An-Ra-Ta Message

Good Morning, Mark, I am An-Ra-Ta. It is my pleasure to communicate with you this day.

Good morning to you, An-Ra-Ta. It is a great pleasure to meet you and welcome you to this communication.

I wish to speak with you today about water. Your planet is known as a water planet because this wonderful fluid covers so much of its surface. Your oceans give an environment to many creatures and plants. Your oceans supply food to many humans. However, your trash is contaminating your oceans. Do you know what I am talking about?

Yes, I do and I have read about the problem. We are polluting the oceans with plastics and other waste that are damaging its ecosystem.

This situation is causing problems for the whales and dolphins who are holding high consciousness energy for your planet. These creatures come from my star system, Sirius. Many from Sirius have embodied as whales and dolphins. We have held the light for eons, awaiting your awakening.

I am soliciting your assistance today in cleaning your oceans, to raise awareness of the problem. This needs to be a joint effort between humans, nonphysicals, and those of us from distant star systems. You and those who read these words can make a difference by focusing your energies on this situation. Please post my words for all to read.

I will be happy to do this Lord An-Ra-Ta. May I tell people a little about who you are?

Yes, please do that – in your own words.

Mark, you are one who is not accustomed to swimming in the water. Is that correct?

Yes, I have never felt totally comfortable in deep waters, since I was a child.

I am hereby assisting you to overcome this situation. From this moment forward you will have no fear of waters deep. You will practice so that you will be comfortable swimming in deep waters.

That will be most wonderful, thank you.

Mark, we are able to communicate because of the imprinting you received from your many years in the Andromeda Galaxy. We appreciate that you are on Earth at this time to assist us in transforming your planet. We thank you for all that you do. My blessings this day to you.

Thank you An-Ra-Ta for this message I will post it for all to read. Blessings.


(For those of you who do not know An-Ra-Ta, he is an Archangel from the Sirius star system. He is also a Lord of Light, meaning he is charged with directing Creator Gods in their creative activities. And he is the spokesperson for the Christed beings of Sirius. Sirius recently formed an alliance of unity with other Christed star systems and the Andromeda galaxy, as well as Christed beings here on Earth.)


To readers of this message: Please join with me to focus your energies to highlighting the problem with the pollution of our oceans. It has become a serious problem that we can impact in how we live, how our government agencies deal with waste, and how we focus our energies to call attention to the problem. You are powerful. Contribute your energies to this effort.

In Light, Love and Unity


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ETs & UFOs

Good Morning Caltous,

Good Morning Mark. You have asked me to comment on the way we of Andromeda view what you call extraterrestrials and UFOs.

Yes, please.

The universe in which we reside is filled with beings of many different types. These beings range in different states of consciousness from those of very dense consciousness of 3rd Dimension to the higher consciousness of the 15th Dimension such as is present in Andromeda. Those of higher consciousness possess more of Creator’s light and are in perfect unity with all, while those of the low consciousness of the 3rd Dimension possess very little of Creator’s light and are generally self-centered.

Generally those who people refer to as extraterrestrials are of the lower consciousness. They have a physical form, operate from a place of fear, and seek what they believe is in their best interests rather than taking into consideration what is for the greater good of all. Mark, you have called these detrimentals, because you see them opposed to what is for the greater good. That is not totally correct, they are not necessarily opposed to the greater good, it is that they simply do not see the greater good. Because of their fear they cannot see beyond what is in their best interests, and by doing so they ignore what anyone else sees or needs.

On the other hand, the vast majority of beings in this physical universe function from a place of light, love, and unity. They see themselves as part of the larger whole and live accordingly. They do not see themselves as separate from one another, so they do not think in terms of what is good for themselves as individuals at the expense of what is for the best for all. This perfect unity extends to all galaxies. Ninety-nine percent plus of the beings of form in this universe do not even know there is such as thing as 3rd Dimension.

It is only within this sector of the universe that one finds the density of 3rd Dimension. It is only within this sectors that those who are completely self-centered exist. They have lived this way for eons, since their creation by creator gods who were experimenting with lower frequencies. They have developed and used advanced technology to carve out an existence based on dominating the natural order, dominating other races, and domination over other individuals. They live in fear. They express anger and violence. They see themselves as warriors imposing their way of life on others. They do not see themselves in unity with the vast numbers of others in the universe.

Do not judge them harshly for they are merely living out what they know to be true for them. We who are of a higher consciousness are always shining light upon them and slowly this light is changing them to see things in a loving and unified way. This is long process; it has been on going for billions of years. One of the principal reasons that we of Andromeda are so supportive of the return of Earth to a 12th Dimension Christed planet is so that Earth may serve as an example of a population climbing from a lower vibration to higher.

