Adrial returns

Good morning Mark, I come to you today to begin a series of communications that will touch on many of the things people are experiencing plus what they might be hearing about.

Good morning Adrial, this sounds exciting and most welcome. (For those of you who do not know Adrial, she is a celestial from the Andromeda Galaxy. She currently resides aboard the starship Athabantian that is in close proximity to Earth. This starship and all aboard are at a high frequency so that we, and/or our scientific instruments, do not detect them. You may find prior communications from Adrial at this site.)

Let us begin in this way, Mark. Your planet, Earth, exists in a sector of the Milky Way where consciousness is quite different from other sectors of the Galaxy, and all other areas of the vast physical universe. It is much different than the galaxy of Andromeda that resides at the 14th Dimension. The energies of consciousness are much lower here due to the errant actions of certain Creator Gods who experimented outside Creator’s Grand Plan. These experiments led to the overall lowering of energies in a sector representing a small percentage of the star systems of the Milky Galaxy.

Earth originally existed as a beautiful planet of light, a jewel of the universe, one of the most beautiful planets anywhere, a 12th dimension Christed planet. She became entangled in lower consciousness first, due to visitors from other planets whose consciousness was very low, and second by the actions of the Atlantians who carried out experiments that almost led to Earth’s total destruction.

This event is known as the Great Catastrophe, or the Fall of Consciousness. It affected all in the universe, for we are all one, but affected most severely those planets and their populations in this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.

We give you this background so that you might see that many visible UFOs and extraterrestrials who are involved with Earth are from these darker star systems of the Galaxy and are functioning at 3rd and lower 4th Dimension consciousness. They have been exploring space for millions of years, have advanced technologies, and have conquered other planets, all for self-centered reasons.

These lower dimension ETs have been interacting with Earth ever since it was reconstituted by the great nonphysicals as a 3rd Dimension planet, after the Fall of Consciousness. These lower dimension ETs have wished to dominate this planet for its rich natural resources. Thus we designate them as those who function in service to self, or self-centered.

They have been coming to Earth for many hundreds of thousands of years, first as exploratory probes, later to enslave the primitive population, then later to genetically and energetically alter the population of Earth to better suit their requirements, and finally to create joint operations with certain people to continue their plans for complete domination.

At the same time that the dark ETs have been influencing humanity from their self-centered perspective, many other efforts have been underway, and are still being carried out, to uplift humanity from its primitive beginnings to modern humankind. Those efforts also included both energy and genetic modifications to humans. One focus of those efforts has been to upgrade the human brain and neurological system. These efforts were undertaken by ETs who had NOT been affected by the Great Catastrophe, for example the Arcturians, the Sirians, and the Pleiadians. A large number of nonphysical beings such as myself were also involved in this effort. I was not personally involved, as I remained attached to Andromeda. I was an observer of efforts carried out on behalf of Andromedans by the Sirians, Arcturians, and Pleiadians.

Which leads me to a brief discussion about levels of consciousness and communications such as this. Mark, you have now reached a level of vibration where you and I can discuss things at a very similar level of consciousness, much as we are doing now. You can now receive exactly the same communication that I might have sent years ago, when you were in a lower vibration; however today you will understand it differently and type different words than in that lower vibration. In other words, one’s level of consciousness determines one’s ability to receive communications from non-human beings with minimal coloring of the communications with their background, beliefs, and rational mind.

There are a large number of communications being presented on your Internet and social media. Some of these are from humans whose consciousness is high; some of it is from humans who are still functioning from lower energies of fear, anger, hatred, greed, misinterpretations, and domination. Some of these are conscious efforts; some are unconscious. Be selective about which messages you allow into your consciousness. Messages based on lower vibrations serve only to depress one’s consciousness. This equally true for messages from your television news media as well as print media, Internet news, and news from your social media. Use feelings from your heart to determine what is beneficial to you.

