Good Morning Caltous, thank you for responding to my request to discuss extraterrestrials.

Good Morning Mark, I will be happy to undertake such a discussion with you. As you know I am currently resident on the starship Athabantian, on which there are many, so called extraterrestrials.

Let us begin by referencing energies of consciousness. The higher energies are based in love and unity. The lower energies do not have these characteristics. So it is relatively easy to discern two very different types of what you call extraterrestrials by examining their energy. From this we can determine whether they function based in love and unity or are based in fear.

You have designated them as beneficial and detrimental, Mark. That is a good representation because those of the higher energies function from the basis of service to others. Those of the lower energies function from the basis of service to self, or self-centered.

Detrimental ETs express a dense body, or if you will, a physical body, somewhat like the physical body that you have. Beneficial ETs do not have physical bodies.

From an energetic viewpoint, benevolent ETs radiate the energy of Light, Love, and Unity to all. Detrimental ETs, have only a very minimal Creator’s light within them, just enough to maintain life, are unable to express love or unity.

Caltous, are star systems either dark or light?

Good questions, Mark. As you have seen on your planet, those who function from the Light and those who have little of the light exist together intermingling. The planets of a given star system are much the same, within the array of planets, some will be predominately of the Light, some will not. On a given planet it is almost always either one way or the other. Earth is an exception to this.

Please keep in mind, that the vast majority of star systems and galaxies in this physical universe all function based on the Light and Love of Creator, and are in Unity with the All That Is. It is only in this segment of the Milky Way Galaxy that we find star systems and planets that do not.

You asked a question about detrimental ETs manifesting energy of darkness. There are two aspects to this. First, those in whom the energy of Creator’s Light burns dimly will appear to have darkness about them. They are wholly determined to seek only their own interests without considering the greater good. So to this extent they appear to be dark, without Light.

Second, those without Creator’s Light can actively manifest a dark energy. It is not just the absence of Light; it is an energy that they can transmit. I believe you encountered it one time and found it to be very powerful. Dark energy is most commonly active at a subconscious level where humans will not feel it. It can be attached to seemingly neutral messages.

Just talking about this lowers my energy, Caltous.

Yes, it can be a very powerful force. So we will move on. Dwelling on it is the same as living in a state of fear, for most it is very uncomfortable.

ETs whose starships are of the Light, will function beyond the detection by humans or human instruments because they are of a much higher frequency. The starship Athabantian is such a starship. It is present close to Earth, but it is not detected. There are other starships of high frequency also about Earth. The ETs aboard Athabantian are in unity to the extent they function as a collective consciousness.

Individual ETs from Athabantian are able to walk on this planet, but are not seen by human eyes. You may “feel” their presence and you may communicate with them. It is possible for these to create a human body in which to function.

ETs also walk this planet who are without the Light of Creator. They have physical bodies of several types, such as you have seen representations thereof. They also have the technology to manifest very human-like bodies, particularly if their original physical manifestation would be shocking to humans.

One point I would add is the following. Those of different consciousness levels will perceive the whole subject of extraterrestrials or interact with an ET in a way consistent with their consciousness. Individuals with different levels of consciousness will see or perceive the same individual ET differently.

All of this is most interesting. Thank you.

Have we exhausted this topic for now, Mark?

Yes, Caltous, I believe we have. Thank you for this. I believe it will help many to understand better who and what ETs are all about.

Then I will leave you now. My blessings.

Blessing, Caltous


Dear Friends,

I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life, full time, to bringing messages from our star brothers and sisters and Celestials to help us understand who we really are and to help evolve Earth and humanity to a place of unconditional love and perfect unity.

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Good Morning, Caltous,

Good morning, Mark

Greetings to all who will read this message. Today I would like to provide you with our perspective about events that you and your world have undergone since the beginning of your year 2017. I provide these from our perspective as celestials who observe humanity and your planet from both a higher consciousness and from a great distance above you aboard the starship Athabantian in orbit about your planet.

