Transformation Part 2: Structures

The messages at this site are the result of communications between Mark Kimmel and beings who are not the current indigenous humans of this planet. The communications have been verified as coming only from those who are of the highest Christ Consciousness. There are now 135 messages on this site; they build on each other. For their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008 (archived below). They detail the transformation of this planet, our place in the universe, and a positive outlook for our future – if we are willing to act. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to create a new civilization on Earth. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth, and live it.

This is my 15th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2010 that involves communications from off-planet beings and other non-humans. It is with great pleasure that I again welcome Adrial, a celestial of this universe. This communication is the second in a series of messages dealing with the transformation of Earth’s civilization.

Greetings. Let us now speak about the monetary systems of all countries of your planet, and how they are designed to underpin those in power, even as they appear to support the activities of ordinary citizens. The introduction of debt is a way for the government to create more money than the wealth of an individual country can generate. Fiat currencies are an illusion that people support with their trading in goods and services, but it is not real it is an illusion. It is an illusion that will sooner or later crumble bringing with it the governments of countries.

That you have interlocking countries that trade with each other recognizing the fiat currencies of each other is a further pyramid of illusion. Today other counties carry the fiat currency of the United States as treasury reserves; this is the pinnacle of a debt based monetary system. It is a grand illusion perpetuated on the people of this planedt by their governments.

Those within the high ranks of the government and managers of the monetary system recognize the house of cards they have built. The central bank of each country, the EU, the IMF, and the IBS, all participate in this debt based scheme to expand trade and commerce beyond the limits otherwise imposed by natural forces. Currently they are straining to maintain an illusion of stability.

This grand scheme is about to be broken. Countries have inflated their currencies by issuing excessive debt. Fiat currencies are all being inflated in the name of sustained growth despite contrary factors, for it is only under the illusion of continued expansion that a government can continue in power. Ordinary people foolishly expect their government to care for them. Governments care for people within their higher ranks. In turn, they care for little else than staying in power.

How has this scheme of things become the situation on your world? It has happened because agents of the dark energy are at the very top of your governments and monetary systems. These non-humans work behind the scenes to insure their own power and wealth. They cleverly ensnare willing humans (remember everyone has free choice) to assist them, to partake in their power structure, in their extraordinary wealth.

How does a willing human align with the non-humans? Any human who allows greed and the lust for power to rule his or her life makes a silent contract with the agents of the dark energy. You have had movies about people selling their souls to the devil to allow them to achieve more than they would without such an arrangement. The truth is very much like this. Ordinary people who aspire to the top ranks of wealth and power cast aside the yearning of their soul to serve their fellow man, cast it aside to join the ranks of powerful and wealthy. Once they start down this road they telegraph their willingness to do whatever is required to achieve their ends. They will climb over others on their way to the top of government, the financial world, or corporations. They will do anything, including murder, to achieve their ends. And the non-humans in charge welcome them to the ranks of the powerful, knowing full well that they are now captive to the system. Thus is born support for the organization known to you as the Illuminati.

As for the transformation, all of these manmade structure, these grand illusions will disintegrate. The transformation of Earth’s human race requires that all such structures fall by the wayside. These manmade structures and systems — monetary, corporate, and government — are in the process of failing. The U.S. dollar has been eroding in value for many years, as it has been inflated with massive amounts of unsecured debt. The monetary scheme and the government it underpins will soon fail. With its failure will come a worldwide collapse of other monetary structures. The transformation of your planet demands that all such monetary systems and their associated structures disappear. When this happens, most commerce and its underlying systems will cease.

Beyond the failure of the monetary system and governments will arise simple structures build around the needs of ordinary people to trade with each other, to live lives of mutual respect, and to provide the necessities. On other planets there exist monetary systems that are in the best interests of the people. With the help of your star brothers and sisters the transformation to this type of a monetary system will unfold. But first, the existing system must be disappear; it will, and quite soon. The resulting chaos will cause many dislocations. The recovery from this part of Earth’s transformation will be neither swift nor without hardships. All are advised to prepare for it.

Thank you Adrial, your message further assists our understanding of what is occurring about us, and to us.