Beyond this sector of the galaxy, all star systems are of a high consciousness. Many in the universe do not even know about your 3rd Dimension planet or about dense physicality. Your planet, along with the other planets of your solar system, and all other planets of this sector of the galaxy, is ascending to join with this larger realm of planets of love and unity. Lightworkers, icebreakers, and wayshowers are leading the way for humanity and Earth to, once again, be a beacon of light, love, and unity. It will take many years for all on your planet to achieve higher consciousness; your contribution today will speed this process.

Blessings, Mark

Blessings, Adrial


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Good Morning Adrial

Good Morning Mark. Today, I would like to communicate with you about death.

That is a topic I seem to be faced with because of those around me who are very sick.

Yes, we know.

Let me begin. From my perspective, death is very misunderstood on your planet. While it is generally acknowledged that something survives life in a human body, there is no clear understanding about it. Also there are those among your population that do not believe that there is anything beyond life in a human body. Couple this with the many superstitions about life forms outside the physical body and you have a situation that is ripe for producing fear.

You may recall that life on Andon was terminated at the will of the individual vehicle of form in conjunction with the individual’s soul. This is the normal way in which beings who are functioning at a higher consciousness go about leaving their vehicle of form. It is a joint effort, a joint decision, and the event is both peaceful and effortless.

That is quite a contrast with what exists on Earth.

Yes, that is the situation. Because many humans of your planet exist in rigid 3rd Dimension form they must contend with a dense physical body that does not readily communicate with their individuated soul. Therein lies the problem. It is further complicated by the belief among many of your planet that there is but one life in physical form.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Reincarnation is a wonderful and beautiful experience. You have the opportunity, or I should say your soul has the opportunity, to experience many lifetimes.

Mark, you have experienced thousands of lifetimes. You have experienced lifetimes in physical form and semi-physical form. You have experienced lifetimes on this planet and on many other planets. This is not your first lifetime on Earth, although it has been many thousands of years since you were here previously. Your most recent past lifetime was on Andon in the Andromeda Galaxy. There you lived in a semi-physical form at a high level of consciousness.

When you decided – in conjunction with your soul – to lay down your body and come to Earth, it was a joint decision. It was a peaceful ending to your life in form in the Andromeda Galaxy. It was not decided on a whim or carelessly; it was very deliberate. You felt that you had accomplished all that you had come to Andon to do and wished to move on to another experience.

Contrast this with people of this planet who are not in touch with their souls so they do not have the advantage of making such a decision consciously. Such decisions are undertaken by their souls who determine when they have had enough experience in the physical vehicle.

It is at that time that the body is freed to die. Yes, it is a simple decision that this vehicle no longer serves the soul, that it has completed its usefulness. Like the driver of a mechanical vehicle the soul makes that decision.

Depending on the energy of the body, it will then open itself to the onset of death. It will be a peaceful, rapid death if the person resides at a higher consciousness. Or it may be a lingering process if there is value to be gained by a longer, more painful process.

The Western medical establishment views approaching death as an opportunity to provide all manner of medication and procedures to keep the patient alive. This is very fear based. It is ingrained in your society that it is all-important to remain living, despite the quality of life, despite the decision by the soul. This latter is of course not recognized by Western Medicine.

So it is fear that to a large extent that determines the avenue of death. It is a lack of understanding that reincarnation is a vital process throughout the universe. Souls have incarnated since the beginning of space/time and even before. Souls will continue to reincarnate long after Earth and its human population is no more. Each individual of Earth has experienced many thousands of reincarnations ahead before this lifetime.

Back to the manner of the death of this body, when the soul decides it is time to depart, it will open the body to disease and accidents that heretofore had been avoided. The body is not in charge of this process; the soul orchestrates this. Then the factors of fear, comes into play. If there is a clear understanding and a welcoming of the next lifetime, then the transition can be quite peaceful. This is a very individual point of view and is usually unconscious.

Are saying that we attract disease or accidents to our bodies?

Yes. As we have discussed before, each individual’s energy attracts or repels energies at all times. Mark, you have learned to control some of this and are learning to do more so. Most people live unaware that they radiate energy at every moment of their lives.

From your perspective, Adrial, why do some people fight against death?