Keep in mind, Mark, we see everything in terms of energies, for that is the realm in which we live. The energies we discuss below are in addition to what we and the other starships of your star brothers and sisters beam to Earth.

Let me comment on the many events that Earth herself has initiated. Please keep in mind that these are the planet’s way of releasing negative energies that have built up over a long time. The natural “disasters” you are experiencing are much less severe that what were predicted some years ago. Gigantic earth shifts and overwhelming tsunamis will not occur because humanity has raised its consciousness enough that it is exhibiting less energy of fear. We now see the majority of people on Earth functioning at the 4th Dimension.

First there were the many hurricanes that sprung from the tropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean and caused widespread destruction on both the islands of the Caribbean and the mainland of North America. They were particularly destructive around the city of Houston, across the State of Florida, and across Puerto Rico. There was less destructive hurricanes damage to other areas, but many experienced extensive flooding. The number and intensity of these hurricanes is without precedent. Once again, Earth is releasing pent-up negative energy.

Not mentioned by most media in the West were the number and intensity of typhoons on the other side of your sphere. These too were unprecedented.

Earthquakes in Mexico were another demonstration of Earth releasing energy. Once again there was widespread property damage and loss of life. Major population areas avoided much of the damage. Here is another example of Earth releasing pent-up negative energy.

The numerous wildfires, particularly in Northern California, are more examples of Earth cleaning herself, releasing unwanted energy.

So where does this energy come from? The fear produced by Earth’s human population affects the planet. Global warming is due more to solar radiation than to human activities. The fear produced by Earth’s human population is much more damaging to the planet. So, Earth will continue to release energy with earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires for she is transitioning to a higher consciousness along with her human population.

The solar and lunar eclipses opened a path for new energies to come to the planet. Galactic energies are constantly coming to Earth by way of the sun. The energies that came during the eclipses were of a different type, a very healing form. Many humans felt these energies in their bodies.

Now let us turn to the actions of Earth’s population. 2017 has seen a rising tide of human emotions coming to the surface and being expressed. There were demonstrations in conjunction with the presidential election, against shootings of innocent people, and about injustices with immigration. A few years ago, Mark, you asked where are the demonstrations? Well, now we have seen demonstrations. People are speaking out.

Then there the demonstrations of those who are functioning from fear of change, who deny change is beneficial, and who want to revise racial and ethnic tensions. As long as they function from fear and deny the oneness of all, people of this orientation will oppose beneficial change.

The many charges of sexual harassment are more examples of humanity’s awakening. Your Internet has publicized these, along with what I am citing elsewhere, to raise awareness so that individuals may come to understand their unity with all.

The many shooting, principally by lone gunmen, are another indication of energies affecting people. Individuals who are not centered in love and unity will sense these energies at a subconscious level and may lash out from a place of fear and hatred, thus the shootings against their fellow humans.

Yes, 2017 has been an extraordinary year, a year of rising energies both for the planet and its human population. This is the period of great change that many have awaited. It is now happening all around you. It will continue in the future, until all are awakened to the changes and have an opportunity to choose between a path of higher consciousness, or clinging to a path of 3rd dimension status quo.

Earth and humanity are resurrecting themselves to a 5th Dimension Christed planet. All are requested to join in.

For those of you who are awakened, we say well done. Find your center. Walk tall as a way to show others how to cope with the many changes underway. You are the “wayshowers.” Stand for what you know to be true. You do not need to openly express yourselves; your energy of higher consciousness will affect all about you.

Thank you, Caltous. This message is very timely, for 2017 has indeed been a most unusual year when seen in its entirety. I trust that this period of change will continue and that we will emerge as a planet of love and unity.

Mark, we see changes, and the reactions to the changes, continuing, as all on the planet determine who they are and how they wish to live. Are they content to ignore the changes? Do they embrace the changes? Do they wish to actively resist change?

My blessings to all who read these words

Again, Caltous, many thanks for this message


Dear Friends,

I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life, full time, to bringing messages from our star brothers and sisters and Celestials to help us understand who we really are and to help evolve Earth and humanity to a place of unconditional love and perfect unity.

