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Over the past three months it has been my great privilege to receive, transcribe and publish messages from certain of our brothers and sisters of other star systems, plus other distinguished sources. The content of these messages has been both relevant and unexpected; I am humbled by my participation with them.

Past messages are available in the recently re-activated archives of this site. They are filled with hope, love, and reverence for that which is uniquely Earth, and uniquely Earth-human. I would encourage anyone to pay close attention to these messages as we are entering into unchartered territory: Northing like our current situation has ever happened to the humans of Earth during their long history on this planet.

December 23, 2008: This is my 29th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read my earlier postings, preferably in chronological order. They may be accessed in the archives at this site.

Today we welcome back Justine from the planet Supsten of the star system Altair. At the end of Justine’s message there is a brief communication by Bren-Ton from the Andromedan star system.

Some of what you have transcribed, from the others and from me, refers to the difficult time ahead for mankind, as Earth and her human residents transition to a new way of being. Today, I would like to convey what it was like on my planet before, during, and after its transition. I hope to give a positive picture so that people will be enticed to remain on Earth to rebuild her civilization. I am conveying this information because so much of the story of my planet, Supsten, is similar that of Earth.

I realize that you will have some difficulty visualizing what conditions were and are like on my planet, so it is perfectly acceptable to visualize it in terms familiar to residents of Earth. Suffice it to say, my home planet is similar to yours in most respects, after all it is the home of humans very much like you, although if you were to visit there you would immediately see some differences.

After the agents of the dark energy, who had controlled my planet for a long time, were tossed out, we examined various opportunities to restructure ourselves. (Once again I emphasize that our situation was not as extreme as the situation on this planet.) The first thing we did was to reorder agriculture so that it served the needs of those close to where food was being grown. Our population was already clustered in places where there was adequate water and good soil, so this was a natural process. Tending it agriculture quickly became a noble task, one that was sought by many, even those without experience. It took some seasons of experimenting, but eventually the techniques were stabilized, or I should say reestablished, for the basis of simple agriculture was know, and only had to be revived. The controllers had previously distorted the growing of food for their own ends.

I might add that we included raising farm animals as well as planting seeds. Farm animals were prized for their eggs and milk. Some animals were also used as food, but this was not their primary function. Raising animals only for consumption was not encouraged, as they required too many resources. Our main focus was on agriculture and that could be consumed immediately after harvesting. Fish had been farmed; this was continued in a humane way. Despite having our waters restored to pristine condition, initially we did not have energy or equipment to harvest our oceans for fish.

This brings us to the whole subject of energy. After the transition period, we were without many of our old sources of energy. Before the transition new energy sources had been introduced, despite attempts by the dark energy to suppress them, but they were not in widespread use. These new energy sources created electricity. It was then up to us to discover ways to utilize their electricity for transportation and other aspects of a modern civilization.

Our initial attempts were to adapt them to conventional vehicles and equipment. This provided a short-term solution for farm equipment and for transporting food locally. It also provided for heating of our homes. Our world did not have the extremes of temperature that yours experiences, so we did not have to cope with freezing cold. We, who are in orbit, are well aware of your plight as you cope with winter. We will do everything in our power to keep the electrical grid functioning, as an interim measure, through the use of our energy crystals. We will not keep supplies of natural gas flowing.

Back to my message about my planet after the transition, picture it as a newly created paradise where all manner of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains were grown. We also grew some herbs and spices. Salt was harvested and distributed among communities. So we had the basics of an agricultural based civilization.

I will not presuppose to project exactly how your civilization here on earth will be recreated. That is why we encourage you to tell us how to you wish to proceed. Do you want an agricultural based new civilization or something else? We on Supsten are very happy having agriculture as the basis of our society. What will yours be?

One change, which you will develop as you are transitioning, is the ability to move on, despite external conditions. You have a saying that goes something like this, “ Those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.” I submit that a better saying would be, “Ignoring the lessons of history is the only way to move forward.” What we found is that we humans of Supsten had the ability to totally set aside the current paradigm, particularly once we discovered that it was just a batch of energy forms.

By setting aside all of our history, science, religion, power structures, and institutions, and starting anew, we were able to come up with that which better met our needs. We listened to the wisdom of those who were not of our society and learned from them what was possible, what they had achieved, how they had structured themselves, how they related to each other, how they related to the planet, and how they related to God.

The level playing field, which was created by the removal of the dark energy, left us with almost infinite possibilities. Once we shed our controllers, we discovered marvelous ways to what was in our best interests. The best analogy that I can give you is that it is like adopting a new philosophy. If you will absorb a new philosophy completely, dismissing the old, you will see things differently. Now if extend this to all aspects of your life, to your society, to your relationships, you wind up with a new civilization. This is what we are advocating for you of planet Earth. A new civilization that brings along with it none of the old ways as dictated by the agents of the dark energy, a new civilization based on love not on fear.