There are many reasons, Mark. There is the influence of loved ones who wish them to remain around. There are unfinished projects. There is fear of the unknown. And there are all the stories about death that they have been bombarded with since childhood.

If one can successfully upgrade the human body, it can live for hundreds of years. This would be quite a challenge, given the one would be surrounded by people who believe in shorter lifetime and would look upon them as freaks of nature. Nonetheless it can be dome by acquiring a lightbody and changing the DNA, glands, and neurological system.

So, death is not as commonly believed?

In other societies, notably those based in Eastern religions, the idea of death is more closely understood. Some are able to depart their bodies at will. However they have a misconception of reincarnation. The soul decides when it wishes to reincarnate to achieve certain experiences. Generally, it would serve no purpose to reincarnate into a lesser material form, for the soul is always reaching for higher levels. Also the soul can choose to reincarnate on any one of a trillion planets, so the opportunities are also limitless, why reincarnate as a dog?

I conclude from this that those who exist at a high consciousness where the soul is integral with the physical body can make a joint decision about “laying down the physical body,” death. Whereas those who exist at a lower consciousness, where the soul is not integrated with the physical body, are left with the unconscious decision of the soul as to when it wishes to abandon the body, and is left with their energy signature as to the experience thereof.

That is correct, Mark.

Wow, thank you, Adrial. This has been most wonderful.

You are most welcome, Mark. I have desired to communicate this for some time. It is part of the reason that I suggested you get the training to raise your consciousness – so that you might better understand and be able to convey this information to others.

Again, Adrial, my gratitude.

We will speak again. Goodbye. Blessings



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From Moraine

Good morning, Mark, it is I Moraine.

Good morning, Moraine. What a pleasant surprise. I’m very happy to be communicating with you. I miss our conversations; it has been too long.

I agree, it’s been quite a long time. I find it easier to speak with you now, Mark, or should I call you by your old name, Bel-Don?

I believe it will be easier for the readers of these words to use my Earth human name, Mark. They will soon realize that you and I were close friends when I lived on Andon, in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Yes, Mark, I believe they will be most surprised to learn that you were a female during that lifetime.

It will be a surprise, all right. I was surprised when I learned about it – only a few months ago. I hope my readers they will be able to stretch their thinking.

It’s most interesting to observe you as you go about your daily routine. I am with you at all times, even in your private moments.

I find that a little disconcerting.

I don’t judge you, in any way, just observe, for your life here on Earth is so different from what we experienced on Andon.

That is quite an understatement. On Andon we all lived at a much higher level of consciousness, lived in semi-physical form, and lived for many, many years, several times as long as typical Earth humans.

I recall very well when you became aware of what was about to take place on Earth: The climax of her resurrection. You studied it for several hundred years before you decided to become a part of it. I could understand your interest in Earth and her resurrection, but could not find it within myself to actually assume an Earth human body, as you did.

Coming into a human body has been quite a struggle. Just accommodating to a dense physical form was quite a challenge. Then choosing a male body was another hurdle. Then experiencing the various stages of growth from child to adult. It has been a real adventure.

You asked me to remind you of the life you had on Andon. Do you recall any of it?

I remember very little. So, please, my memory needs help.

Andon was, and still remains a semi-physical planet. Because we were semi-physical beings on a semi-physical planet, we had none of what you have here on a rigid planet of the 3rd Dimension.

We did not consume food, as you do here. We received energy directly. It is fun to watch you enjoy the delights of Earth food. (I can almost taste what you experience.) We did not work, as you do here in order to make money with which to buy things. On Andon we manifested whatever we wished, be a house, or an environment. We did not need automobiles for we could transport ourselves to wherever we wished to go. We were at peace for we all recognized that we were one. We were in perfect unity with one another. There was no fear, greed, lies, or violence.

Whew, what a difference, just reminding me of these things helps me understand why I had such a hard time accommodating to my circumstances here on Earth. I have never felt, until very recently, totally comfortable with my human body. I see others around me juggling for positions of advantage, be it in terms of money or power, be it in small ways or large. It is ingrained in Earth humans, particularly males.