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In Truth, Love and Joy,

Rev. Mark Kimmel

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G20 and Summary

I have now returned from my two weekend Gatherings and a brief vacation. Both Gatherings were memorable for the exceptional people who attended as well as heart-felt interactions. This was my third trip to Costa Rica (at the invitation of a special group of people there). I continue to be amazed at the openness of everyone in that country to the larger reality. Many have had contact experiences for years, and continue to receive messages on a regular basis. I find it such a contrast to folks in this country. The gathering in Denver was also very special, producing new insights into the times that are fast approaching.

As I have said before, the messages on this site build on each other, for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008. They are the situation on this planet and our place in the universe as communicated to me. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they have sparked your curiosity. As always I encourage you to seek out your own unique truth.

This is my 28th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. The following is a brief message from Bren-Ton of Andromeda plus a summary, in my words, of the posting to this site since the first of the year. (The summary in no way is an adequate substitute for the beautiful words of the original postings – read the originals!!)

Greetings to my brothers and sisters on Earth, I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda. At this moment in Earth history, the governments of your planet rise and fall based on the strength of their monetary systems. The current attempts by the G20 nations to clobber together a new world reserve from a basket of currencies highlights the weakness of the American economy plus the shakiness of the other economies as well. These are unprecedented moves by the industrialized nations. You are living in unprecedented times.

You will look back on this meeting of the G20 as a historical moment when all came apart. The economies of your world have grown to massive proportions, based on the system of issuing debt. It is a house of cards, ready to collapse.

From our vantage point aboard starcraft orbiting your planet, we see the governments slowly crumbling, as they are unable to supply the needs of their populaces. We do not see that the current efforts will results in a strong solution, rather they will exacerbate the weaknesses inherent in the debt based monetary systems that are used to control Earth’s human population.

This is the beginning of the final phase of the transition. From here it will gain momentum, despite the showing by the stock markets and other outward signs. Your current government structures are built on the greed of those in power. I look forward to speaking to you again soon.

The following summary, January through March, is from Mark’s Corner:

Moraine: Transitioned Earth

• We will see many changes as earth is restored to her former brilliance. Disease is a 3rd dimension manifestation of frequencies generated by agents of the dark energy. It will be gone as those who have been sending disease will be gone. Food will taste more delicious and be more nutritious. Water will be pure. The climate will be moderate. Since there will be no urgency to achieve, just “being” will feel normal. We will have many more years of life.
• All will operate from a place of love. Fear will no longer dominate. We will love everyone who transitioned, recognizing them as fellow survivors. Each person will wish to cooperate with others to maximize the good for all. This will form the basis for “collaboratives” to use at all levels of organization. Telepathy will be restored to directly communicate truth, ideas, and opinions. There is no hierarchy of power; everyone will operate in the best interests of all. Leaders will operate from the basis of love, equality, and non-judgment.
• Money will be available for all. Money will not be lent or hoarded; it will expire after a period of time. No one may charge interest on the money given to another.
• Extraction and burning of fossil fuels will be halted. We will generate electricity by utilizing certain crystals, like those that power starships. These crystals are present on Earth, some occur naturally; our brothers and sisters from Altair have brought more.
• All gasoline and diesel-powered forms of transportation will stop as we transition to new technology. This will be done in such a way that our civilization will not crumble, nor return us to the stone age. The armada will provide some vehicles to transport food and people.
• Time will be measured by the rotation of the planet. The seasons, along with the moon, will be gone. Humans will experience a more relaxed way to live, as will animals and plants. We will discover more about being one with all. We will not feel pressure to perform or to survive.
• The surface of Earth will be altered by earth shifts, and by the heating of the planet. Sea levels will rise. Weather patterns will alter the face of the planet. There will be disruptions in life as we know it. Provide food, water, and shelter for a few months during this interim time.

