Year-end Summary

The first message I received from Justine, one of my brothers from the star system Altair, was posted at this site on September 25, 2008. Since then I have posted a number of additional communications from him, from Bren-Ton of Andromeda, and from others. The following is a summary of these messages.

All 2008 postings can be found in the archives of this blog. I encourage you to examine the individual postings as they contain contexts and details that I have not captured in this summary. As I reviewed these communications to prepare this summary, I was so touched by their clarity and inspiration — well beyond my abilities to create — that I was almost unable to complete this encapsulation. I am most grateful to those who chose to communicate these messages through me, and humbled by their import.


• Our brothers and sisters from other star systems are here in large numbers. An armada of their starships is in orbit about Earth. At Earth’s invitation, they have been supplying light to enable her to recover. They are also here to assist us through our transition. Many of them are already here on the planet.

• They see themselves as our brothers and sisters because their ancestors brought life to this planet. Like us, some of our brothers and sisters are embodied spirits; others are quite different. Our original human ancestors were highly conscious, believed in God, and knew from whence they had migrated.

• They see our transition as already underway. They see us as enslaved by our current beliefs and institutions, and by our traditions. They point out that some of our man-made institutions, like the economy, are already under severe stress. In their view the economy, government and other institutions will soon be replaced with ones attuned to the needs of the majority of Earth-humans, not designed to benefit the wealthy and powerful, as is now the case.

• As a part of the transition, many people will choose to cling to their traditional beliefs. Only those who have turned their backs on the current paradigm will remain on Earth to become the leaders of a new civilization, and the caretakers of Earth when she is returned to her pristine state.

• A dark energy descended onto this planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. It engulfed the planet and her people with fear, creating chaos, and degrading the nature of Earth’s human occupants. The agents of this dark energy, physical beings, appeared as gods to the humans, setting up the structures of enslavement that are in force to this day, including false premises and a morass of beliefs. They caution us to recognize that these agents of the dark energy are very real, infecting all of our institutions.

• Our off-planet allies will cleanse Earth’s environment, as well as remove the agents of the dark energy and all humans who do not wish to remain. This will create a level playing field on which we, the remaining humans of earth, will create a new civilization. The moon, an artificial satellite, placed here by the dark energy to harness Earth, will be removed. Earth’s climate will be returned to overall moderate by shifting the axis of rotation. These actions will shift weather patterns, and cause some volcanic and earth-shift activity.

• As many of us as possible — those who are willing to assist — are invited to remain on Earth. We are cautioned to prepare for this time of transition by securing food, water, and shelter. As an interim measure, our relatives from Altair will supply us with a source of electricity to replace burning hydrocarbons. We are reminded that our personal energy of light can do much to assist others during these times. They are seeking leaders with whom they can work.

• Our brothers and sisters point out that all is energy; our physical reality on Earth the slowest in the galaxy. Energy shifts are affecting our physical bodies. Time is speeding up. We are advised to view our surroundings as a stage upon which a grand drama is taking place, and savor our time here. They encourage us to adopt an attitude of loving observers to what surrounds us. They also point out that we are consenting to the current paradigm and that if enough of us decide to change it we can.

• The Christian church, formalized under Constantine, was forced upon traditional Roman society. The leaders of the church used a decree about homosexuality to gain leverage over the Roman army. They see our religions as a form of mind control. Our brothers and sisters assert that they “know” there is a God, and work in concert with Him.

• They have shared what life is like on their home planet and how our lives can develop after our institutions, like capitalism, crumble; telling us that a civilization based on love would be dramatically different than that which we have know for the past hundreds of thousands of years. Respecting our diversity and uniqueness, they invite us to tell them how they can assist us to create a new civilization unique to Earth.

• Our brothers and sisters plan to make an appearance in their great starships – they do not commit to a specific date. This “jolt” will provide the final impetus to the grand transition of humanity, causing many changes to our previously held beliefs, and to our institutions. They ask that we see them as other humans, not as gods.

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January 1st is just around the corner. Our brothers and sisters who are here to assist ask us to communicate our vision for what we would like for the new humanity. Please direct your meditations of the 1st toward this and keep it in your heart on the 1st and every day of the new year.

Happy New Year!

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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