Mark, you should feel quite good about what you have accomplished while in your human body.

I do, yet I seem to want to do more, particularly in light of the drama being played out at this time, and in light of the knowledge and consciousness I have acquired.

We of Athabantian observe that Earth’s drama is finally coming to a tipping point. While we know it will ultimately result in a return of the planet to its former golden age, we cannot discern exactly how that will all take place. We simply know that rising energies will change the ways in which people see each other, see their life circumstances, and see how they can assist the resurrection. When the consciousness of enough people is elevated, all of humanity will be swept along to higher functioning. Earth humans will no longer resort to domination, misrepresentation, or anger.

Just know, Mark, that you are having a positive impact just by being who you are. We know that you wish to do more, but be satisfied with what you are accomplishing.

I appreciate your words, Moraine, and I’ill take my time and allow my impact to find its way to the right people.

It’s already is doing that.


Anything more you would like to know about your former life?

Not right now, this is a good start. I will be back for more. Thank you for taking time to be with me today and for your words of encouragement.

Mark, know that I am with you at all times during your day, experiencing what you think and do. It is a real joy, being close to you as you journey through your life on Earth. We were close friends on Andon. It almost feels like we are once again back in that relationship.

When did you come to Athabantian?

Justine and I came about thirty years ago. We had watched developments and saw that now was the time to make our contributions.

Were you among those who awakened me in 1987?

Yes, several of us from Andromeda, came to remind you why you had come to Earth, and that you needed to walk away from you life of comfort in the conventional paradigm.

I appreciate your awakening me, although at the time I found it frightening and uncomfortable. It certainly changed me. And I am grateful for the path upon which I have embarked.

I have many more questions of you, Moraine, about your life before we came to Athabantian.

Let’s reserve those for another time. I’ill be happy to answer them. So I’ll say goodbye for now and send you an extra dose of my love, my friend.

Thank you, Moraine, my love to you and all aboard Athabantian. Goodbye.


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New From Adrial

Good morning, Mark. It is Adrial. I am most pleased to be communicating with you once again.

Good Morning Adrial. It is indeed a great pleasure for me to communicate with you. It has been quite a while since we have spoken.

Yes, Mark, you have undergone quite a change since we last spoke, almost four years ago. I have watched as you uplifted your vibration and your consciousness through communications, experiences, and receipt of energy templates. And because you now know of your history in Andromeda, we can now speak more easily.

Let me refresh your experience of me, particularly for those reading this message who may not know me. I am a celestial. I will communicate today from my perspective as one of the “Creator Gods” who initiated the Andromeda Galaxy and have been integral with it for eons. I also observed Earth over the millions of years of its golden age, before its fall, and now as it is resurrecting itself back to its former beautiful status.

Adrial, you are indeed an ancient being and very powerful. You were responsible for the creation of Andromeda?

Yes, I am one of several of my kind who worked together to create this wonderful galaxy.

I am honored to be speaking with you.

Our dialogue is easier than with others, Mark, because you carry Andromedan energies from your long life in that Galaxy.

Now I would like to elaborate on what I have observed about Earth. In the beginning she was created as a most beautiful planet, one of a very few in this universe. She was created to be an example of a planet of love and unity. She was a 12th Dimension planet in what you would call semi-physical form. Earth at that time would not have been visible to your 3rd dimension eyes, nor to any of your scientific instruments.

I observed that she remained in that state of being for many, many millions of years, as a paradise, an example for others. She was brilliant, a destination planet for those wishing to see what a grand planet could be like. Many came from all parts of the universe to visit Earth. Earth was unique in that she had form; so those without form visited to find what it was like to exist in form, semi-physical form.

Several million years ago, some Creator Gods working within the Milky Way Galaxy decided to experiment outside Prime Creator’s grand plan for this universe. They wished to see if they could create in greater density while maintaining the functions of light, love, and unity. They became quite fascinated with their creations and despite warning from many of us, as well as from the overseers of the universe, they continued on this path.