From your vantage point as a human of Earth, you have learned of fear-based extraterrestrials meddling in the affairs of your planet. They have done this ever since 3rd Dimension humans were created on Earth. They desire to conquer Earth for her natural resources. They desire to conquer Earth humans to assist them in doing so.

Most of the UFOs which appear in your skies are either the ships of these lower consciousness ETs, or they are the ships that humans have constructed based on reengineering the designs of crashed ships from those of lower energy. This is particularly true of those that appear to be quite physical.

What you do not see are the ships of those who are of a higher consciousness because they vibrate at such a level that they are not visible to the human eye or to your scientific instruments. The collective intention of many individuals of Andromeda was used to create the starship Athabantian. She is a living, conscious entity who volunteered to come into Earth orbit to assist your upward climb.

Yes, we of a higher consciousness do project the images of ships using holograms. That is why it is difficult to photograph these. And yes, in certain circumstances we will create ships of rigid materials for a specific purpose, such as was the case with Billy Meier. However, what was said to Meier was much more important that the ships he photographed.

Lower density extraterrestrials have physical bodies, not necessarily like your human form. Using their highly developed technology, these beings of lower density can create in physicality, can create starships, and can project very human-like forms for dealing with the humans of Earth.

Those of us at higher consciousness interact with humans regularly, as you and I are now doing, and also unconsciously. In addition, we can be near you such as I am doing now. However you will not see us or sense us because of my higher vibration. We appear in form infrequently, preferring to contribute our energy to individuals.

Caltous, can you manifest a physical expression?

Yes, Mark, I can, if it would serve a higher purpose. I prefer to concentrate on communicating with you as we are doing now, rather than getting sidetracked with physical descriptions and your emotions.

Thank you Caltous. I am quite content with what we have done this day. This information will be quite valuable for many. It is my privilege to interact with you.

We will communicate again, soon, Mark.

Gratitude. Blessings, Caltous

Blessings, Mark


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Belief Boxes

Good Afternoon, Mark, my name is Caltous. Like Adrial, I am a celestial connected to the Andromeda Galaxy, and also like Adrial I am currently stationed aboard the starship Athabantian.

Good afternoon, Caltous. I am very pleased to communicate with you.

Mark, I have been observing humanity for but a short time, since my arrival aboard Athabantian some ten years ago. One thing stands out for me that I wish to communicate to you and your readers so that they might benefit from my observations. Through this, I wish to help raise the consciousness of all Earth humans.

In this process, I invite you to work along with me to present my words about this information for it is a broad subject with many facets, and you and I are new to these communications.

Thank you, Caltous. I would be most pleased to work with you to present this information. Like you, I hope it will help some break free from the containers of beliefs that constrict their advancement to higher consciousness.

I observe that most “individual expressions of the Divine in physical form,” the humans of your planet, are trapped within “belief boxes.” I see them as expressions of the Divine for that is what they are. I say trapped because most do not know they exist within a belief box, and so they do not see the need to venture forth. Belief boxes are energy containers that they have constructed during a lifetime. These energy containments are not based on actual experiences, rather they are the result of individuals providing their view of reality; in most cases they are based on beliefs, lies, misrepresentations, and secrets received from others. While boxes of beliefs served primitive men and women, humanity has outgrown its need for beliefs; now it is time to function based on larger truths and experiences, not hearsay.

A small child develops a box of beliefs based on what he or she absorbs through example or by being told by his or her parents and family members. These beliefs determine behaviors. Parents in one culture behave differently from parents in another culture. Those in Japan generally hold a different set of beliefs from those in America. These beliefs are handed down from one generation to the next. Thus a child learns early on which behaviors are acceptable in his or her family and which are not.

When a child goes to school they receive additional beliefs from those around them as well as their teachers. These new beliefs in turn determine their behaviors. Yes, there are some facets of the box based on personal experience, both positive and negative, but much of it comes from the beliefs of others.

Earth humans are constantly presented with beliefs from institutions, traditions, and the words of other adults. Educational institutions present beliefs based on the appearance of authority of teachers and printed texts. Although there are some differences taught, depending on an individual school’s philosophy, in general, the educational system in the United States teaches that which supports the dominant paradigm, be it history, science, philosophy, or other subjects. Other countries function in a similar manner. There may be small variations, but nothing as radical as life on other planets, or influences from extraterrestrial or nonphysical life forms.