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Light and dark

Good Morning, Adrial

Good Morning, Mark, I would like to work with you to construct a message about the current situation for humanity. We offer our perspective as Celestials from Andromeda who have observed Earth since the first physical humans were introduced some 500,000 years ago.

Thank you Adrial, I believe it is a good idea to present these things from your larger perspective. I look forward to working with you on this. (I have not communicated with Adrial for several months. You may view her earlier messages at this site. She is a Celestial of the Andromeda Galaxy who is currently aboard the starship Athabantian.)

The great cataclysm, or fall of consciousness, that occurred in this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy more than a billion years ago affected many star systems, and particularly affected Earth who had been a brilliant sphere of Light and Love. Your planet was placed in a state of suspended animation for a very long time as nonphysical creators determined its future. During this time its current orbit and rotation were stabilized.

Over a billion years ago, in order to have a suitable place for your ancient ancestors, nonphysical creator Gods fashioned a recreated Earth as a veritable paradise of beauty and harmony within a rigid 3rd Dimension structure. As discovered by your scientists, the planet has proceeded through various stages, as animal life evolved from single cell through dinosaurs to an acceptable environment. The instability of an earlier earth with its shifting tectonic plates, volcanic activity, and fierce earthquakes has given way to a relatively stable situation.

Your primitive ancestors were introduced about 500 thousand years ago. The goal set out for them was to assist with the resurrection of the planet, as well as evolving themselves, from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimension. This was to be accomplished by a gradual process of allowing humans to discover who they really are: beautiful souls housed in physical bodies.

The human body was constructed to be compatible with the ancient environment of Earth and to survive as a species. The soul was not integrated within the physical body. The chakras were not fully functional. The brain was minimal. There were only two strands of DNA. The rational mind (ego) was charged with survival. Given these conditions, the energy of fear soon manifested within the original humans.

It is against this background that beings from other star systems began to explore Earth. Their civilizations had existed since long before the great cataclysm and were quite technologically advanced. At first it was just exploratory expeditions involving minimal interactions with the primitive humans. Many of the off-planet beings were hydrogen breathers, so their activities on Earth were somewhat limited.

The discovery of Earth’s natural resources, especially gold, enticed those extraterrestrial races of lower consciousness to colonize the planet, engage in extraction, and seek to dominate Earth’s indigenous inhabitants. They used force, biotechnology, mating, and mind control techniques. Some were seen as gods and they used this to dominate the primitive races of Earth. I label these extraterrestrials as acting in service to self. Others call them dark, for Creator’s Light is very dim within them.

Beings from higher consciousness star systems, the Sirians, the Pleiadians, and the Arcturians, opposed this domination of Earth’s primitive inhabitants and sought ways to counteract those seeking to dominate. I label these extraterrestrials as beings in service to others, in that they sought the highest good for all involved. They were assisted by nonphysical beings who supported the rising consciousness of humanity.

At the present moment, we see the continued impact of entities who are in service to self. They have engaged humans of lower consciousness in order to dominate most of the institutions of this planet, including governments, media, and corporations. They are constantly doing all they can, in conjunction with humans of lower consciousness, to instill fear in Earth’s population. Many extraterrestrials who foster domination have been removed, however those humans who had followed their lead remain in positions of power.

Those ETs who are in service to self seek to maintain the status quo for it serves their agenda. They consistently deny that there is a goal for humanity and do not recognize a wondrous future for Earth and humanity. They “abduct” humans, installing implants and conducting genetic engineering experiments, and spread fear. In conjunction with certain humans, they successfully reverse engineered crashed ET craft and now seek to export Earth’s 3rd Dimension paradigm to other planets. They would have us believe that they exercise a significant influence over humanity as they battle with the forces of the Light.

