After Interim Time Part I

During 2008 it was my privilege to receive, transcribe, and publish messages from certain of our brothers and sisters from other star systems, and other distinguished sources. These messages are available in the archives of this site. They are filled with hope, love, and reverence for that which is uniquely Earth, and uniquely Earth-human. I would encourage everyone to pay close attention to these messages as we are entering unchartered territory: Nothing like our current transition has ever happened to the humans of Earth during our long history on this planet.

January 3, 2009: This is my 1st posting to Mark’s Corner for the new year. Today we welcome back Moraine from the planet Supsten of the star system Altair.

Thank you, Mark, it is my pleasure to communicate once again with my brothers and sisters of Earth. For those of you who choose to stick around for the transition to a new civilization, the first thing you may notice is the absence of disease. You may already recognize that all diseases are frequencies that reveals themselves in 3rd density as viruses and other agents of disease. The dark energy and its agents generate these frequencies. We will stop this process by eliminating those who are causing these frequencies. When the dark energy and its agents, human and non, are no longer able to create and transmit new energies of disease, all on the planet, human, animal and plant, will function in uplifted ways. Earth will be happier as her residents will be healthy, no longer battling to overcome unnatural diseases.

The next thing you will notice is that your food will taste more delicious, and it will be more nutritious. You will require less of it to sustain yourselves and you will expel less of it after deriving value from it. This is because your food will be free of unwelcome ingredients, and your body will be free of bacteria that clog and debilitate your digestion. With a clean source of water, you will feel more refreshed with the simple act of consuming it. You will have less desire to add substances to water or to seek alternative drinks.

You will also feel a more comfortable environment as the temperature of the planet will have been restored to a moderate climate. This will mean fewer clothes. You will enjoy being outside just for the pure enjoyment of being outdoors. You will require less shelter, less housing, and fewer distractions from being with Earth in her natural state. This may appear to be a more simple life, and that is true, but you enjoy it as a release from the many artificial means you had previously employed to conquer your environment. Think of people who live in tropical latitudes; they are able to enjoy a much simpler lifestyle, wearing less clothing, and occupy simple houses.

Today diseases and insects accost people in the tropics. What if they were no longer present? What if their water was pure? What if they were satisfied with less food because it was more nourishing? Many of you would say that this might become boring after a while. You might ask, “What am I to do?” What if the answer was that you are to merely enjoy being? What if there was nothing that you felt that you had to do?

This is another big change: There will be no urgency to do! Please understand that this need to be occupied with doing was implanted within you by the dark energy. How did the dark energy encourage its slaves to work for it? It did so by implanting in them the need to survive. Just “being” is a normal state of humanness, not constantly doing, not scraping to survive, not clawing to the top of the heap, not operating from fear.

I lived through the transition on Supsten; it was a marvelous transformation. I am looking forward to seeing such a transformation on Earth, to assisting such to occur. My physical body is much older than yours, Mark. Part of the transformation process is that you will be given additional years of life. Plan on it. Without the debilitating effects of disease, and impure food and water, you will easily live for a very long time by your standards. Your ancestors, as referenced in your ancient writings, lived a much longer time than is common today. Aging is an artificial frequency that will no longer be at work after the transition. Your body, regardless of age, will be transformed into a vessel with minimal aging processes. So you, and others who so desire, will be able to assist the transition for a long time.

As others have told you, the humans of Earth are already in interim time. We estimate that the most difficult of times will last a few months, depending on personal circumstances. So having sources of food, water, and shelter for a few months is sufficient. We will rectify and reconstruct things quite quickly once the process is begun. We do not yet know when all will align for us to commence.

My blessing to you, Mark. As you know, we have a special relationship from lives ago. That wonderful smell you are sensing is to confirm my reality and to encourage you to continue. We know it is sometimes very lonely pursuing this path.

Thank you Moraine. I look forward to more communications from you and the others aboard the starcraft. We eagerly await your arrival.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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