Doctors are looked upon as authorities on disease, disabilities, and health practices. The beliefs surrounding the medical profession constitute firm limits within which most people live their lives. Yes, medical practices vary from one culture to the next, but the authority accredited to the medical profession is accorded a special stature.

Priests, Rabbis, Imams, Pastors, and other religious leaders supply beliefs about the spiritual based on their study of sacred texts or other sources of revelation. These beliefs, passed from generation to generation eventually turn into religious dogma. These beliefs, many of which are contrary to what we from other realms know to be true, constitute another constraint to add to the beliefs box.

History is taught, formally or informally, at an early age so that everyone in a given culture understands who they are based on their ancestry. Sometimes it comes from a formal text, other times it is an oral tradition. In almost every case this is widely different from what those who have observed Earth and humanity know to be true. Humanity has been on this planet, slowly evolving, for hundreds of thousands of years. History as conventionally taught is designed to support the current paradigm, to reinforce the confines of the box of beliefs.

Science has many adherents who believe that if it can’t be scientifically proven; then it can’t be true. This is a good example of the workings of the rational mind as it seeks to provide a safe place for the individual. This is unfortunate for most adherents to science remain stuck in the rigidity of the 3rd Dimension, seeking to solve problems with the tools of the 3rd Dimension. While it is acceptable to push the frontiers of science a step at a time, something so extreme as extraterrestrials or free energy cause scientists to fall back on their traditional theories and reject anyone who strays too far afield. Mark, from your work with entrepreneurs, you know that the most successful ones are those that incorporate only incremental changes to create new products.

Television, newspapers, magazines, movies, and other forms of news and entertainment serve to reinforce the box in which individuals live. For the most part, these are fear-based sources of information. The Internet supplies alternatives to the media, but, for the most part, it too tends to support the dominant paradigm with much that is fear-based. It seems to those of us who observe you that no one wants to stray too far from what is contained in his or her box of beliefs. Also the Internet is filled with misinformation to complicate the search for things beyond beliefs.

The rational mind was incorporated into the earliest ancestors of humanity with an objective of keeping the individual safe, thus perpetuating the species. In the interests of keeping one safe, the rational mind readily accepts the box of beliefs, as it is being constructed and later embellished, for it sees only from a place of fear. This facility did serve humanity well, as the species has thrived.

However, now is the time to move beyond the dominance of the rational mind, move beyond fear to a love-based existence. Now is the time to discover who you really are: A physical body, but so much more. Now is the time to break free from the bonds of the box of beliefs. Now is the time to accept your vast nonphysical self. (I will have more to say about this at another time.)

Mark, I have watched you try to introduce the subject of UFO and ETs to those who hold strong religious beliefs. They look upon you as weird. Similarly, I have noted that those who hold to knowing about ETs & UFOs fail to grasp the significance of the nonphysical. Both are caught in their little boxes, as your wife, Heidi, says.

The whole subject of channeling, such as we are undertaking, presents challenges to those who would remain in their comfortable boxes. They find it hard to believe that a mere human could communicate with anyone other than another human. Yet, here we are having a conversation while I reside on a starship that exists in a higher dimension, exists in plain sight if one’s consciousness is high enough.

When humans are ready to set aside their boxes of beliefs, they can do so by focusing on one particular area outside the box. They will soon find that other areas are then called into question and that they become open to exploring well beyond their box of beliefs. When they see the beliefs box for what it is, then they can begin to explore who they really are. Do not be overly concerned if your rational mind wishes to cling to one foothold; in time all will open to thinking from the heart rather the head. We wish you well on your journey to discovering your true nature.

Caltous, I can only trust that my writing conveys what you wished and that my words do not appear to be too judgmental. I offer only love to those who are trapped in their beliefs boxes, and hope that your words may stir some of them to reach beyond.

Mark, we of Andromeda have labored long to assist the transformation of Earth to a Christed planet. May our communication assist that effort. Blessings.

Blessings, Caltous. I look forward to further communications with you.


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Adrial returns

Good morning Mark, I come to you today to begin a series of communications that will touch on many of the things people are experiencing plus what they might be hearing about.

Good morning Adrial, this sounds exciting and most welcome. (For those of you who do not know Adrial, she is a celestial from the Andromeda Galaxy. She currently resides aboard the starship Athabantian that is in close proximity to Earth. This starship and all aboard are at a high frequency so that we, and/or our scientific instruments, do not detect them. You may find prior communications from Adrial at this site.)