We who seek the resurrection of Earth as a 12th Dimension Christed planet of Light, Love, and Unity are beaming the energy of Light, Love, and Unity to all of Earth’s inhabitants. We honor all those in Earth human bodies as great souls who have come here to uplift Earth and her inhabitants. We interact with lightworkers, wayshowers, and icebreakers so that they may demonstrate the way to higher consciousness, and act as anchors to the Light we beam to the planet. Our starships and we are of a higher vibration so that we are not visible to you unless we use holographic techniques to make us appear.

We do not see ourselves in a contest for domination of Earth by the Light, for we do not relate to the energy of domination. We are of the Light as is the other 99.9% of the universe, and transmit that Light to all. We foresee Creator’s Light, Love, and Unity being embraced by humanity, and thus overwhelming the dark, and that this as the only way for a total transformation. We are quite sure that 3rd Dimension solutions such as technology, politics, or religion, even if coupled with dark ET power, will not provide a lasting positive solution. An analogy for those with diminished Creator’s Light compared to the remainder of the universe would be a minor infection in your physical body. We seek perfect Unity with all. We offer empathy, Light, and Love to those with diminished Light.

We work in close cooperation with Archangels and Ascended Masters, some of whom have incarnated on your planet to provide role models and leadership. We see that 80% of Earth’s population now resides in 4th Dimension where fear no longer rules their lives all the time. We see a significant number of lightworkers who are able to hold 5th Dimension energy much of the time. Those of 3rd Dimension energy are a tiny percentage of humanity. We foresee a time, within the next 100 years, when all living on this planet will reside in the 5th Dimension.

We ask the following of those who read this message: Assist us to reach the many living in the 4th Dimension who are satisfied with their current circumstances, and are not searching for greater meaning to their lives. Help them to see the larger picture. Help them understand that they came here for a reason – to help resurrect Earth to a Christed planet of Light, Love, and Unity.

This is a fine message, Adrial. Thank you for your larger vision.

Thank you, Mark. Blessings.



Dear Friends,

I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life, full time, to bringing messages from our star brothers and sisters and Celestials to help us understand who we really are and to help evolve Earth and humanity to a place of unconditional love and perfect unity.


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Comfort Zones

Good afternoon, Caltous

Good afternoon, Mark, you have been wondering about my name.

Yes, that is right. Is the name that I attached to you, Caltous, worthy of who you are?

Names given to us of a higher vibration generally have little meaning to us, for we recognize others and ourselves by energy signatures. Words are for the convenience of you who must rely upon them to express yourselves. Having said that, yes, the name is most sufficient for now. As I have said, I am an Archangel attached to the Andromeda Galaxy. Since the beginning of these communications, you have called me, and others from that Galaxy, such as Adrial, by the name celestial, because initially you did not relate to the term Archangel. So, let us continue with that way of talking about who I am: I am an Archangel of the highest order who has been attached to the Andromeda Galaxy since its very beginning. In the early moments of Andromeda I was one of those who directed its creation, a creation implemented by many Creator Gods.

I am most honored to be speaking with you, Caltous. I still find it hard to believe that I can communicate with one who is so powerful, so highly conscious, and so wise. I find it impossible to put into words what I am feeling at this moment. Gratitude.

Mark, I am honored to be communicating with you this day, for all that you are and all that you do.

Today I wish to communicate with you about an important matter concerning the vast majority of the humans of Earth. It is our observation that most Earth humans have settled into a place of comfort, even if their daily lives are a struggle. By that I mean they have accommodated themselves to their environment and to those with whom they interact. I will refer to that as their “comfort zone.” Within his or her comfort zone, most will find familiar food, a place to sleep, a place of safety, plus family and friends. An individual’s comfort zone is dictated by his or her upbringing, environment, and self-concept.

This comfort zone for an individual is irrespective of their status, wealth, or power. Those who possess these things in abundance define their comfort zone differently than do those who have very little in the way of status, wealth, or power. Yet, each finds a place of familiarity in which to reside. This is equally true of people who have almost no possessions or comforts; most find a place to which they resign themselves, “This is just the way it is.” It may not be what a middle class person would see as his or her comfort zone, but it works for them for they see no other way to live. Those people who complain about their circumstances, yet remain in them are giving credence to my words.