Some of their creations resulted in humanoids without love. They were terrible distortions from what had been intended by Prime Creator. Nevertheless the Creator Gods continued on a path that resulted in the creation of worlds of without light. The vibration of these worlds dropped into the lowest of densities and took on many grotesque forms. Many were destroyed as being unable to survive. However, some were allowed to propagate and thus became star systems with only the barest of Prime Creator’s light. Keep in mind this occurred many millions of years ago. And it was not throughout the universe, but only in one sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. However it influenced all within the universe.

Those of us integral with Andromeda watch in amazement as these events took place. We set up energy barriers around Andromeda so that none of these aberrations could infect the galaxy.

Earth remained a beacon of peace, love, light, and unity. The civilization of Lemuria was established in what is now the Pacific Ocean and extended from Australia to California. It was a highly advanced civilization that existed for several million years; its residents functioned at a 12th Dimension energy level.

A group from Atlantis, a planet that was on the verge of self destruction, due to experiments with energies beyond the grand plan, petitioned the Lemurians to allow some of its people to settle on Earth. Promising to live according to 12th Dimension energies of love and unity, they set up a separate colony in an area encompassing the Caribbean and some of North and South America. Influenced by the uplifting energies of Earth, the civilization of Atlantis flourished in its own golden age for hundred of thousands of years.

Over time, visitors from affected star systems infected both, Lemuria and Atlantis with lower energies. The energy of Earth fell from the 12th Dimension. Lemuria was the first civilization to fail; her residents were unable to maintain its vibration as Earth descended from its former high frequency. It collapsed beneath the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Keep in mind that Earth was still in a semi-physical state.

The civilization of Atlantis too was corrupted. In desperate attempts to survive, her citizens experimented with trying to force higher energies of love and unity to remain as Earth fell below the 7th D. This resulted in gigantic dislocation in the form of huge earthquakes and volcanic activity. Atlantis fell beneath the Atlantic Ocean and disappeared. It was this latter calamity that resulted in the near destruction of the entire planet.

Reflecting back on that critical moment of the catastrophe, Earth teetered on the brink of total annihilation. The energy of the formerly beautiful planet was all but destroyed. This catastrophe affected all in the universe, but most directly your sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. I am at a loss for words to explain how devastating this gigantic event was.

After viewing the situation, the Creator Gods of the Milky Way, along with the overseers of creation, decided to place Earth in a state of suspended animation, rather than allowing her to self-destruct. A protective shield was thrown about her while it was decided what to do. This deep-freeze lasted for many millions of years.

At a meeting of Creator Gods at which I was present, it was determined to place Earth in a very dense state in hopes that she could be resurrected to once again function as a beacon of the universe. Her orbit was stabilized as well as the spin of her axis. The tremendous volcanic activity and the movement of her core and surface plates was stabilized. She existed for several million years as noting more than a chunk of rock with only the most basic of life.

In cooperation with the elementals, the process of evolution was initiated. It was much like happens with the original creation of a planet, only in this case Creator Gods who were in charge had to deal with the resulting energies left over from the demise of the planet. By that time all activity of the errant Creator Gods had been halted.

Ever so slowly, Earth was restored with her oceans and lands. Then living organisms were reintroduced by the elementals with the assistance of many around the universe, including some of us from Andromeda. Earth was given a very diverse and bountiful plant and creature environment. All was made ready for the introduction of humans.

Observing these events, we of Andromeda removed certain energy templates from both Lemuria and Atlantis. In doing so we hoped to preserve what was the best of their golden ages on Earth. This is the last time we had any direct connection to Earth until Athabantian journeyed to Earth to take up residence as a vehicle to beam uplifting energies to the planet and her people.

All of our uplifting influences on behalf of the people of Earth have heretofore been undertaken on our behalf through the Sirians, Orions, Pleiadians, and Arcturians. Expeditions from these coherent star systems provided the rudimentary technologies that uplifted the primitive beings of Earth. They also interacted both genetically and energetically to upgrade the human brain and neurological system. Because we are unable to expose our very high vibration directly to Earth’s inhabitants, we have worked only in the background to educate and lift the primitive peoples of Earth and help restore the planet to her former glory.