Let us begin in this way, Mark. Your planet, Earth, exists in a sector of the Milky Way where consciousness is quite different from other sectors of the Galaxy, and all other areas of the vast physical universe. It is much different than the galaxy of Andromeda that resides at the 14th Dimension. The energies of consciousness are much lower here due to the errant actions of certain Creator Gods who experimented outside Creator’s Grand Plan. These experiments led to the overall lowering of energies in a sector representing a small percentage of the star systems of the Milky Galaxy.

Earth originally existed as a beautiful planet of light, a jewel of the universe, one of the most beautiful planets anywhere, a 12th dimension Christed planet. She became entangled in lower consciousness first, due to visitors from other planets whose consciousness was very low, and second by the actions of the Atlantians who carried out experiments that almost led to Earth’s total destruction.

This event is known as the Great Catastrophe, or the Fall of Consciousness. It affected all in the universe, for we are all one, but affected most severely those planets and their populations in this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.

We give you this background so that you might see that many visible UFOs and extraterrestrials who are involved with Earth are from these darker star systems of the Galaxy and are functioning at 3rd and lower 4th Dimension consciousness. They have been exploring space for millions of years, have advanced technologies, and have conquered other planets, all for self-centered reasons.

These lower dimension ETs have been interacting with Earth ever since it was reconstituted by the great nonphysicals as a 3rd Dimension planet, after the Fall of Consciousness. These lower dimension ETs have wished to dominate this planet for its rich natural resources. Thus we designate them as those who function in service to self, or self-centered.

They have been coming to Earth for many hundreds of thousands of years, first as exploratory probes, later to enslave the primitive population, then later to genetically and energetically alter the population of Earth to better suit their requirements, and finally to create joint operations with certain people to continue their plans for complete domination.

At the same time that the dark ETs have been influencing humanity from their self-centered perspective, many other efforts have been underway, and are still being carried out, to uplift humanity from its primitive beginnings to modern humankind. Those efforts also included both energy and genetic modifications to humans. One focus of those efforts has been to upgrade the human brain and neurological system. These efforts were undertaken by ETs who had NOT been affected by the Great Catastrophe, for example the Arcturians, the Sirians, and the Pleiadians. A large number of nonphysical beings such as myself were also involved in this effort. I was not personally involved, as I remained attached to Andromeda. I was an observer of efforts carried out on behalf of Andromedans by the Sirians, Arcturians, and Pleiadians.

Which leads me to a brief discussion about levels of consciousness and communications such as this. Mark, you have now reached a level of vibration where you and I can discuss things at a very similar level of consciousness, much as we are doing now. You can now receive exactly the same communication that I might have sent years ago, when you were in a lower vibration; however today you will understand it differently and type different words than in that lower vibration. In other words, one’s level of consciousness determines one’s ability to receive communications from non-human beings with minimal coloring of the communications with their background, beliefs, and rational mind.

There are a large number of communications being presented on your Internet and social media. Some of these are from humans whose consciousness is high; some of it is from humans who are still functioning from lower energies of fear, anger, hatred, greed, misinterpretations, and domination. Some of these are conscious efforts; some are unconscious. Be selective about which messages you allow into your consciousness. Messages based on lower vibrations serve only to depress one’s consciousness. This equally true for messages from your television news media as well as print media, Internet news, and news from your social media. Use feelings from your heart to determine what is beneficial to you.

Beyond this sector of the galaxy, all star systems are of a high consciousness. Many in the universe do not even know about your 3rd Dimension planet or about dense physicality. Your planet, along with the other planets of your solar system, and all other planets of this sector of the galaxy, is ascending to join with this larger realm of planets of love and unity. Lightworkers, icebreakers, and wayshowers are leading the way for humanity and Earth to, once again, be a beacon of light, love, and unity. It will take many years for all on your planet to achieve higher consciousness; your contribution today will speed this process.

Blessings, Mark

Blessings, Adrial


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Good Morning Adrial

Good Morning Mark. Today, I would like to communicate with you about death.

That is a topic I seem to be faced with because of those around me who are very sick.

Yes, we know.

Let me begin. From my perspective, death is very misunderstood on your planet. While it is generally acknowledged that something survives life in a human body, there is no clear understanding about it. Also there are those among your population that do not believe that there is anything beyond life in a human body. Couple this with the many superstitions about life forms outside the physical body and you have a situation that is ripe for producing fear.

You may recall that life on Andon was terminated at the will of the individual vehicle of form in conjunction with the individual’s soul. This is the normal way in which beings who are functioning at a higher consciousness go about leaving their vehicle of form. It is a joint effort, a joint decision, and the event is both peaceful and effortless.