Bren-Ton: Structures & Beliefs

• All structures function with the objectives of serving the needs of those who control them. It is beliefs that give them cohesion and longevity. Fear enters into the belief – structure equation by making people who are fearful subservient, and willing to give up their rights. The transition to a civilization of light will require that rigid structures and beliefs be abandoned. They will be replaced with truth, oneness, and love. Structures are ingrained in all humans of this planet, from those in primitive societies to those working for multi-national corporations. Elitists are at the top of any structure because they epitomize its beliefs. This is true for political, corporate, financial, educational, and religious structures. The humans we observe on other planets do not have such rigid structures.
• Truth is something that is very hard to determine; there is much circulating among you that is based on beliefs. These beliefs are used to control you. The belief that a structure is necessary is what gives it power over you. Laws are structures based on beliefs that they are necessary. Beliefs and structures are the opposite of knowing and living with the truth that all is one.
• Before the dark energy invaded, our distant ancestors knew from which star systems they came, knew that they were related to each other, and knew that they needed to cooperate in order to prosper. They did not see the black, red, yellow, and white races as so different. After the dark energy altered our ancestors’ DNA, the resulting primitive humans, overwhelmed with fear, descended into superstitions and rituals. Structures of control have been imposed, based on the principle that humans were somehow fundamentally flawed, and that powerful “gods” had the right to control them. Competition and differences were introduced. It was only a small step then to placing non-humans within any structure so that it followed the specific intent of the dark energy.
• From time to time the light of the Creator asserts itself. Explorers, entrepreneurs, artists, creators, or innovators, see that life can be better and set out to achieve something despite the complacency of others. It is these examples of the light that have brought the star people here to assist us.
• Oil companies are the epitome of large multi-national corporations. The current civilization of this planet is defined by oil more than by any other structure. Burning fossil fuel has addicted us to a way of life that has become the bedrock of our modern civilization.
• The belief about the flawed individual was injected into us by the dark energy many thousands of years ago. It is this premise that has allowed structures to be put in place to control us. When government
s see people as flawed, it allows them to exploit those governed.
• This belief of a flawed individual is the basis for most religions. Your belief, and it is only a belief, that you are fundamentally flawed is incorrect. Once you see yourselves as flawless, you will accept all your brothers and sisters in this universe as loving relatives, not as lesser or greater beings. The universe is basically good; you can be a part of this goodness.
• To move forward with Earth, you must learn to flow with energy, learn to abandon rigid structures. By establishing collaboratives everyone would be part of a new type of structure.
• What is different this time is the “on the ground” assistance from our brothers and sisters from other star systems and the vast armada of starships. We will remove the dark agents, forcing the last vestiges of the dark energy to withdraw, causing structures and beliefs to collapse. They ask, “What will you create with such a level playing field?”

Jesus: Christ Energy

• My primary purpose in incarnating on this planet was to bring the Christ energy to you and your ancestors. I did not intend to establish a religion. I did not come here to die for your sins.
• The Christ energy that I brought to this planet with my incarnation is unique, but at the same time universal. It is a facet of the Creator’s love focused on the relationship between one being and another. If you walk with Christ energy, you will assume a new gentleness, a new tolerance, a new way of moving within a group, and a new friendliness. The quality of Christ light is like that of aquamarine: it has the colors of the rainbow.
• The Christ light that I brought to this planet has done much to assist the development of your modern civilization. The Christ energy has kept the light of the Creator alive. The Christ energy transcends all beliefs. It is a powerful force for good. Its effects have been largely wiped from your historical records so as to minimize its impact on the positive aspects of civilization.

God: One

• Before the universe of time and space, before the spiritual domains, before all, I determined to undertake a grand drama in My universe. In connection with that decision I created oversouls to assist Me. I charged the oversouls with allowing Me to experience every aspect of diversity. Each oversoul is capable of individuating many souls simultaneously, each containing the Creator’s light. As I look out at My vast creation, I see all as one and I embrace all in love. None of my oversouls have specific names as they are all of My energy field, and not truly separate from Me.
• You are an individuated soul, meaning that your oversoul has allowed a piece of itself to become your soul for this lifetime. All was known to your individuated soul prior to your birth. On the one hand it is like you borrowed this fragment of your oversoul for a time; on the other hand this individuated fragment, even after it is reunited with your oversoul, will forevermore be known as you. Do you see how you are one with Me? How you are one with other individuated souls from your oversoul? How you are one with the souls of other oversouls? Understanding this, how could anyone do anything but love all My children?
• I created planets and inhabited them with all manner of plants, animals, and self-conscious beings. The oversouls supplied individuated aspects of themselves, souls, for each of these material creatures.
• One of the My oversouls decided to find out what it was to live with diminished Creator’s light in the souls he was individuating. He determined that the fear which emerged in the absence of the Creator’s light was a substitute for love, not a fully satisfying substitute but nonetheless a substitute.
• A struggle commenced between the oversouls of the light and the oversoul of darkness. The oversouls of the light, determined not to yield to the dark energy, stepped up their individuation of souls with strong light. Strong individuated souls volunteered to live on planets dominated by the dark energy. The dark energy retaliated by individuating souls on planets where the light was the strongest.
• Earth volunteered to host incarnations of the dark energy, those who functioned principally out of fear. After a few hundred thousand years of increasing fear and planetary destruction, Earth’s called for help; my children of other star systems came to her aid. Earth is emerging as a planet that will be predominately of the light. After the light has fully vanquished the dark energy from Earth, and the agents of the dark energy have been removed, you who remain will exist in a veritable paradise. Only those who see all as one will accompany Earth to her new way of being. My grand drama is now entering its final act, in which darkness will be balanced with the energy of light.