And no we do not wish to dismiss those who live desperate lives due to illness, addictions, or impairments. For those we have great compassion, and we send them the energy of Love, knowing that they endure their condition for only a moment in universe time and knowing that their physical body is only a small aspect of who they really are. For the moment, we set them to one side and focus on the sleeping majority who lead lives within their comfort zone, for it is this majority that determine the paradigm of your world.

Your task, Mark, is to move people out of their comfort zone, to awaken them. You have done this in many instances by showing people a larger picture. In the beginning it was the reality of extraterrestrials and the fact that they were present on this planet, and were interacting with humans. Let us call this stage one.

You have now come to know the reality of the nonphysical, based on many experiences and teachings, and you are beginning to understand the transforming power of Christed energy. This has occurred over the past seven years and continues to expand. Stage two is to help humans who are awakened come to see the vastness of the nonphysical, realize who they really are, and accept their power of transformation.

We believe you are uniquely positioned to do this. You experienced life in the comfort zone of the conventional paradigm of your planet for fifty-six years. During that time you learned much of what your fellow humans experience, from the wealthy and powerful to the poor and powerless. This now enables you to relate to most humans as one who has lived among them, has loved and been loved, has had successes, has had disappointments and wonderful experiences, and has connected to Earth and to other people in intimate ways.

Since awakening, you have known your mission of this lifetime, a mission you chose prior to descending into your physical body (from the 15th Dimension of Andromeda to the 3rd Dimension of Earth). It is becoming clearer each day as you discover new things about yourself and as energies and templates are provided to change both your body and your nonphysical self.

So look to those who are in their comfort zones and discover what will help them to look outside, to explore the larger picture.

Caltous, this is what I struggle with – those that seem so comfortable. I have yet to find a way to reach them.

Yes, Mark, we know. Offer them your view of the larger picture, some will inquire further, most will not. So be it. Relate to those who are open enough to go forward. Keep open to those who appear not to be open, for they may be very shy about exploring what you know to be true. Do not overwhelm them, stand by to assist them if needed, and nudge them to open a crack to allow the Light to enter.

At the same time, continue to communicate with those who are open to your writing and to words, such as we are creating this day. Do not ignore them, for they wish to know more and you are the one they are choosing to assist them.

Now, we have a request of those who read these words, those who are awake and awakening. You can significantly assist the ascension of Earth and humanity by opening yourselves to those who you know that are in their comfort zones. Tell them what you know. Show them how knowing the larger picture has affected your life. Join your energies and intentions with all who desire to assist humanity,

So in summary I say to you, Mark, feed those who are hungry for the larger truth. Allow those who do not appear to be hungry to remain in their comfort zones, for there will occur some day or in some way an opening from which you can reach them. Encourage those who are awake to share with others.

You have assisted many to open to the larger picture. Please continue to do so. My blessing to you, Mark

I will do as you request. Blessings to you Caltous, and all who assist humanity


Dear Friends,

I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life, full time, to bringing messages from our star brothers and sisters and Celestials to help us understand who we really are and to help evolve Earth and humanity to a place of unconditional love and perfect unity.

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Good Morning, Mark, it is I, Adrial

Greetings, Adrial. It is always nice to connect with you.

(For those of you who are not familiar with these posting, Adrial is a celestial from Andromeda who has been aboard the starship Athabantian for many years, observing humanity, sending Light energy to humanity. There are many earlier posts from her at this site.)

As you know, Mark, I am in a unique position to observe events on your world from both an historic and a celestial perspective. I would like to work together today to produce this posting. Please feel free to edit my words for clarity.

Thank you. That would be great, as my communication skills are still evolving. We have had a long history together. I wonder if my old way of being is influencing things today.

Mark, there are many things that can influence a communication such as we are undertaking. Let us proceed and see what we can create together.

