Perspectives #3


This is the third in my series of Perspectives where I provide what I know from my experiences, and indicate what I believe because it resonates with what I know. I am providing these Perspectives to point to pathways to higher consciousness and to moving away from the 3rd Dimension.

A few years ago, my life was ruled by beliefs. I was caught in a web of beliefs about evil aliens controlling the Illuminati who in turn controlled my life through the government, financial system, religions, and corporations.  I believed that those wishing to control mankind would cause a worldwide epidemic from which I needed to shield myself. I believed that major earth shifts would cause the oceans to inundate large areas of North America, and that I needed to find a safe place to live. I believed that some huge object from outer space would erase Earth’s civilization, causing me to stockpile provisions. Looking back, I see that my beliefs caused fear within me and caused me to act in ways contrary to my best interests. I now see that I was deeply immersed in the 3rd Dimension.

Oh sure, I believed there was life after death, and that I would probably reincarnate in another lifetime. I remained hopeful that humanity would gradually pull itself upward, but did not see that happening any time soon. I hoped that some benevolent ET race would come and save struggling humanity from itself. I knew I had a soul and that there was a God but I didn’t spend time getting to know either. At one point I made a list of all the things I knew for sure – it was a very short list, based on a limited number of personal experiences.

I now have had a series of experiences: Wrote books in conjunction with off-planet beings. Posted messages from a group of Andromedans and celestials. Created an institute along with the Andromedans. Allowed others to speak with ETs and celestials through me. Have seen the world from the vantage point of my soul. And most recently experienced total unity with All There Is. These events have changed my life forever. I no longer just believe. Now I know. And I no longer have fear, and I no longer resonate with the 3rd Dimension.

By reading these Perspectives I hope that you will be motivated to examine your beliefs, and find out what is true for you. Furthermore I hope that you will seek experiences to verify the larger truths, and learn who you really are. My wish is that you may enjoy great experiences like I have had with the non-physical — sooner rather than later.

It will be most helpful both to me, as I express my thoughts, and to you who are attempting to understand my words if we can arrive at a few common understandings. Please bear with me.

First there is the whole subject of “believing” versus “knowing.” In my experience, most beliefs originate with someone telling something to someone else. We “believe” what parents, teachers, ministers, and the other kids tell us. We believe what the media presents. Then we make judgments based on others’ words, others’ beliefs. Which of your words and actions are based on beliefs that you have received from another?

“Knowing” on the other hand comes from experience. What do we truly know for sure? Are the things we know, or think we know, the result of personal experiences? Knowing is not the result of someone else telling us something. We feel knowing, as opposed to believing that comes through our rational mind. Some combination of knowing and believing forms the basis for our words and actions. It is critical to identify that basis.

Which leads me to the whole subject of “thinking” versus “feelings,” and “feelings” versus “emotions.” When we are observing, recalling, or thinking about events or people, most of us use our rational minds to put things into words. Our rational mind puts limits on what we may know, say, or act upon in the interests of keeping us in our 3rd Dimensional box.

Our emotions come into play whenever we feel fear or any of its derivations, such as anger or hatred. We feel emotions about people or events, and we make judgments. There is a difference between emotions and feelings. Feelings are of a higher vibration: love, joy, peacefulness, and freedom. Feelings are the way to hold onto experiences and the knowingness that comes from them. In the 5th Dimension and above there are no words to describe experiences just feelings.

Is it possible to know things without experiencing? Most definitely, intuition, clairvoyance, and channeling provide means whereby we can know about events, concepts, and beings, particularly in the non-physical.

Am I asking you to believe me when I communicate what I have experienced, what I know to be true? No, I am telling you about my experiences and knowingness in hopes that you will be motivated to open yourself to things outside the 3rd Dimensional box. I have had experiences of the non-physical, as will you in time. I know of things in the non-physical. I want to point the way to a journey into knowing who you really are, not just taking someone else’s belief for it.

In Light, Love & Joy,


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