Bren-Ton: History

• One million years ago Earth was a pristine paradise. All mammals, fish, birds, and insects comingled in harmony; all were vegetarian. There were no adverse bacteria, and no viruses or funguses. There were no seasons as the tilt of the planet was vertical. There was no moon.
• Four races, numbering about ten thousand in total, were brought from nearby star systems: black, yellow, white, and red. The idea behind this experiment was to blend these four races. The colonists who came to this planet from the four star systems were all volunteers. They were about as technologically advanced, as was your civilization two hundred years ago. They were not driven to evolve, because Earth was such a paradise, everything was here for them. They were a very spiritual people, and knew about God and celestials. These were not a primitive people: They had been transported by starcraft from their home planets. They knew of the larger picture, knew of advanced technologies.
• The dark energy descended on Earth, about a half million years ago; there were many changes resulting from the fear that overwhelmed everything and everyone. So fierce was the fear that males and females were transformed into barely human savages. Overnight they were changed from caring family members to selfish individuals, from accepting to suspicious and judgmental. After a short while, physical entities under the control of the dark energy came to Earth to create beliefs and structures. They were seen as gods.
• Earth’s axis was tilted so that she now produced seasons and her poles were shrouded in ice and snow. Overall she cooled from a moderate temperature to seasonal with latitude fluctuations. As a final insult, she was harnessed with an artificial satellite that tugged relentlessly at her waters and land.
• However the light of the Creator had not been totally extinguished. In each generation, and in each region of the planet, there were a few who could not be manipulated by the priests of religions or the strongmen of governments. These were hunted down, persecuted, and killed, but the Creator’s light did not disappear. It reemerged in others who continued to lift primitive man out of the darkness.
• Lemuria was colonized on islands in the Pacific Ocean to assist the red and yellow races. Atlantis was created in the Atlantic to assist the white and black races. After a time, the dark energy infiltrated these two colonies and they too began to set up structures and adhere to beliefs not beneficial to their inhabitants. They lost their connection to the star systems that had originated them, and diminished their connection to God. They engaged in a war that resulted in the detonation of nuclear weapons creating some of Earth’s deserts.
• The evolution of human civilization on Earth has been driven somewhat by the influence of the survivors of Atlantis and Lemuria as they mingled with humans. Many of our inventions have been the result of ideas planted in the minds of individuals by those from other star systems. Indigenous peoples habitually communicate with star people. The cover-up of in
teractions with beings from other planets within your governments and corporations is a power play, intended to induce fear and maintain power structures.

YOU MAY COPY THIS MESSAGE, AS WELL AS OTHER POSTINGS TO MARK’S CORNER, AND DISTRIBUTE THEM. Please do so in total, preserving all notations and attributions. We are in a time when this information is valuable as a source of truth amidst confusion.

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In Truth, Love and Joy,


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After Interim Time Part II

It has been my privilege to receive, transcribe, and publish messages from certain of our brothers and sisters from other star systems, and other distinguished sources. These messages are available in the archives of this site. They are filled with hope, love, and reverence for that which is uniquely Earth, and uniquely Earth-human. I encourage everyone to pay close attention to these messages as we are entering unchartered territory: Nothing like our current transition has ever happened to the humans of Earth during our long history on this planet.

This is my 2nd posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. Today we welcome back Moraine from the planet Supsten of the star system Altair for a continuation of the message posted three days ago.