Before we begin, Mark, let me ask, did you observe the energies surrounding the eclipse?

Yes, I began feeling them the day prior to the event, continuing to this day. I am unable to put it into words, other than to say that for me they were strong, uplifting, peaceful, and energizing. I wanted only to be very quiet and immerse myself in them. As I type these words, I can see that I am coming from a different place.

Very perceptive, now, let me give you what is perhaps a new way of seeing things. What would happen if one day the various participants in the political and economic conflicts in the United States all awakened to the realization that they were truly brothers and sisters with all, regardless of race, religion, wealth, power, or points-of-view, that they were in unity with all of humanity, and that they desired to treat each other in that way? How do you suppose they would react?

I would like to think that they would set aside their fears and anger, and their current way of behaving, and embrace all in higher consciousness. Is such an event even possible?

Yes, we foresee a day when this will take place; in fact this is the only way in which lasting change will take place. There is no other way to overcome the issues that keep humanity from evolving in a positive way. All current solutions that use 3rd Dimension means are merely applying band-aids.

It may not happen all at once, but it will happen. It is not that far in the future. It will take place when a sufficient number of those who are not engaged in fighting for their particular self-centered views, come to the realization that what I have said is possible.

What is required for this to take place?

First, those who are benefitting from the current struggle must withdraw their energies. By this I mean those who benefit by reason of status, wealth, and/or power, and those who stir the anger and fear of the participants. There are many of these, be they religious leaders, wealthy and powerful individuals, or those who hold a philosophy contrary to the oneness of all. They must withdraw their support of the conflict.

Second, those in close proximity to the conflict must stand against continuing assaults on each other as a way of solving anything. There are many who are sitting back and allowing the conflict to continue without speaking up. They must raise their voices, not in anger, but in voices of peace.

What can we who are of a higher consciousness do?

As we have discussed repeatedly, all is energy. You and all others who are of a high consciousness can send your energies to those in the conflict, both those actively engaged and those who stand by and allow it to continue. You are very powerful, both spiritually and physically – much more than you understand. Your intentions and attention are felt around this world as well as beyond. When you do not focus your attention, your energies are dispersed in all directions, and are of lesser value. When you focus, your concentrated energy makes a difference.

So, believe that this is possible. Then set your intention in this direction. Then persist, for it will not happen immediately, but with persistence it will happen eventually. See that all of humanity is a collection of brothers and sisters, and as such they are individually loveable. Once this permeates the consciousness of the majority, all will come to see it as true.

Begin this process by focusing on those around you, those with whom you interact on a daily basis. Whether you agree with them or not, see them as a brother or a sister. Love them for who they are. If sufficient numbers take this approach, you will be successful at creating a loving network of people. Your energy will influence others to raise their consciousness. Believe it will happen and then undertake to make it so.

When the resurrection of Earth was planned by the Lords of Light and the Creator Gods, it was determined that Earth’s ascension back to a 12th Dimension Christed planet would be carried out by the humans of Earth. While we celestials have the power to single-handedly create another Earth, it was determined to try something that never been done before: To set 3rd Dimension humans on a path to resurrect their planet through their own efforts. That is the process that is now being carried out. Each conscious human is moving it along, bit by bit, during his or her lifetime.

Are there going to be any sudden changes to accomplish this higher consciousness?

While the events do affect all on this planet, they reach beyond to the solar system, the galaxy, and the entire universe. Progress of this magnitude does not happen swiftly or suddenly. Today’s lightworkers are adding their energies to something that will take many years to complete.

I appreciate this message, Adrial. I see the potential to awaken a few to the promise of a new world, and how they may contribute to it. It was my pleasure to work with you to create it. Blessings

Mark, it is my pleasure to interact with you. Blessings to you and to all who read these words.


Dear Friends,

I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life, full time, to bringing messages from our star brothers and sisters and Celestials to help us understand who we really are and to help evolve Earth and humanity to a place of unconditional love and perfect unity with all in the cosmos.


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