work of restoring the planet, not making life easier or saving humanity from taking responsibility for Earth.

Lightworkers are much more visible during this Phase, to teach paths to the 5th Density and to assist, but most importantly to set examples of living at higher energies. Although relatively few in number they will influence all in the current human collective. The picture we see is of luminescent balls of light amidst many grey and black balls without strong light.

Phase 2 is a transitory phase. It exists to allow the individual to accustom him- or her-self to living without rigidness and fear. It will exist for as long as necessary for all in the 4th Density to ascend to the 5th Density. Phase 2 may require many years as time is currently calculated; however recall that time is collapsing.

Phase 3 We see that it will require quite a long time for all of humanity to experience the 5th Density. Some will have already arrived as we communicate to you this day; others will require many, many years to achieve this vibration. The 5th Density has several layers, from an entry level to the most advanced that launch into higher Densities

We are able to provide but a few words, as 5th Density is experiential. The rational mind does not understand what takes place in this and the higher Densities. By the time they ascend to the 5th Density, humans will have learned to control their every thought, every emotion, every word and every action – primarily by slipping back into the 4th Density whenever fear or its manifestations intrude. They will have come to experience themselves as souls directing bodies in less-physical form, will eventually attain the ability to create, to communicate telepathically, and to travel. They will experience who they are as individuated expressions of Creator, will realize they have unlimited and eternal futures, and they will love themselves.

While lightworkers have eased the path to the 5th Density, entry is not automatic. There are no rights bestowed based on a single action; there are no shortcuts. Each human being must decide for him- or her-self that they wish to ascend to the 5th Density and are willing to take the steps to make that happen.

There is much, much more to the 5th and higher Densities. We look forward to welcoming you into this wondrous realm where you will come to know who you really are, where you will truly love yourself, and where you will be in perfect unity will all.


I am most pleased to present this posting in conjunction with The One. Please watch for future posting at this site.

In Light, Love & Joy,


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