Thank you, Mark, I am pleased to be able to communicate with you and others on Earth about these matters. Justine and I, and the others from Supsten, have been members of the armada for less than a year of your time. We were asked to come here to assist in the final stage of the transformation of Earth: the creation of a new civilization. I wish to explain now, how you, the people of Earth, may find yourselves after the transition, and what you can do with it.

As a result of the transition, you will find those that remain on your planet operating from a place of love: Fear will no longer dominate your lives. You will see others through the eyes of love, seeing them as your brothers and sisters. You will recognize them as fellow survivors of the great transformation.

If you then organize yourselves based on that fundamental premise, you will understand how we constructed our associations on Supsten. I see it as a wonderful basis upon which to formulate things as it takes into account the needs of all.

Assume for a moment that everyone sees the light in each person, including himself or herself. Then how would they treat that person? I believe they would want the best for them. They would love themselves as a survivor, and they would love others as survivors, as fellow participants in building a new society.

I would then propose that the next step to organizing would be a cooperative effort. Each person would wish to cooperate with others to maximize the good for all. Let us dub this type of organization a “collaborative.” It is different from the agricultural and insurance cooperatives on your planet in that it does not seek to make money. An example may help. Let us say that a group of people, a small community if you will, wishes to have a bakery. One of its members is good at making bread. All agree that a bakery would be beneficial. All agree to contribute whatever they have to make it a success. No one thinks about making money on this adventure, there is just the desire to have the fruits of a bakery. One person provide flour, another oil, another sugar, another the fuel for the oven. In the end you have a bakery in operation. All receive bread. No one is left out. It is like the efforts of a large family – indeed you have become an extended family.

Now let us look at organizing a larger community. Keep in mind that your abilities to receive the thoughts of another person, and transmit your own, will have been returned to you as a part of the transformation process. So you will be able to communicate truth, ideas, and opinions. Utilizing this, you will easily be able to tell when you are organizing for the benefit of all, and when you are not. So we now have a larger community with the intention to band together. They wish to use the model of an extended family. They wish to operate from love and from the recognition that each person is important, and, most importantly, there is no hierarchy of power of one over another. Everyone is willing to operate in the best interests of all. This will be a new way of seeing things, so it may take a while to get it going. There may be a few mishaps as people slip back into old ways of seeing and doing. However in the end, if you adhere to the principles of cooperation based on love, you will find yourselves with an organization of almost any size that seeks the best for everyone involved.

On Supsten, we found that we were able to organize things quite well using this model. I do not know if it will work on Earth, but I would encourage you to try it. Is there a need for leadership? Oh yes, there will be leaders, but they too will operate from the basis of love, equality, and non-judgment. They will be people who happen to have the particular skill of leadership. They will not be rulers. They will not be attempting to control others.

This then brings us to a medium of exchange, money if you will, or currency. If we have an organization, however large or small, it will eventually need to have a medium of exchange. Put into this model that money will be available for all. There is no scarcity. Currency is simply a medium of exchange, something that every person recognizes is of value, intrinsic or not. On Supsten, we agreed that money could not be lent or hoarded. No one may keep our currency as a means of building wealth; it expires after a period time. And no one may charge interest on the money given to another.

Back to our example of the bakery, if the members of the collaborative wish to contribute money for the purchase of a baking machine, money is contributed to the baker. It is not lent. There is no expectation of making a profit. Money can be used to buy the bread, or other things can also be used to trade for the bread. Anyone in the community who has a need for bread will have it.

What about those who can manage money well versus those who do not? Since money cannot be hoarded, it limits the ability of one person to seek an advantage over another. If a person needs help in determining how to spend their money, one of their brothers or sisters will step in to assist.

Does this sound idealistic? Probably so, however, if everyone is operating from the basis of love, and that is where all will be after the transition, then this type of organization, this type of money, will be quite feasible. We made it happen on Supsten. I believe you can make it happen here on Earth. If you do, you will produce a wonderful new civilization.