Think about it, what would it mean to have an entire civilization based on love? First you would love the planet, and all that it provides for you, honoring it in every instance. Rather than seeking to dominate Earth, you would cooperate with her to bring forth her bounty. Rather than seeking to dominate each other, you would see each other as valuable ingredients in your lives, ingredients with which you could experience new delights, some spicy, some sweet, some bitter, some sour, but all delightful in their uniqueness.

Love would mean thinking of others at the same moment that you think of yourself, including the welfare of and benefit to others in your every action. Then your structures would be based on the best for all concerned. They would no longer be constructed to control others. Your U.S. constitution was based on the concept that people were fundamentally flawed, that people needed to he restrained and controlled. We see that the basic nature of humans is to love and to want to be loved. Create a new constitution that has that as its basis. Compl
etely dismiss the current structures of government that are based on a flawed need of some to be controlled by their betters, or the more powerful. Domination is NOT the basis for a love-based society. So you see that everything would be different. On my planet Supsten, we are now operating from this point of view. Those of us, who remained on the planet after the chaos, saw that this new approach was the only way to survive, the only way to build a new society.

As one who lived through our time of chaos, I can attest to the difficulty of operating in the midst of everything falling apart. It was very stressful. It required all we could do to keep going, to pick up the pieces, to construct something of value. However, as I now look back upon those times, I value them greatly. I have a tremendous sense of pride. We created a new civilization on the ashes of the old. There is something quite glorious about that. I hope you will accomplish the same. If you do decide to stick around for the transition, you too will be rewarded with a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

After the withdrawal of the dark energy, many of our institutions collapsed, because those who had been in charge were no longer present. This was exacerbated by the loss of many of our people – those who had decided not to continue with the rebuilding of the planet. Amidst this chaos, we recognized that we had to find ways to get ourselves organized so that we could provide the basics for those that remained. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, was convinced that we needed to find new ways to organize. You might visualize for yourself the widespread dissatisfaction with the old ways that had led to so much chaos, and the desire for a new state of harmony. It did not take long amidst the chaos for people to wake up to the need for new ways of doing things.

So we looked around and determined that the only things we had any control of were those within our immediate area. That is how it began, organizing within local areas. In my case, I had been living in a city of about 250,000. One half the population was no more. So we were down to 125,000. Even this was most difficult to work with because of transportation and communication needs. So we broke things into neighborhoods, organizing each neighborhood around the needs of those within it. By that time we had recovered the basic necessities of life: food, water and shelter. We were able to communicate telepathically so that we could determine what each person, within the neighborhood, needed, what each person desired. We all attended frequent meetings to discuss new way to organize. Some wanted to pattern it after the old; others argued for completely new ways. In the end, a new way carried the day.

The new organization went way beyond any existing neighborhood organization that happened to be in place before. We set out to secure a safe source of water. We needed to provide for food growing and distribution. A catalogue of the talents available to us was composed. Those with particular skills were each noted. In this process we became a very tight knit community, looking out for the needs of each person within our group. We also set up regular contact with other communities that had formed within other neighborhoods. There was no competition, just a spirit of cooperation. Everyone was so devastated by the chaos that we simply wanted to live and to get along.

You asked for a description of our homes, all right here goes. Our structures are much like yours, except that we do not have such a grand supply of wood, so our structures are made of brick, stone, masonry, etc. They would resemble the structures in your southwest that your indigenous peoples built. Mud or dirt mixed with water makes a fine building system. We have taken the art to a high level with many nice finished over the basic building structure. This was true for my entire planet as we had few forests. Not that they had been cut down, it is just that they never were, due to soil and climate. You of Earth are most fortunate to have your grand forests. You do not appreciate what a beautiful and bountiful planet upon which you live. I, Justine of Supsten of the star system Altair, wish you the very best during your time of transition, and stand ready to assist.

Bren-Ton is joining us now with a short message: I wish to provide a preview of an event that will take place quite soon. As others and I have told you, the moon is an artificial satellite. We will rotate it so that its dark side will face Earth. That side has never been shown to you surface dwellers before. You will be able to see the structures on the moon with the naked eye, or more clearly with a telescope. This will signal the unfolding of our appearance, our interaction with you. For this we do not require that your governments initiate a stand down. In fact, this should encourage the governments of your world to do so that our ships might finally show themselves.

That’s it for today folks. In Truth, Love and Joy,


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