That is quite a contrast with what exists on Earth.

Yes, that is the situation. Because many humans of your planet exist in rigid 3rd Dimension form they must contend with a dense physical body that does not readily communicate with their individuated soul. Therein lies the problem. It is further complicated by the belief among many of your planet that there is but one life in physical form.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Reincarnation is a wonderful and beautiful experience. You have the opportunity, or I should say your soul has the opportunity, to experience many lifetimes.

Mark, you have experienced thousands of lifetimes. You have experienced lifetimes in physical form and semi-physical form. You have experienced lifetimes on this planet and on many other planets. This is not your first lifetime on Earth, although it has been many thousands of years since you were here previously. Your most recent past lifetime was on Andon in the Andromeda Galaxy. There you lived in a semi-physical form at a high level of consciousness.

When you decided – in conjunction with your soul – to lay down your body and come to Earth, it was a joint decision. It was a peaceful ending to your life in form in the Andromeda Galaxy. It was not decided on a whim or carelessly; it was very deliberate. You felt that you had accomplished all that you had come to Andon to do and wished to move on to another experience.

Contrast this with people of this planet who are not in touch with their souls so they do not have the advantage of making such a decision consciously. Such decisions are undertaken by their souls who determine when they have had enough experience in the physical vehicle.

It is at that time that the body is freed to die. Yes, it is a simple decision that this vehicle no longer serves the soul, that it has completed its usefulness. Like the driver of a mechanical vehicle the soul makes that decision.

Depending on the energy of the body, it will then open itself to the onset of death. It will be a peaceful, rapid death if the person resides at a higher consciousness. Or it may be a lingering process if there is value to be gained by a longer, more painful process.

The Western medical establishment views approaching death as an opportunity to provide all manner of medication and procedures to keep the patient alive. This is very fear based. It is ingrained in your society that it is all-important to remain living, despite the quality of life, despite the decision by the soul. This latter is of course not recognized by Western Medicine.

So it is fear that to a large extent that determines the avenue of death. It is a lack of understanding that reincarnation is a vital process throughout the universe. Souls have incarnated since the beginning of space/time and even before. Souls will continue to reincarnate long after Earth and its human population is no more. Each individual of Earth has experienced many thousands of reincarnations ahead before this lifetime.

Back to the manner of the death of this body, when the soul decides it is time to depart, it will open the body to disease and accidents that heretofore had been avoided. The body is not in charge of this process; the soul orchestrates this. Then the factors of fear, comes into play. If there is a clear understanding and a welcoming of the next lifetime, then the transition can be quite peaceful. This is a very individual point of view and is usually unconscious.

Are saying that we attract disease or accidents to our bodies?

Yes. As we have discussed before, each individual’s energy attracts or repels energies at all times. Mark, you have learned to control some of this and are learning to do more so. Most people live unaware that they radiate energy at every moment of their lives.

From your perspective, Adrial, why do some people fight against death?

There are many reasons, Mark. There is the influence of loved ones who wish them to remain around. There are unfinished projects. There is fear of the unknown. And there are all the stories about death that they have been bombarded with since childhood.

If one can successfully upgrade the human body, it can live for hundreds of years. This would be quite a challenge, given the one would be surrounded by people who believe in shorter lifetime and would look upon them as freaks of nature. Nonetheless it can be dome by acquiring a lightbody and changing the DNA, glands, and neurological system.

So, death is not as commonly believed?

In other societies, notably those based in Eastern religions, the idea of death is more closely understood. Some are able to depart their bodies at will. However they have a misconception of reincarnation. The soul decides when it wishes to reincarnate to achieve certain experiences. Generally, it would serve no purpose to reincarnate into a lesser material form, for the soul is always reaching for higher levels. Also the soul can choose to reincarnate on any one of a trillion planets, so the opportunities are also limitless, why reincarnate as a dog?

I conclude from this that those who exist at a high consciousness where the soul is integral with the physical body can make a joint decision about “laying down the physical body,” death. Whereas those who exist at a lower consciousness, where the soul is not integrated with the physical body, are left with the unconscious decision of the soul as to when it wishes to abandon the body, and is left with their energy signature as to the experience thereof.

That is correct, Mark.

Wow, thank you, Adrial. This has been most wonderful.

You are most welcome, Mark. I have desired to communicate this for some time. It is part of the reason that I suggested you get the training to raise your consciousness – so that you might better understand and be able to convey this information to others.

Again, Adrial, my gratitude.

We will speak again. Goodbye. Blessings



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