Not everyone will be able to contribute equally, depending on his or her skills. For example, children will not be full contributors. Once again, if you are coming from a basis of love, communities will organize themselves quite well. The weak will be cared for. Keep in mind, as I said in an earlier communication, there will be no disease, yet some will naturally be stronger, some will have more ambition, some will have leadership skills. Not everyone will be equal in desire. Nonetheless all will all be accommodated under the umbrella of love, telepathy, collaboration, and the desire to do the right thing. It is the desire to operate in this way, plus believing that it can be done, that will ultimately cause it to happen.

What I am advocating here is a new civilization for the people of Earth, much like we have been able achieve on Supsten. It will be drastically different from any known on this planet since the early days of humanity. It will be a return to those glorious days. It will be sustainable. It will be in concert with Earth and her bounty. Fear will be replaced with the light of love. This is the level playing field about which Justine and Bren-Ton have spoken. Look upon it as a wondrous opportunity, and you will make the most of it. Yes it will be challenging to construct such a society, but the benefits are enormous.

Thank you Moraine. I look forward to more communications from you and the others aboard the starcraft. We eagerly await your arrival.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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11-14-08 Leadership

The following communication was provided on 11/13/08 and on 11/14/08. This is my 20th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order. Also, after you read my other writings, you may gain a greater appreciation for the material presented on these pages. Today we welcome back Justine from the star system Altair.

The problem with human organization as currently structured on this planet is that they remove and impersonalize those at the top from those at the bottom. This allows those at the top to believe that they are somehow better then those at the bottom. Once this begins, then the power and wealth factor kicks in and those with money believe they are better than those without it.

This scheme was put into place by the dark energy and its agents. They descended onto this planet with superior technology and powers. They looked upon themselves as better than the humans of this planet, and they required the indigenous people to worship them as gods.

Your modern organizations retain these characteristics. As one ascends in the ranks one loses touch with that which ordinary workers are doing. Those that enter the organization without having worked among the majority of workers, never make that connection. Soon it becomes a mark of elite that they do not get their hands dirty with the work of ordinary people. Soon they begin to consider themselves above all. In their elevated lifestyles they compete only with each other and distance themselves ever more from the common woman and man.

Those who are slightly lower on the pyramid envision themselves climbing to the summit of power and wealth. They align themselves with those at the top so that they too might have what those at the top have. Then they too lose touch with their brothers and sisters in the lower ranks.

On my planet Supsten, it was a tremendous advancement in civilization when we recognized that every human was of equal worth. We then began to honor each regardless of their station in life, age, sex, etc., regardless of the “job” they were doing, as important and worthy of our love and full recognition. Then we extended this to the issue of money and it became apparent that money should be made available to all in equal measure and no one should be accorded more regardless of how they contributed to the whole because each was essential to the functioning of the whole.

This then brings us to the question of leadership. Leaders are simply those who have a particular gift of insight into the bigger picture, are willing and able to speak up, and are willing to work in this way. Leaders are no more or less important than anyone else; they simply have a talent that they are using. On my planet we do not reward leaders any different monetarily than we do someone who is cleaning the streets. The street sweeper is providing a necessary service, is a valued member of the community, and is a brother or sister just like anyone else.

Because of this attitude we have many people who find joy working in fields to harvest food, and are satisfied sweeping streets. We have others who are happy to maintain our libraries or head up our institutions. Individuals are recognized for their contributions in many ways, but not monetarily. Thus everyone may have a comfortable dwelling, everyone has sufficient food and clothing. Luxury items such as a boat are shared among many people, so that a single family does not hoard items like these.

I know this sounds like a radical departure from that which you have today on your world. Keep in mind that the agents of the dark energy established the whole pyramid scheme of gods and wealth. It was a way to get people to compete, to see each other as different and separate. It is an artificial scheme, not part of the Creators plan for honoring all as important. Once you reopen your ability to communicate telepathically, this way of life will become quite natural.

Once humans see each as important, they will then see the various manifestation of Earth as important, and honor each aspect of her beauty and functionality. Each of her creatures will likewise be honored for its role in supporting the whole.

Yes, this sounds utopian to your ears. Yes it is a long way away from where you are today. However, some of you reading this message are to be the leaders of the new Earth. How better to begin than by honoring all your fellow humans as beautiful, worthy, and unique individuals. Money can be a medium of exchange, not something to be accumulated and used to triumph over your fellow man.

I am Justine of the Altair star system. May we all move forward to create a brilliant new civilization for Earth.

Thank you, Justine.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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