I will have more to say about the recreation and resurrection of Earth at another time.

Thank you, so much for this communication, Adrial. I appreciate your unique point of view, and I thank you and other Andromedans for your continued involvement with Earth. I believe it is important for the humans of Earth to know from whence they came to understand who they really are.

I agree with your last statement, Mark, and would emphasize that point. My blessings. We will speak again soon.

Blessings. Good-bye for now.


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A Higher Consciousness Point Of View

Good Morning, Mark, this is Bren-Ton speaking with you from the starship Athabantian.

Good morning, Bren-Ton. It is a real pleasure to be communicating with you once again.

B-T: As you say, “it is a pleasure,” for me also. This is particularly true in that you now are functioning from a higher vibration, so our communications will take place from that higher perspective.

M: Yes, I see that also.

B-T: For instance, you have acquired, thorough several years of training, and experiences, an advanced merkaba and lightbody that are of a much higher functioning than when we last had a series of communications.

M: Yes, I am now better able to understand and more accurately transcribe what you are communicating without the interference of my rational mind.

B-T: For those not familiar with who I am, let me explain. I came with the starship Athabantian when she first moved into orbit about Earth, some seventy years ago. (It was about the same time you decided to come to Earth and dwell in a human body on the planet.)

B-T: The starship Athabantian resides in orbit about your planet at a distance, closer than your moon. It is the home to over five thousand beings, mainly from Andromeda, but also from other star systems of the Milky Way Galaxy, as well as celestials. Yet it is not visible to 3rd Dimension beings on Earth or to scientific instruments.

The reason for this is because Athabantian and all aboard are vibrating at a much higher frequency. This is the normal way in which both the ship and all aboard function. We are not “cloaked” to remove ourselves from your visibility, nor are we hiding from you. This is merely our normal way of being. Earth and her 3rd Dimension inhabitants are the exception in a universe that functions at higher vibrations.

So when you think of what is beyond your planet, recognize that you are dealing mostly with beings and planets of a much higher frequency than what you ordinarily conceive.

The 3rd density of earth is an energy construct that was put in place to stabilize the planet after the great catastrophe. With the exception of this sector of the Milky Way galaxy, the rest of this physical universe functions at higher densities. We from Andromeda function at a 13th and 14th Dimension. The inhabitants of a 3rd or 4th Dimension planet mostly function from a basis of fear and separation. Inhabitants of higher dimension planets function on the basis of love and unity.

Let me point out another major difference between life on Earth and life elsewhere. In addition to a physical form that you would experience as almost transparent, I am quite old by your standards. I am over four thousand years old. (Mark, you also were quite old when you lived on the planet Andon in Andromeda.) So, it is not at all that unusual for beings of a higher dimension to live for many, many years.

I speak in terms of years, so that you may know a relative length of time, this is not linear time as experienced on a 3rd Dimensional planet, but denotes the passing of a lifetime.

There are other planets within this sector of the Milky Way that are also of a 3rd Dimension density. They have the same rigidness as does Earth, and function from fear and separation as does Earth. However, few of them have ecosystems as rich or varied as Earth, in fact most are radically different.

I am setting the stage today for further communications, both about Earth and about other planets of this more dense type and the beings thereof. In the future we will speak about the ways in which entities of those lower density planets, as well as beings from the higher dimension planets have influenced life on Earth.

Please keep in mind that my perspective is that of a being observing from a high consciousness. This is quite different from beings who observe from the viewpoint of 3rd Dimension. It is possible for a higher dimension being to see from the perspective of a lower dimension; it is not possible for beings of a lower dimension to observe from the viewpoint of a higher dimension without the assistance of higher dimension beings. Mark, since you have raised your consciousness, you now have the ability to observe from a higher dimension.

M: This is all extremely interesting, Bren-Ton. Thank you. I look forward to more.

B-T: Thank you, Mark. It was good to reconnect with you. I too look forward to further communications.